John Goullet Speaks to IDEAMENSCH Regarding Entrepreneurship

John Goullet is an IT staffing expert who founded Info Technologies in 1994. He runs DIVERSANT LLC as the executive principal and sits at the company’s board of directors as the chairperson. Goullet started out as an IT consultant before venturing into IT staffing. He was passionate about developing hiring solutions for established IT companies before founding Info Technologies. Info Technologies served IT practitioners with staffing solutions. He founded the company after identifying the need for reliable IT staffing solutions in the United States.

Goullet has worked in the IT staffing sector for the last 22 years. Throughout his professional career, he prefers starting his day by exercising at the gym. He also ensures that he reaches at the office by eight in the morning and leaves the office by six in the evening. Goullet likes reading books and paying attention to the emerging trends in the IT sector. He argues that more IT professionals need to be trained since the industry is currently underserved. Goullet is a critical thinker who identifies demands ad develops ideas based on how to meet them.

Goullet’s Insights on Entrepreneurship

John Goullet appreciates the rapid developments occurring in the IT sector. According to him, these changes contribute to the GDP of the US. He is also confident that DIVERSANT will grow and meet clients’ demands by incorporating the latest trends in technology. As an entrepreneur, he draws inspiration from the productive paranoia phenomenon. He enjoys Jim Collin’s book themed on this phenomenon. He believes that competition is a driving factor to the productivity of any business venture. Goullet advises entrepreneurs to adopt good practices and strive to learn from their competitors.

Business Strategies

Based on business strategies, Goullet advises business owners to be cautious when hiring people. This is because employees determine the productivity of a business venture. He learnt from the IT staffing sector that after people are employed in a company, they require special training. They should also be empowered by their employers to be dedicated and productive in their work. Goullet also urges business owners to hold their employees accountable for every task they are given.

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IAP’s disaster relief efforts reflect unique, world-class capabilities

IAP Worldwide Services was recently called out to respond to Hurricane Matthew. This is part of their contract with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and requires IAP to maintain teams at all times who are on call for disaster relief duties. These teams are based at Cape Canaveral, Florida and Fort Bragg, North Carolina. IAP Worldwide Services technicians on are capable of remotely establishing and distributing massive remote auxiliary power as well as vital commodities such as food and clothing.

Government’s the solution, they whine
Some people don’t like the idea of government contractors at all. Why not just have the government do it? Why not the Red Cross? The answer is simple: for private companies like IAP, it’s sink or swim. The government worker gets paid the same whether they discover a vaccine or sleep through their shift. A notable exception is the military itself, but that’s only because the military retains tough performance standards that determine soldiers’ rank and pay grade. The military also features a unique form of camaraderie which could even be described as brotherhood. That kind of solidarity simply doesn’t exist at, say, the Department of Motor Vehicles.

IAP Worldwide Services’ core business is providing logistics, material and operations support to forward operating bases in some of the harshest, most hostile environments on the planet. If IAP contractors falter, if they let their guard slip for just one second, people die. When people die, IAP loses its contracts.

Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.

Battle-tested contractors like IAP operate on a completely different professional plane than civilian government agencies. Contrary to what many impassioned activists love to propound, the U.S. Armed Forces don’t hire contractors like IAP Worldwide Services because of back room deals, shady nepotism or other corrupt means. IAP Worldwide Services hire these contractors on because the Armed Forces can’t do the same job at the same level themselves. This is something that hardly even merits a second thought from professional wartime contractors but that sheltered theorists have concluded can’t be right because their false premises won’t allow it.

A good example of a government agency left to its own devices amid a crisis situation is the City of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Within a day or so the entire city had descended into a state of complete lawlessness. The police had abandoned their posts. All city services stopped. The dykes and seawalls that were meant to stave off a devastating flood had fallen into dereliction. The Superdome became a microcosmic Hobbesian state of nature, screams of terror accented with a fecal aroma.

Eventually the professional soldiers of IAP and others were called in to clean up the spectacular, execrable mess the government had wrought through staggering incompetence. The adults took away the toys and, led by IAP, put the misbehaving miscreants in time-out.

Markus Rothkranz Shows Us How to Experience More Love

Markus Rothkranz has recently appeared at the Raw Living Expo (raw food lover’s meet up) to tell us all how we can elevate love in our lives and experience our wildest dreams.

What are your three best health tips?

Markus says that first, you need to surrender and let go of everything negative in your life that is holding you back, no matter if it is your job, finances, or relationships. Secondly, clean out your life. Cut out anything that is negatively draining you, such as your food choices or poison drip relationships. Number three is to see and feel every wonder in your life because you never really know how much time you have left on this Earth.

How can we elevate the love in our lives?

There are really only two things in the universe, love and fear. Most people tend to live in fear and let it dictate their lives. For example, you may sometimes think about what you would lose if you were fired from your job. The key point for us to remember is that even if we lost all of our possessions and relationships in life, we’re still going to be okay. Once you abstain from dwelling on fearful thoughts, the only thing really left is love. You literally just look around the world with wonder and cherish what you have, because you never know how long you’re going to be here. You should look at every person you meet as one of the best experiences you’ve ever had, right now, this minute. That is love.

Where does nutrition fit in?

Nutrition isn’t just what you feed your body but also what you feed your soul. It’s what you put in your heart and avoiding negative feelings and thoughts. Are you listening to and watching things that make you feel positive and upbeat? Or are you giving in to negative influences and emotions? Focus on having healthy, positive stuff coming into every facet of your life. That is nutrition.

Nathaniel Ru And The Way Things Are Done

There is one thing that Nathaniel Ru has said that is very helpful for people that are looking for ways to get their business off the ground. One thing he has said that people do not buy what someone does, but how they do it. There are a lot of people that do the same things. However, they don’t make a lot of money like some of the other people do it. One of the reasons that some people are not as successful in the same thing that others are doing is that they are missing something in their techniques.


One thing that Nathaniel Ru has done which has made his company Sweetgreen very successful was market it. He has made sure that people are not only aware of it, but he has also engaged the communities and sparked interest in the company that he has set up. While a lot of people market their businesses, there are very few people that market their businesses in the way that is needed to gain sales. Some people just resort to advertising that shows the product or the company and then gives a call to action. One of the more effective ways to market is to actually engage the community and give people a sense of connection.


While it is professional to serve people, people also want to feel valued. Therefore, they are more likely to visit stores that show them that they are valued or at least welcome. Nathaniel Ru makes sure that everyone feels welcome with what they are doing so that they are willing to shop at the place and eat the food that is available.


Sweetgreen not only offers tasty and healthy food, but it also offers some fun for the customers. For instance, there are events that are hosted at the fast food company. One of the events are shows that involve popular artists. There are people that have been able to enjoy their food while listening to Kendrick Lamar and other artists that are very prominent in the industry. Sweetgreen continues to come up with some more creative ideas to help the customers engage.

Markus Rothkranz Dehydrator Cookie Recipe

In this video, lifestyle guru and YouTube star Markus Rothkranz shares his recipe for cookies made in the dehydrator. They contain apples, almonds, cranberries, and oatmeal and are made from raw ingredients thanks to “cooking” them in the dehydrator. The recipe is also vegan. This recipe can also be found in their “uncookbook” entitled Love on a Plate.

The video begins with Markus and his partner Cara Brotman in their kitchen as they describe the ingredient list for the cookies. Cara says you need rolled oats, oat flour, grated apples, almonds, cashew butter, maple syrup, cranberries, and cinnamon. They say that these cookies make a great holiday gift. They are also good to take along when you travel so you have a healthy snack or breakfast on the go.

First, Cara drizzles maple syrup onto the cranberries. Then she whisks together the cashew butter and maple syrup. She then stirs the dry ingredients into the cashew butter mixture. Cara then stirs in some sea salt and the grated apples as well as the cinnamon. Finally, she adds the cranberries, which she says you can use small whole berries or cut bigger ones in half.

Markus then discusses how you should set your dehydrator to about 118 degrees to remove moisture but not kill the enzymes in your food. Cara then forms the cookies. She forms the dough into about a dozen patties, then rolls them in oat flour to hold them together. Then she places the cookies on a dehydrator sheet and puts them in the dehydrator for 6 to 15 hours.

Hosea Collins Loses 130lbs With The Cleanse!


Pastor Hosea Collins, participated in 5 full body cleanses from and lost a total of 130lbs. He was featured on the “Steve Harvey” talk show on June 6, 2016, and talked about how he went from 352lbs to 222lbs in 7 months!


What originally motivated Hosea to do the Full Body Cleanse, from the online store, was the fact that his wife was in a life or death need for a kidney. When Hosea volunteered his own kidney, he was told that he was ineligible as a candidate due to being so overweight. This motivated him to lose weight, and so began his weight loss journey!


Once Hosea reached the weight of 222lbs, he was admitted into a kidney swap program. If he is not a match for his wife, he will gladly donate his kidney to another person who is in need. The program will then find his wife a kidney, as well.


Hosea’s goal is to reach his high school weight of 200lbs, and Dherbs will certainly be a part of his next goal!


A Bit About Dherbs


EarthlyBodies writes that is home of the Full Body Cleanse and the premier online resource for herbal supplements. The company was founded in 2004 and it’s leading product, the 20 Day Full Body Cleanse has been used by over 3 million people to get their health on track and aid them with their weight loss goals. The cleanse helps to detoxify, strengthen and rejuvenate the body and all of its elimination channels, enhances the immune system, improves skin health, increases energy, clears the mind, gets rid of sugar and junk food cravings, supports a healthy libido, improves circulation, and more.


Dherbs also carries a complete line of other cleanses which include a 10 day Blood Cleanse, a 10 day Candida Cleanse, a 10 day Colon Cleanse, a Children’s Cleanse, a Fibroid Cleanse and Regimen, a Nerves Cleanse & Regimen, a Pancreas Cleanse, and more.


To boot, they carry a full line of herbal supplements, women’s supplements, and men’s supplements. These include an Anti-Aging Formula, an Athletic Boost package, Brain Booster supplements, a Cholesterol Formula, a Lungs & Respiratory package, and a whole lot of other very helpful and revolutionary herbal formulas to get you into optimal health.  Over at the official Tumblr account of, you can find out more about the cleanse itself, and what options they may have for you.


Mike Baur is a visionary entrepreneur and founding partner of the Swiss Start-up Factory AG, with a vast amount of experience in the banking sector. He is a mentor to many people in the world of business and leadership. He has worked for Swiss banking sector for 20 years. As a teenager, Mike was passionate about banking and finance, which he later came to satisfy when he started out his career as a commercial apprentice at UBS and made his way up to being an executive board member of Swiss Private Bank. In the year 2014, when he was just 39 years of age, Mike Baur, and his two partners founded the Swiss Startup Factory. Prior to being a co-founder and Chief executive Officer of Swiss Startup Factory, he is also a co-founder and Director of the Swiss Start-up Association. Mike pursued an MBA from University of Rochester New York. He is also an Executive MBA from the University of Berne.


He founded the factory with the main aim of supporting the entrepreneurs in the digital technology industry. The support involves linking the startups with potential investors, mentoring, financing, office space, coaching, and providing access to other entrepreneurs during their development process. Swiss Start-up factory has earned a huge reputation for mentoring companies from humble start-ups to medium and big sized companies.


Swiss Startup Factory is top on the list of privately owned and independently financed companies in Switzerland. The company’s core business is to provide programs to mentor start-ups through the first stages, mostly three months. The company also works to disrupt set systems that hinder small start-ups from growth, mostly due to factors such as financing and lack of exposure to potential investors.


Swiss Startup Factory and CTI invest collaborate towards hosting Startup training for events and also to jointly open websites to bring together small start-ups and link them with information and training that will be helpful in their venture, and will see them through the first tough stages of their company’s development. This collaboration is one of many that Swiss start-up Factory is working towards its purpose of mentoring young entrepreneurs through their first stages of their startups.


Swiss Startup Factory, with its three-month accelerator program, provides a unique platform for start-ups, and the Geneva-based Fintech Accelerator fusion are to collaborate in the pre-selection process, which will involve universities to oversee smooth start for small start-ups.


Enema: the Why and How for Markus Rothkranz

There are times where many people feel like they aren’t at their best. Even the healthiest individuals leading healthy lifestyles may feel the same way. It could be that you’re full of crap. Literally. Our digestive tract plays a roll in many ailments we encounter during our lifetime. The small and large intestines helps us in a number of ways such as fighting off illnesses with the immune system, and the absorption of nutrients from the food we eat. Although the food passes through us, not all of it that goes in comes out.

Over the many years of eating things like starch, foods made from wheat, and dairy products we end up with clogged pipes. Yes pipes. Our digestive tract is similar to pipes. Stuff passes through pipes, but over time there is build up along the walls of the pipe. Without proper cleansing the pipes can easily become backed up. The digestive tract is the same way. The walls of the intestines can have built up fecal matter that can be traced to years back. Our bodies naturally produces what is called mucoid plaque, which is a mucus that the body produces to protects itself. Over time that mucus hardens and that’s one of the ailments that causes you to feel backed up.

An enema is a safe and healthy way to cleanse your colon, the large intestine. Rothkranz mentioned several ways to do an enema, but the safest one is when you use water. It’s important to use purified or distilled water for this process. It’s easy to do from the comfort of your own home, but you will definitely want to research as much as you can before trying. Water naturally dissolves, and in this process it helps break down the build up along your intestine walls. Imagine it being as if you’re soaking a dirty pot in hot water. Over time you notice the build up on the pot to dissolve. Well an enema is just like this.

You can purchase a rubber enema bag that can hold at least a half gallon of water, and make sure it has tubing as well. You want to fill the bag completely, then proceed to hanging it above butt height, and after lubricate the tip of the tubing. The position you want to take is to be bent over on your knees with your head to the floor, and then ease the tube into you. Once the water out of the enema bag is gone, run to the toilet. You’ll be sitting for thirty minutes max to allow everything to come out properly.

You’ll feel amazing almost immediately. Having a clogged colon can cause you to feel bad emotionally, mentally, and physically, and doing this healthy process can alleviate you from so many things. You also start to feel better all around. Please try this process no matter how healthy or how sick you may feel, it’s guaranteed to make a difference.

Avocado Tropical Delight Salsa Recipe


here’s an easy to make, fun, quick raw recipe that is bound to make you more healthy. It’s from the book, “Heal yourself 101.” This could be served as a snack or a meal.

You’ll need to take a trip to the grocery store or supermarket. What you’ll need is a papaya, a mango (preferably a champagne mango as its very buttery), red onion, cilantro, avocado, olive oil, paprika, apple cider vinegar, and black pepper, along with sea salt.

You’ll need to cut the mango and papaya into cubes, which can be time consuming, but it’s a good workout for your arms.

You take the ingredients and mix them together in a bowl. First goes in the mango, then the papaya, then the onion. The more you prepare this dish, the less you’ll have to measure the ingredients. You’ll begin to instinctively recognize what feels right. Then put in the cilantro (it’s really good for removing heavy metal toxins from your body). Next, pour in a few drops of olive oil. Pour in a good serving of apple cider vinegar (which is good for helping to digest food). Add some black pepper along with some coarse sea salt. Mix it up. The colors will begin to pop (you might even feel like an artist!) Now, set the mixture aside.

Cut the avocados by making a single cute down the middle of each avocado. Then separate the avocado lengthwise into two halves and scoop out the avocado meat with a spoon. Place them on a plate and form them into a star-pattern (this will really impress your guests). Next, stir the mix again. It’s good to let the mix sit for an hour or so. That way the flavors can marinate, soak into each other, and really intensify. When you’re ready, artistically place the salsa into the middle of the avocado-formed star. Last, sprinkle some of the paprika over the salsa and avocado.

This is a filling, nutritious, protein packed dish. Don’t worry about how many calories or carbs are in the dish. It tastes so good and it’s real food, which is super healthy.

Analyzing Thor Halvorssen’s Contribution in the Global Human Rights Movement

The Global Human rights movement is a sensitive subject across various divides. Politicians are known to exchange words and blows in defense of their views and people. Such a gathering attracts high profile individuals such as Presidents and Ministers of Foreign Affairs. However, the political climate has changed since the emergence of Thor Halvorssen.

The Venezuelan-Norwegian native is known for his diplomatic skills in the attainment of peaceful agreements. His finesse is best portrayed in an interview dated May 14 with Guangcheng, an exiled Chinese dissident.

During the discussion, Thor informs Chen about the techniques used in negotiation. When push comes to shove, politicians seek the help of influential individuals such as Christian Bale in negotiating release terms of exiled persons.

According to Huffington Post, Thor Halvorssen has garnered an excellent reputation courtesy of rising popularity in human rights activism. His sole mission is to combat oppressive governments worldwide. He uses various techniques such as advocating for the release of political prisoners and activists from their countries.

The Oslo Freedom Forum attracted 450 guests from 57 nations. Themed the “Davos of Human rights”, the event aims at developing strategies to overthrow oppressive administrations.

Thor credits his unwavering dedication and personality as catalysts for success in this profession. Although he is devoted to serving the needs of the oppressed, he does not hold any political interest in Venezuela. Furthermore, Thor prefers the company of like-minded individuals with a passion for protecting human rights.

 Thor Halvorssen’s Background

Thor Halvorssen is a second child in a family of three children. His older brother Edward is a construction contractor in Miami while his younger sister is a Pilates instructor in England. His mother’s family has lived in Venezuela since the 1530s. Thor fluently speaks Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. His father was an aide to President Carlos Rodriguez.

Halvorssen is a human rights attorney and film producer. His New York-based Human Rights Foundation has gained widespread recognition for its liberation efforts. Since inception, his firm has successfully supervised the release of seven inmates of sound mind and submitted vital proof to Truth Commissions.