What The Future of Fashionable Technology Holds, According to Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is a fashion and technology author. Chris loves to draw parallels at the two realms, fashion, and technology, aiming to see whether they can guess the future trends. Writing on Endgadget Chris takes the reader a walk down memory lane on the evolution of personal entertainment.


At the beginning of the tech burst, consumers had to be content with the rectangular shaped boom box. That was in the seventies. All the way to the eighties people still had no additional features asides being able to listen to FM, AM, tape cassettes and recording features. The nineties were the golden years. The size started coming down. The prices soon followed.


The Self-Painting Dress For Sale


The quintessential artist, Anouk Wipprecht, has always been a huge fan of merging technology into everyday fashion apparels. Anouk recently created the ‘self-painting’ dress which is said to be worth a lot of money. The trend has already caught momentum and innovators are releasing exciting products. Here are a few succinct examples;


  1. Two researchers, Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt release a working prototype of the Airbag for Cyclists System. The unique one of a kind trademark contraption prevents your head from direct impact hence saving your life.


  1. Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan developed the world’s first ever smart gloves. These were ideally designed to be used by firefighters. With the gloves, the firefighters would be able to keep in touch by casual motions on the sensors on their gloves.



  1. The recycling firm, SegraSegra submitted an entry of T-shirts and jackets made out of bicycle tubes.


  1. Fashion designer, Soledad Martin has taken an entirely new angle, however. He’s manufacturing shoes which will collect the energy and use it to charge phones and laptops.



What Next?


Some time back, some models put on Google Glass on the runway in Milan or Paris and all over sudden everyone knew that the glasses were indeed cool. Fashion designers get paid for coming up with ideas on how to incorporate the tech into fashion.


About Chris Burch


Chris began his long, successful career nearly four decades now past. He’s the Owner and CEO of his investment firm, Burch Creative Capital. The strategy used by Mr. Burch is a time-tested formula which continues to power the profitability of well over 50 top companies in the US. The venture capitalist firm has a very promising outlook. Mr. Burch attended the Tilton High School. He went to the Ithaca College in the years 1972 to 1976.


Eric Pulier’s Accomplishments in Philanthropy

Eric Pulier, an ambitious philanthropist, is noted for his numerous accomplishments. As a contributor to the Painted Turtle, “a summer camp for children with chronic illness” , Eric remains an inspiration to the field of Philanthropy.

As a young man, Eric was impressed with the ingenuity of people around him. He began developing his computer programming skills in elementary school; these skills later flourished into a database computer company several years later. Majoring in English and American literature, Eric graduated from Harvard University in 1988. His nurtured skills continue to aid him in his passion for contributing to society.

Eric’s philanthropy work includes children with special needs. In addition to contributing to the Painted Turtle, Eric Pullier has also contributed to Starbright World, a foundation that specializes in helping children with diabetes. Developing computer modules that transport children with diabetes into their own bodies, Eric affectively informs children about their health in a fun and entertaining way. Children of various illnesses continue to benefit from Eric’s creative methods.

Eric’s other accomplishments range from writing to public speaking. He has published a book titled Understanding Enterprise SOA, and he is an active entrepreneur.

Eric believes that anyone who believes in a cause should eliminate distractions and focus on his goal. Eric says, “If you convince yourself, and you really do believe this [your cause], and you see why this is going to be something, then it’s just a matter of fulfilling that prophecy.” Eric Pulier’s life features ambition, determination, and a passion for society



Adam is a renowned leader. He is an Israel native and an investor who specialises in real estate. Adam went to Technion and graduated in 1978. He went to the USA and attended USC where he graduated with a master’s in Business Administration in 1983.

Adam Milstein started his professional journey in 1983 in California. He began his career investing in real estate. Currently, Adam Milstein works for Hagar Pacific Properties where he is the Managing Partner.

Upon graduating with his MBA from USC, Adam Milstein was not happy with the amount of salary that he was offered by people who were looking for recruits. This is what motivated Adam Smith to get on his own in the market. The amount of salary he was to receive was so little and could only be compared to that of an undergraduate.

After working for some years as a broker in the real estate, Adam Milstein got the skill and expertise that he wished for and fully decided to depend upon him. After this, it’s when he started investing in the real estate. Self-employment is much different from been employed by someone. You have to work hard and ensure that no failure occurs. Adam was aware of this and believed in the policy that if the success of something is to happen, you have to be the one involved and not depending on someone else.

According to Adam Milstein, success in the real estate is not always guaranteed, and it calls for patience. There are ups and downs, and for you to succeed, it requires persistence and hard work. When asked about his worst job, Adam believes there’s none and believes he has made the best decisions in his career.

Adam Milstein’s strategy is to set flexible goals which you can quickly change and has always been self-reliant. According to Adam, family comes first and always spends time with them. Adams best web service is Constant Contact due to its ease of use. Everyone has a mentor, same as Adam. His mentor happens to be his partner David Hager, a visionary man with excellent skills in economic affairs.


Taking a Look at Dherbs.com’s Unique Offerings


Products by Dherbs were created to help rejuvenate a body. This means they will flush harmful toxins out of the body while providing a person with the nutrients that it needs. There are several different products on the Dherbs.com website catering to the health of the body. They have a massive product line from the Full Body Cleanse kit to Detox Water. Each product has carefully selected ingredients that come safely from nature. Many customers become repeat ones as they love what the supplements can do for the body and how they make them feel.


Sheryl Underwood is just one of the many successful clients that have used the Dherbs cleansing products and rave about it. Her journey was so successful that she gave an in-depth interview about the product and her progress on the Steve Harvey show. Underwood found that she lost weight, gained energy, and her moods elevated while on the Dherbs Full Body Cleansing product. Her health has improved because of the cleanse, and her out look on life has never been better.


Just about every person on the planet can take the Dherb supplements safely. The vegan cleansing products from Dherbs.com are all natural and are even safe while breastfeeding. Of course it is still recommended that breastfeeding moms or pregnant women talk to their physician before taking them. The website is however loaded with many helpful articles related to health and eating, which is great to know when one body is helping to feed another one.

A Leaf worth Taking from Avi Weisfogel Interview

Avi Weisfogel is an experienced dentist with unprecedented knowledge and skills in sleep apnea and cosmetic dentistry. Speaking during an interview with Ideamensch, Dr. Weisfogel highlighted some aspects of his life and details of his entrepreneurial journey. The idea of Dental Sleep Masters came after he realized that the sleep world had not been exploited. His day begins with an hour of prayer and speaking with his mentor. He believes that scheduling everything has been a crucial aspect of his productiveness.


As a strategy to bring his ideas to life, he writes down everything and later takes some time to analyze and visualize the ideas before executing them. Ability to absorb constructive criticism helps Weisfogel in strengthening his projects. Taking constructive criticism helps him improve. Although he seems successful, being a dentist was the worst time of his career.


Entrepreneurs should have similar conversations with various people. According to Dr. Avi Weisfogel, every conversation complements the previous one, and at the end, you become more productive. Dr. Weisfogel is keen to learn and improve his approach to his clients. In the pursuit of an increased market share, he uses regional marketing strategies, which offers a convenient way for clients to access them.


Innovators can now buy the midnight oil to come up with dental mirrors fitted with windshield wipers. According to Weisfogel, dentists regularly stop to wipe the mirror during a procedure. Moreover, an app that can listen and organize the message in an organized manner will be another significant innovation.


Avi Weisfogel in Brief


Avi Weisfogel is the founder and CEO of Dental Sleep Masters. Weisfogel has made his name as one of the most experienced professionals specializing in sleep apnea, cosmetic dentistry, and dentistry. Over his career, he has launched several healthcare facilities. Weisfogel began his career as a dentist and launched his first company, Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. He ran the facility for 15 years before investing in the sleep world. In 2010, he established Healthy Heart Sleep.


In 2014, he founded Dental sleep Masters, an organization that has earned a reputation for its commitment to helping dentist manage sleep disorders. Weisfogel graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology from the Rutgers University. He later earned a DDS from NYU College of Dentistry.




How Property Developer Jason Halpern Innovates with Adaptive Reuse

Jason Halpern with Daniel-de-la-Vega Aviv Siso Laura Garcia Louis Buckworth -Thomas-Juul-Hansen

Jason Halpern is the Managing Partner of property development firm JMH Development. Headquartered in New York City JMH Development has properties in Brooklynn, New York City, and Miami. In just New York City alone the company has developed over $500 million worth of real estate. Halpern specializes in developing luxury properties that are either residential in nature or are in the field of hospitality.

Jason Halpern’s Family

One of the distinctive things about JMH Development is their innovative use of adaptive reuse techniques and technologies in order to preserve the historical character of the properties that they develop. Many of the building they redevelop are on the National Register of Historic Places and so great care must be taken to preserve the essential historical value of the building. Adaptive reuse is the process of repurposing an older building into a different purpose than it was originally intended for.

Jason Halpern guides each project that JMH Development develops. The first part is choosing a candidate structure to repurpose which Halpern is an expert at. As part of his role at the company he takes frequent trips to Miami in order to research potential new developments, as well as looking at properties in his backyard in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Once selected the project is guided through all the stages of the adaptive reuse of the historical building including building design, construction, branding, and finally marketing once the project is complete.

Jason Halpern

An example of one of the historical properties that Jason Halpern and his team at JMH Development have developed is the new Aloft South Beach hotel in Miami. The building used to house the historic Motel Ankara. In addition to upgrading and restoring the existing structure Halpern had a new eight-story tower completed as part of the restoration project. In addition to larger than average rooms than is typical for hotels in the area the Aloft South Beach has a large outdoor pool, roof deck lounge, a large meeting area that can be adapted to different events, and a 24-hour fitness center. The building has luxury touches throughout including the lobby, corridors, and hotel rooms.

Julie Zuckerberg: The Recruiter Of Choice

Getting the perfect candidate for the job is getting naturally harder for associations these days, as workforce trends and updates change speedier than most enrollment heads can remain mindful of. Appreciatively, Julie Zuckerberg is from every angle changing the game with her unique insights into the idea behind enlistment and in considering both the necessities of the client and that of the potential job-seeker.


Zuckerberg, the Lead Executive of Talent Acquisition working at Deutsche Bank, manages an assortment of clients and client specific issues for the association including people in charge of Private Wealth Clients, Operations of Global Technology and Management of Assets. Before being absorbed into Deutsche Bank, Zuckerberg functioned as the Director of Candidate Placement at Hudson Staffing and Recruitment, a place where she honed her brilliant workforce management aptitudes. Zuckerberg enrolled case managers, legal advisors, support paralegals and staff for law workplaces and corporate clients.

Zuckerberg directed Hudson on some high-priority issues including the maintenance of a positive work environment, association benefits and the chance for promotion related openings. She later proceeded to join Citi as the Vice President and Executive Recruiter in 2007, after five gainful years working at Hudson. Her part here consolidated the enlistment of Managing Directors and Directors for the Internet Office as well as Consumer Marketing globally. In the duration working here, she altered the enlistment scene at Citi, directing them on examples in pay, recognizing evidence of capacity, and the latest enrollment frameworks, organization related administrations which helped Citi get the required employee for some key parts consistently.

Having come in with endless association in her capacity to scout and select, Zuckerberg was gladly hired by Deutsche Bank in 2014 as Talent Acquisition Lead, Vice President, and Executive Recruiter. Zuckerberg has worked with Managing Directors, Hiring Managers, and Business Leaders together to secure mission-particular roles in Investor Relations, Global Technology Operations, Audit as well as Finance. She furthermore helps Hiring Managers to comprehend the right strategy for sourcing, arranging methods and business adaptability. What draws most organizations and associations to Julie is her capacity to interface with and feel for the long haul objectives and aspirations of the worker and fit that into the needs of the organization, notwithstanding her stellar enrollment credentials.

Julie Zuckerberg trains enlistment heads and spotters to manage Business Clients accountable for watching over individuals of high-value and vast sums of wealth held privately, making her the perfect person for anything enlistment related to Deutsche Bank. Zuckerberg’s inside-industry aptitudes combine human asset administration, planning of systems, progression-driven opportunity plans, business strategy and candidate placement. Having come from a great learning environment, Zuckerberg gained from the best back in the New York Law School and New York Brooklyn College City University, which is where she completed a course in Philosophy after which she completed her law degree. Being the adjusted individual she is, Zuckerberg regularly engages in running, photography, the arts and-and shows an interest in technology in the spare time she gets to herself. Her deep passions include human rights, technology and science related issues, the welfare of animals and basic human rights.

The Synergy of Fashion and Technology

Fashion has for centuries dictated to the masses how to present themselves aesthetically to attract power and influence. It was practically inevitable for technology to mold this sense of fashion into its functional framework, and this synergy is happening right now. Various fashion designers take much pleasure in creating their ware, and they see newer possibilities with the incorporation of technology into this process. This brings with it a high standard of functionality and innovation. A Dutch fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht, who is known for her avant-garde designs sees technology as a playground, or simulation which rewards you with infinite possibilities the further you immerse yourself in it. Wipprecht has created the DareDroid and Pseudomorphs, a drink-making dress and the self-painting dress.


Other cross endeavors between fashion and technology aim to protect us. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin made an airbag system for cyclists worn around one’s neck. This pops out when needed, protecting the neck from impact and at the same time provides greater visibility when in place as part of one’s fashion ensemble. Frontline Gloves, an effort by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan could help firefighters signal each other using simple gestures of the hand and work better as a team.


There are times when fashion needs to intervene for technology to catch on well with the public. Wearing glasses has, up until very recently not been very accepted. While the public may avoid products such as Google Glass for the big price tag, it’s also safe to say that they don’t want to associate themselves with a geeky persona, in many instances. Designer Diane Von Furstenberg helped put an end to this stigma by having her models wear the Google Glass on the catwalk. Fashion shows have the ability to make people aware and accepting of new technological trends along with their fashion statements. Fashion ventures are proving to be of service to mother nature as well, with designers SegraSegra recycling inner tubes from cycles to make t-shirts and jackets.


Chris Burch, who came up with this synergistic concept is an entrepreneur with a wide range of businesses and industries he’s worked in including technology, fashion, and real estate. His career started in Itchica College as an undergrad when he started ‘Eagles Eye’ apparel along with Bob, his brother. The business had grown to the tune of $165 million before they sold it. He is currently the principal of Burch Creative Capital, an agency with a solid portfolio of work including Cocoon9, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin, and Nihiwatu.




Jose Henrique Borghi – Experienced And Creative Advertising Professional Driven By Results

Jose Borghi is the name to reckon with in the advertising field in Brazil and is one of the to-go persons when looking to create an innovative, result-driven, and creative marketing and advertising campaign. He currently serves as the co-CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil, which is one of the most reputed marketing and publicity agencies in Brazil today, serving both local as well as international clients.

 Jose Henrique Borghi is considered a prodigy in the advertising field because of the kind of concept he brings to the table, which is unconventional and out of the box. It is this kind of creativity that he provides his clients that have made him one of the most sought after advertising consultants in the world and helped Mullen Lowe Brazil bag some of the high-profile and high-value contracts from the top corporate companies in the world.

During his childhood, his sister once took him to the Cannes Film Festival where the best ads of the year were being showcased. Jose was so touched, inspired and intrigued by the advertisements he saw there from the world over that he decided this is what Jose wants to go when he grows up. And, he stuck to his resolve and went on to study marketing at the top Sao Paulo University, namely Pontifical Catholic University.

After completing his studies, he didn’t waste any time and straight went to join Standard Ogilvy, which is not only one of the oldest marketing and advertising agencies in the world, but considered one of the most prestigious in the advertising sector globally. Working at Standard Ogilvy gave Jose Henrique Borghi tremendous experience, which he used when he started his marketing firm BorghiErh with one of his colleagues. Soon after the creation of BorghiErh marketing and advertising firm, it was merged with Lowe, and then further international collaborations made it Mullen Lowe Brazil, where Jose serves as co-CEO presently.

Watch Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBZUAB2iP5o

Wengie edible classroom tool snacks

Wengie has a number of ideas to turn tools used in school into edible snacks. A glue stick can be turned into a quick snack by using a few pieces of Starburst candy. First, one will remove the glue from the stick by twisting off the glue from the plastic applicator versus pulling out the glue itself. Next, use warm water and detergent to remove any leftover glue. Now unwrap a Starburst and position the glue stick on top of it and press down. There will be some Starburst scraps remaining which Wengie suggests to eat right away as to avoid wasting any of the candy. Four or five Starburst will fill the glue stick, and then it is ready to trick your friends when one has an urge for a quick candy fix.


Food dye pens can be turned into what appears to be a Sharpie pen. The first step is to paint the food dye pen silver to mirror a Sharpe pen followed by carefully printing “Sharpie” on it. Next simply use a syringe filled with Kool-Aid and fill the food dye pen with your favorite flavor. One is now ready to color their tongue with their newly created Sharpie whenever a quick sugar fix is required. Elmer’s glue can be an edible snack as well. Wengie advises to empty the glue and then thoroughly clean out the bottle and lid with hot water and detergent to keep one from digesting any glue left behind. Next simply pour in glucose syrup using a cupcake wrapper as a funnel. Add a bit of vanilla yogurt and your edible glue is ready to play tricks on an unsuspected friend.


Create an eraser that one can snack on by using water, milk gelatin, and jelly powder. Bring it to a boil and add to a small square container. Place it into the refrigerator for a couple of hours and use a knife to remove your eraser while smoothing out a bit of the rough edges. An eraser pen can be constructed by shaving down a musk stick to fit into the pen. Remove the actual eraser, replace it with the gum, and one is ready to sneak a snack into their next class.