Mike Baur is a visionary entrepreneur and founding partner of the Swiss Start-up Factory AG, with a vast amount of experience in the banking sector. He is a mentor to many people in the world of business and leadership. He has worked for Swiss banking sector for 20 years. As a teenager, Mike was passionate about banking and finance, which he later came to satisfy when he started out his career as a commercial apprentice at UBS and made his way up to being an executive board member of Swiss Private Bank. In the year 2014, when he was just 39 years of age, Mike Baur, and his two partners founded the Swiss Startup Factory. Prior to being a co-founder and Chief executive Officer of Swiss Startup Factory, he is also a co-founder and Director of the Swiss Start-up Association. Mike pursued an MBA from University of Rochester New York. He is also an Executive MBA from the University of Berne.


He founded the factory with the main aim of supporting the entrepreneurs in the digital technology industry. The support involves linking the startups with potential investors, mentoring, financing, office space, coaching, and providing access to other entrepreneurs during their development process. Swiss Start-up factory has earned a huge reputation for mentoring companies from humble start-ups to medium and big sized companies.


Swiss Startup Factory is top on the list of privately owned and independently financed companies in Switzerland. The company’s core business is to provide programs to mentor start-ups through the first stages, mostly three months. The company also works to disrupt set systems that hinder small start-ups from growth, mostly due to factors such as financing and lack of exposure to potential investors.


Swiss Startup Factory and CTI invest collaborate towards hosting Startup training for events and also to jointly open websites to bring together small start-ups and link them with information and training that will be helpful in their venture, and will see them through the first tough stages of their company’s development. This collaboration is one of many that Swiss start-up Factory is working towards its purpose of mentoring young entrepreneurs through their first stages of their startups.


Swiss Startup Factory, with its three-month accelerator program, provides a unique platform for start-ups, and the Geneva-based Fintech Accelerator fusion are to collaborate in the pre-selection process, which will involve universities to oversee smooth start for small start-ups.


Enema: the Why and How for Markus Rothkranz

There are times where many people feel like they aren’t at their best. Even the healthiest individuals leading healthy lifestyles may feel the same way. It could be that you’re full of crap. Literally. Our digestive tract plays a roll in many ailments we encounter during our lifetime. The small and large intestines helps us in a number of ways such as fighting off illnesses with the immune system, and the absorption of nutrients from the food we eat. Although the food passes through us, not all of it that goes in comes out.

Over the many years of eating things like starch, foods made from wheat, and dairy products we end up with clogged pipes. Yes pipes. Our digestive tract is similar to pipes. Stuff passes through pipes, but over time there is build up along the walls of the pipe. Without proper cleansing the pipes can easily become backed up. The digestive tract is the same way. The walls of the intestines can have built up fecal matter that can be traced to years back. Our bodies naturally produces what is called mucoid plaque, which is a mucus that the body produces to protects itself. Over time that mucus hardens and that’s one of the ailments that causes you to feel backed up.

An enema is a safe and healthy way to cleanse your colon, the large intestine. Rothkranz mentioned several ways to do an enema, but the safest one is when you use water. It’s important to use purified or distilled water for this process. It’s easy to do from the comfort of your own home, but you will definitely want to research as much as you can before trying. Water naturally dissolves, and in this process it helps break down the build up along your intestine walls. Imagine it being as if you’re soaking a dirty pot in hot water. Over time you notice the build up on the pot to dissolve. Well an enema is just like this.

You can purchase a rubber enema bag that can hold at least a half gallon of water, and make sure it has tubing as well. You want to fill the bag completely, then proceed to hanging it above butt height, and after lubricate the tip of the tubing. The position you want to take is to be bent over on your knees with your head to the floor, and then ease the tube into you. Once the water out of the enema bag is gone, run to the toilet. You’ll be sitting for thirty minutes max to allow everything to come out properly.

You’ll feel amazing almost immediately. Having a clogged colon can cause you to feel bad emotionally, mentally, and physically, and doing this healthy process can alleviate you from so many things. You also start to feel better all around. Please try this process no matter how healthy or how sick you may feel, it’s guaranteed to make a difference.

Avocado Tropical Delight Salsa Recipe


here’s an easy to make, fun, quick raw recipe that is bound to make you more healthy. It’s from the book, “Heal yourself 101.” This could be served as a snack or a meal.

You’ll need to take a trip to the grocery store or supermarket. What you’ll need is a papaya, a mango (preferably a champagne mango as its very buttery), red onion, cilantro, avocado, olive oil, paprika, apple cider vinegar, and black pepper, along with sea salt.

You’ll need to cut the mango and papaya into cubes, which can be time consuming, but it’s a good workout for your arms.

You take the ingredients and mix them together in a bowl. First goes in the mango, then the papaya, then the onion. The more you prepare this dish, the less you’ll have to measure the ingredients. You’ll begin to instinctively recognize what feels right. Then put in the cilantro (it’s really good for removing heavy metal toxins from your body). Next, pour in a few drops of olive oil. Pour in a good serving of apple cider vinegar (which is good for helping to digest food). Add some black pepper along with some coarse sea salt. Mix it up. The colors will begin to pop (you might even feel like an artist!) Now, set the mixture aside.

Cut the avocados by making a single cute down the middle of each avocado. Then separate the avocado lengthwise into two halves and scoop out the avocado meat with a spoon. Place them on a plate and form them into a star-pattern (this will really impress your guests). Next, stir the mix again. It’s good to let the mix sit for an hour or so. That way the flavors can marinate, soak into each other, and really intensify. When you’re ready, artistically place the salsa into the middle of the avocado-formed star. Last, sprinkle some of the paprika over the salsa and avocado.

This is a filling, nutritious, protein packed dish. Don’t worry about how many calories or carbs are in the dish. It tastes so good and it’s real food, which is super healthy.

Analyzing Thor Halvorssen’s Contribution in the Global Human Rights Movement

The Global Human rights movement is a sensitive subject across various divides. Politicians are known to exchange words and blows in defense of their views and people. Such a gathering attracts high profile individuals such as Presidents and Ministers of Foreign Affairs. However, the political climate has changed since the emergence of Thor Halvorssen.

The Venezuelan-Norwegian native is known for his diplomatic skills in the attainment of peaceful agreements. His finesse is best portrayed in an interview dated May 14 with Guangcheng, an exiled Chinese dissident.

During the discussion, Thor informs Chen about the techniques used in negotiation. When push comes to shove, politicians seek the help of influential individuals such as Christian Bale in negotiating release terms of exiled persons.

According to Huffington Post, Thor Halvorssen has garnered an excellent reputation courtesy of rising popularity in human rights activism. His sole mission is to combat oppressive governments worldwide. He uses various techniques such as advocating for the release of political prisoners and activists from their countries.

The Oslo Freedom Forum attracted 450 guests from 57 nations. Themed the “Davos of Human rights”, the event aims at developing strategies to overthrow oppressive administrations.

Thor credits his unwavering dedication and personality as catalysts for success in this profession. Although he is devoted to serving the needs of the oppressed, he does not hold any political interest in Venezuela. Furthermore, Thor prefers the company of like-minded individuals with a passion for protecting human rights.

 Thor Halvorssen’s Background

Thor Halvorssen is a second child in a family of three children. His older brother Edward is a construction contractor in Miami while his younger sister is a Pilates instructor in England. His mother’s family has lived in Venezuela since the 1530s. Thor fluently speaks Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. His father was an aide to President Carlos Rodriguez.

Halvorssen is a human rights attorney and film producer. His New York-based Human Rights Foundation has gained widespread recognition for its liberation efforts. Since inception, his firm has successfully supervised the release of seven inmates of sound mind and submitted vital proof to Truth Commissions.

The Midas Legacy Is The Way To Go

Everyone out there has worries, fears, and possibly regrets. That is human nature and that is part of life. Sometimes, however, the fear can be so crippling that it prevents people from truly living and enjoying life. They spend each and every day worried, stressed out, and sometimes it leads to health problems. That is when it is time to make a serious change and do something about it. That is no way to live a life, that is for sure. Everyone deserves a shot at happiness and everyone should be able to embrace every moment and feel that moment. They should be present and enjoying all that is around them.

That is why The Midas Legacy, a research services company that focuses on wealth management advisory, was put together. They are aware of what is happening and they have their pulse on the world around them. Instead of just sitting by and watching it happen, they decided to do something about it. They decided to have experts that can come in and help people with their wealth. After all, these are people that have worked long and hard to obtain this money. They have had to have time away from their families and they have missed a lot of important events.

It is only fair that when the time comes to retire, they should be able to make their money last as long as they live, which is hopefully a very, very long life. They should also be happy. They should leave those aforementioned regrets behind and focus on what is ahead. The future is bright and the present can be bright too. What they do is sit down with the individual and really take the time to get to know them on a personal basis. They find out what makes them tick, what they are looking for, and what is going to make them the happiest going forward.

That is what people really respect and admire about The Midas Legacy. They want to hear the person’s plan and they want to work with them to make sure they get that. They are tremendous listeners and they have expert advice. They only guide and offer advice. They are not pushy and they do not make anyone do anything they are not comfortable with or get them involved in anything that confuses them. They are also there to answer any and all questions.

Follow The Midas Legacy on Twitter to learn more about the company >> https://twitter.com/themidaslegacy

Did Soros Give $33 Million to Black Lives Matter?

Black Lives Matter is a movement recognized as a protest against shootings of black men by the police. It has gained lots of attention by staging demonstrations, which have turned to violence, although the organizers claim it was never their aim. The media attention at https://www.amazon.com/George-Soros/e/B000AP7F58 the movement has brought to allegedly baseless shootings by police has led to further escalation of violence, and now to killings of police officers. Sarah Palin went as far as to call it a farce.

Now, there are voices that George Soros’ Open Society Foundations have donated $33 million to this movement. “So who’s funding Black Lives Matter? One of the big donors seems to be George Soros,” claimed Fox’s host Bill O’Reilly. In addition, he pointed to Jay Z and Beyonce as those who also give support.

But, the director of this foundation says the Soros didn’t give money to Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi, the three women recognized as founders of Black Lives Matter movement. However, this movement is a network of groups, blogs, and activists, so a denial of providing funds to the three ladies doesn’t mean there was no money from George Soros going to support Black Lives Matter.

In 2014 alone, Open Society Foundations donated more than $800 to various causes. Open Society Foundations are composed of various foundations and projects. Their reach extends to over 100 countries. The idea behind them is to have open societies with respect for human rights and government accountability.

After making vast wealth in the financial markets, George Soros got involved in charities as well as political causes. He started in 1979 by giving scholarships to black South Africans. He continued to provide scholarships to Roma students in Europe as well as other groups he considered marginalized.

Not every country welcomes Soros’ money. Russia has banned his foundations, claiming they’re a threat to the Russian state. Hungarian Prime Minister, Victor Orban, has also expressed his displeasure with George Soros’ involvement, especially after Soros demanded that the European nations admit millions of Middle Eastern migrants and sponsor them for at least two years. But, Soros doesn’t worry about that and continues with his agenda. After all, he has got $25 billion.

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Deputy Assemblyman José Manuel González Thinks Venezuela Must Increase Domestic Food Production

When Venezuela had a fat wallet, Hugo Chavez decided to import food products rather than grow them domestically. Even though Venezuela is capable of producing more than 500 thousand tons of rice and 300 thousand tons of corn, the government confiscated farms and businesses that could maintain that production rate. José Manuel González, the agriculture entrepreneur and deputy of the National Assembly for the state of Guárico, fought Chavez and his import policies, but Chavez always got what he wanted. Even in death, Chavez got what he wanted when his hand-picked successor, Nicolas Maduro, filled his seat as president in 2013. González is familiar with Maduro and his style of governing. As Vice-President under Chavez, Maduro was the ultimate “yes man” for Chavez, and when Chavez passed, Maduro kept Chavez policies in place even though the country was losing export business because of the drop in oil prices.

Maduro continued to use the same strong-arm tactics as Chavez, but Maduro, the former bus driver, didn’t have the brains or the personality to be another Chavez. The last thing Venezuela needed was another Chavez, according to González. Mr. González has been lobbying in the National Assembly for the last three years trying to reverse the damage caused by Chavez policies, but Maduro has not changed his governing style, even though food, medicine, toilet paper and other basic items are scarce and expensive. More than 95 percent of the population can’t afford to buy food and the other items they need to function effectively. Maduro is closing shopping malls to conserve electricity, and he is laying off government workers to save money. González knows that it is just a matter of time before the country breaks down into chaos. In fact, chaos is the flavor of the day in some of the big cities.

González and other assemblymen have signed a petition to remove Maduro from office, but Maduro is calling the petition illegal. The military is now in charge of distributing food, and the army is controlling the ports. Venezuela has the richest oil reserves in the world and a president that has no idea how to govern a country.

Goettl Battles The Heat and Protects the Community

This year I have seen one of the hottest Summer’s ever recorded. Even someone who looks forward to perpetual warmth during the colder months and who scoffs at the idea of fans or air conditioners knows that this summer, AC is a great necessity.


I can hardly imagine how torturous Jean Jackson must have felt in the scorching Las Vegas weather. The 94 year-old has lived in her home for 33 years, and did not have the money to pay for the rewiring and new system needed to give her a cooling system. Having suffered heatstroke in the past, Jackson feared her only option would be to leaver her home and take up residence in a nursing home.


Enter Goettl Air Conditioning and its sister company, The Sunny Plumber. Since 1939, Goettl has provided excellent technology, and has continued to improve and advance throughout the years. Goettl Air Conditioning is one branch of the company specializing in cooling, heating, and air quality measurements that prevent dangerous conditions like the ones Jean Jackson was facing.


Looking at Goettl, I have to notice the plethora of glowing customer reviews, praising not only the technology but also the customer service. It is clear that the Goettl team is knowledgable, well trained, well equipped, and cares deeply about its customers. It is so important for a company to be thorough and accurate with work such as this, and Gottl has obviously mastered this in its long history.


Goettl approached Jackson and offered to help her out. Being in Las Vegas since 1968, owner Ken Goodrich felt it was his responsibility to look after members of the community they know so well. The Sunny Plumber and Goettl collectively repaired Jackson’s water line and gave her a new cooling and heating system, a job that would have cost $14,000 normally, but which they did free of charge.


Now, Jackson can remain comfortable in her home and will not be forced to relocate to a nursing home. I’m touched and inspired by the actions of Goettl. They exemplify kindness and truly live up to the positive reviews I’ve read.





I Like Shopping For Loans


I really like shopping for loans at Nexbank because they make it so very easy for me to get the loans I need at different times of my life. I have needed an auto loan and gotten it from Nexbank. I have needed a boat loan and gotten it from Nexbank, and then I got a construction loan for a house through Nexbank. I think that they have the best kinds of options for someone like me, and they do have an office near work that I can visit.

NexBank Acquires College Savings Bank

I went into the Nexbank office the first time wondering how I would save money on a new loan, and I wanted to get this house and fix it up. I just needed to make sure that I would have a way of taking care of the loan in a way that was cheaper. Nexbank made it very cheap for me to get the loan, and then they let me close the loan in their office when I was ready. I have been pretty happy with the way that Nexbank takes care of me, and I know that I could not have gotten the loan from any other place.

I have been saving money on the loan every month because Nexbank helped me save, and then they made it so that I would feel good about the loan every month. I got enough money to construct inside the house, and I got even more money than I thought so that I could do a new garage. I just feel a lot better about what is going on with the loan because I have people near me who can help me if I need it. It means something to me that Nexbank actually wants to be helpful and save me money every month.


Dick DeVos: A Respected Member of His Community

Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, the co-founder of Amway Corporation, a network sales company that offers unique household and health products to over 18 countries around the world. As a son of the co-founder of a multi-billion dollar company, Dick DeVos has been inspire to make his own mark and to continue to grow the family legacy with his own success. As a member of this prestigious family, I found that Dick DeVos has indeed made a name for himself not only through his involvement with Amway Corporation, but also through his many donations to charitable organizations all over the United States.

Dick DeVos, even at a young age, has been involved with Amway Corporation. Mr. DeVos distinctly remembers playing with his brother in the basement of his family home which, at the time, acted as the headquarters to Amway Corporation. Dick DeVos has fond memories of helping the company and his father where he could which included stocking shelves, running errands, and even giving product descriptions to clients with no formal training or education. As a young child, Dick DeVos looked up to his father and has fond memories of spending time with his father while working with him as well as with the business.

After receiving a formal education with a degree in business administration, Dick DeVos graduated at the top of his class and was welcomed at Amway Corporation. As a full-time employee at Amway who officially started work in 1974, Dick DeVos has since then climbed his way up the ladder. By 1984, Dick DeVos became the vice president of the company who was in charge of the international sales in over 18 different countries. During this executive position, Dick DeVos not only proved himself as a businessman and as a leader, but also increased the total revenue of the company. By the time he left his vice president position, Dick DeVos had grown the total sales to make up over 50 percent of the company’s total revenue.

As a successful businessman and as a wealthy man, Dick DeVos and his wife have donated to many organizations across the United States. One of Dick DeVos’ most supportive organizations are centered around education and providing money for individuals who have no money to receive a high level of education. As an educated man, Dick DeVos believes that education should be based upon merit and not based upon family income.