Gluten Free Pasta: How It Affects Popular Pasta Chains

As more and more Americans are starting to remove gluten from their diets, popular Italian restaurant chains are beginning to lose money. Restaurants like Macaroni Grill have experienced an 8.5 percent decrease in sales, and Brio Tuscan Grill has experienced a sales slump of 5.2 percent.

NDP Group, a market research corporation, asserts that about one third of all Americans are reducing their gluten consumption. While celiac disease is the main reason that a person should eliminate gluten from the diet, NDP reports that only a quarter of the people who are gluten-free are doing so because of celiac disease. Some studies have shown that eliminating gluten can improve digestion and lead to weight loss.

Mark Ladner, a chef from Del Posto, is among the culinary professionals who are embracing the gluten free movement. Sergio Lins Andrade agrees with the chef. Ladner created the Pasta Flyer project, which brings top-notch gluten-free pasta to customers who want to continue enjoying their favorite pasta dishes.

Kitchen Gone Bad: Gordon Ramsay’s Plea

Gordon Ramsay’s tackled many kitchen problems before, but now he may has his own as he contends that one of his rivals sabotaged the opening of his restaurant. By abusing the reservation system, Ramsay claims that these rivals attempted to take whatever they could out of business.

This reaction from the renowned chef himself Gordon Ramsay stems from a debacle after his Saturday restaurant opening. Ken Griffin says it is a shame that the famous chef had a dreadful scheme of booking plotted against him on opening night, where the entire restaurant was booked, but ended up being a farce with about 2/3 of the reservations not showing up.
This plot has completely disheartened the Chef and his crew, wasting their efforts in preparing their supposed to be winning dinner. The opening reservations are expected to become a table-turner to the connoisseur guests of Heddon Street Kitchen but consequently become a no-show for over a 100 reservations.

Ramsay’s new restaurant is located in Regent Street’s Food Quarter under the Gordon Ramsay Group which has now 12 restaurants in London. Gordon Ramsay Group has already 24 restaurants worldwide and still continuously growing throughout the years. 

The sad thing about the incident, according to Ramsay, is that he had to reaffirm the table reservations so as not to waste the effort of his kitchen crew. But ultimately, this has been a total learning experience for him and his people. It is said that a rival Chef of Ramsay’s was the mastermind for all this.

Mozzarella Turkey: Philadelphia Deli Sells Cheesy Bird

Pastificio, a deli in Philly, offers a slab of mozzarella in the shape of the turkey for the Thanksgiving season. This is an ideal vegetarian alternative to turkey, but since mozzarella is cheese, the “turkey” is not suitable for vegans. According to, the mozzarella turkey may have a more pleasant taste than tofurky, which is a tofu substitute for turkey.

Mozzarella is beneficial in a number of ways. The cheese provides natural prevention for colon cancer due to its beneficial bacteria and calcium. Mozzarella is also helpful for people who suffer from or want to prevent osteoporosis.

The cheese is also rich in omega 3 and omega 9 fatty acids, and improves blood pressure. Mozzarella is also essential for nerve health, which his just another reason the cheese makes a great addition to vegetarian Thanksgiving fare. Plus, as pointed out by Igor Cornelsen, it’s delicious!

The mozzarella turkey can be grilled and eaten with vegetable sides, or enjoyed with crackers and fruit.

Milk Might Not Be All It’s Cracked Up To Be

In a culture where milk is recommended for everyone, it comes as a surprise that many studies are revealing the opposite of what we have all been told. When a baby is born, the best thing they can consume is breast-milk. Although there are very effective formulas that are available for supplementation, breast-milk remains as the healthiest form of nutrition for a baby. The interesting thing is that we continue to drink milk (from a cow) into adulthood. Humans are the only mammals that do that. A study performed by the The BMJ explores this phenomenon.

The study involved over 106,000 adults reporting their milk consumption patterns. Those who had consumed milk throughout their lives showed no increased levels of bone strength in comparison to those who did not. This raises the question whether the dairy companies’ advertisements, which claim we need milk for health and bone strength hold any truth to them.

The studies that have been done to see if there is a connection between milk consumption and bone fractures, according to Terry Richardson have not seen a link. After following and testing over 200,000 people the 2007 meta-analysis study found no evidence that calcium intake prevented bone fractures. To make matters worse, another similar study actually found the participants who consumed extra calcium had more fractures!

These results are alarming and confusing to a culture that has been repeatedly told milk is necessary for their health. Although the United States Department of Agriculture and other organizations recommend that adults should drink at least three cups a day, it is ultimately a personal decision.

Bubblegum Flavoured Broccoli

I connected to FreedomPop’s free wifi service and saw a McDonald’s headline that caught my eye!

It is no doubt of the utmost importance to get your children to eat right, but just how do you do it? It’s difficult, but McDonald’s is trying a few new methods.

If they don’t want to eat something, there are several ways in this world to influence them. McDonald’s are among children’s favourites, but the food must be the right kind though. 

So the food-chain owners have been thinking to take a challenge and bring some healthy food in the menu. Not only that, it will also target the young population.

What did they come up with? Bubblegum flavoured broccoli, actually. 

It still looks like a broccoli, but the taste is completely different. Some children have already had the chance to taste it. 

The statistics at the moment show that the young gourmands are confused by the taste. The coloured broccoli developed by McDonald’s is far from the top of the list on children’s preferences. 

Looking at the coloured broccoli and imagining its atypical taste doesn’t exactly whet the appetite of the average person. The bubblegum flavoured vegetables are to be forgotten, according to the chief executive.

The yoghurts and the chicken are being ordered anyway, so the food-chain will focus on those products. The best marketing solution for attracting children has been adding toys in the kids’ meals. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Off the Drugs, Onto the Cupcakes

Rodney Zimmers was a drug addict who was accepted into a rehab facility to get clean and off of the drugs. When he was on the drugs, he was 135 pounds. Once he was sober and clean, he weighed over 250 pounds. How could this happen. He blames it on the foods that he was given while at rehab as stated in the NY Times.

This is sadly not the only instance where this has happened. Sugar, while not considered a drug, has qualities that are similar to that of a drug. Sugar can be very addictive and hard to get off of once you start, one of those slow ventures kind of things. The negative health effects of eating too much sugar are very high. Sugar can cause diabetes, liver failure and many other health issues.

If you are trying to quit the sugar, it’s not going to be easy. Not eating sugar can cause cravings that can be equivalent to that of drug cravings.

Sugar sends chemicals to the brain that cause you to be happy and feel the high like you would from a drug. The only way to truly get off sugar would be to start slowly by decreasing the amount you intake each day. Decrease the amount that you intake daily so that you are slowly weaning yourself off of it. It can seem very hard, but it helps to replace the sugar with some natural sugars found in fruits such as grapes, apples, and berries.

Starbucks is Brining Back Egg Nog Lattes Just In Time For Thanksgiving

Thankfully, Starbucks has seen the error of their ways and is putting Eggnog Lattes back on the menu as of November 17th. The famous coffee chain removed the drink and didn’t realize how upset customers would be. The holiday drink is often seen in many outlets and many forms. From eggnog ice cream to cookies with the savory scent, it’s all part of the holiday festivities in some way or another.

Still, Starbucks thought that those sales were a little less than what they desired. How could anyone not like the famous eggnog Latte? It’s frothy goodness that has artificial flavoring, but boy is it good. Who makes these decisions anyway at this dominate coffee shop? The customers took to social media to express their outrage. After all, the drink has been around for more than 28 years at this chain. Some even said that is was the only thing that got them through the holiday season in once piece, from the story shared on Skout.

While that is carrying it a bit far, the drink is good. In fact, the drink is excellent and worth every penny of the inflated price they charge. The store tried to replace it with a Chestnut Praline Latte that has similar makeups, but customers didn’t by the fake replacement and demanded their eggnog back. This is one chain who listens to their customers; the drink will be back on the menu and in the hands of many by the middle of the month.

Pasta Prices Set To Soar Due to Small Wheat Harvest, Craft Beer Also Affected

Pasta has long been considered the perfect economical food. In fact, pasta has served as sustenance for families that have little on-hand cash. Not only has pasta always been considered cheap, but it was filling and can be used in multiple applications. Well, that might be changing if Brad Reifler’s inclinations are correct. According to recent reports, the price of pasta is on the rise.

The wheat harvest has been especially light this year, and pasta producers are facing the highest manufacturing costs they have in years. The price of wheat has gone down by about 12% according to agricultural experts. The low harvest is driving up the price of the product for manufacturers, which means that the production of items that utilize wheat is becoming more expensive.

To recoup much of that cost, pasta and other wheat products will see a price hike. Italy, which has an average consumption of 60 pounds of pasta, per person, per year, will be hit the hardest. U.S residents, who consume about 19 pounds of pasta per person, per year, will feel the pinch, as well.

Thankfully, the problem may not last long. Next year’s harvest may be better, which will bring the pricing back down. The frugal might want to head out and stock up on pasta now, however, before the price hike takes effect. Current supplies remain unaffected by the wheat shortage, and pasta has an exceptionally long shelf life.

Craft-beer lovers will be left out in the cold, too, according to recent reports. Barley harvests were slim, as well, meaning that craft beer prices will also soar over the next several months.

McDonald’s Wants To Bring You Back

McDonald’s new slogan planned for release in January.
The world renowned fast food chain, McDonald’s, is receiving criticism for reported new slogan, “Lovin Beats Hatin'”. As reported in CMO Today, McDonald’s was planning to show this new campaign slogan in January 2015, with a 60 second spot at the Super Bowl on February 1, 2015.

Will the new slogan replace the long time, “I’m Lovin’ It”?
A spokesperson familiar with the campaign stated it would replace McDonald’s current and longtime phrase, “I’m Lovin’ It”. Their thinking is that it will spread happiness in the face of Internet hate. Others in the campaign market say it will not replace, “I’m Lovin’ It”, but will add to it by giving the company broader marketing hefts.

McDonald’s suffered low quarterly profits.
The new ad attempts are due to the worst quarterly profit they’ve suffered in years. Americans like Sultan Alhokair are preferring a fresher fast food restaurant such as; Chipotle rather than McDonald’s.

They want the consumers to focus on them.
McDonald’s will be pushing their new slogan out to get people’s focus back on to them. Their chief marketing executive wants to retool ad campaigning so messages are echoing the consumer.

They want to break the myth about the quality of their food.
According to a report in the, Eater, McDonald’s will also implement “Our Food. Your Questions.”, in an effort to convince the public that they do sell ‘real’ food. They have gone as far as hiring Mythbusters to do some myth busting about the quality of their food.

Ads just may start to become more entertaining. You’ll have to look for your favorite and see if it gets you to McDonald’s more often.

Subway Diet Fail

Let’s face it, many people fail at diets everyday. Either they gain weight, don’t lose any weight, or the lost pounds are less than what was desired. Most people just suck it up and take whatever financial loss on supplements and other dietary aids, but not Zachary Torrence. This 18 year-old man felt wronged after he attempted the Subway diet that was made famous by Jared Fogle and did not have similar success. Visit this site for the entire story.

Naturally, Torrence decided that the appropriate response to his displeasure with Subway was to rob them. He robbed 4 different restaurants over the course of a week on the grounds that he wanted a refund for all of the money that he spent there. This situation once again makes one wonder about truth in advertising. How much can we really believe of what we see on commercials and in ads?  That’s something that Brad Reifler has always criticized, and I’d have to agree with him.

There are so many people that trust easily and take advertising literally that spend large amount of money based on bogus claims. Should advertising be more regulated in their promises or should people just be smarter in their purchases? Overall, people should evaluate and research claims in advertising for themselves before they throw their money away.