Julie Zuckerberg: The Recruiter Of Choice

Getting the perfect candidate for the job is getting naturally harder for associations these days, as workforce trends and updates change speedier than most enrollment heads can remain mindful of. Appreciatively, Julie Zuckerberg is from every angle changing the game with her unique insights into the idea behind enlistment and in considering both the necessities of the client and that of the potential job-seeker.


Zuckerberg, the Lead Executive of Talent Acquisition working at Deutsche Bank, manages an assortment of clients and client specific issues for the association including people in charge of Private Wealth Clients, Operations of Global Technology and Management of Assets. Before being absorbed into Deutsche Bank, Zuckerberg functioned as the Director of Candidate Placement at Hudson Staffing and Recruitment, a place where she honed her brilliant workforce management aptitudes. Zuckerberg enrolled case managers, legal advisors, support paralegals and staff for law workplaces and corporate clients.

Zuckerberg directed Hudson on some high-priority issues including the maintenance of a positive work environment, association benefits and the chance for promotion related openings. She later proceeded to join Citi as the Vice President and Executive Recruiter in 2007, after five gainful years working at Hudson. Her part here consolidated the enlistment of Managing Directors and Directors for the Internet Office as well as Consumer Marketing globally. In the duration working here, she altered the enlistment scene at Citi, directing them on examples in pay, recognizing evidence of capacity, and the latest enrollment frameworks, organization related administrations which helped Citi get the required employee for some key parts consistently.

Having come in with endless association in her capacity to scout and select, Zuckerberg was gladly hired by Deutsche Bank in 2014 as Talent Acquisition Lead, Vice President, and Executive Recruiter. Zuckerberg has worked with Managing Directors, Hiring Managers, and Business Leaders together to secure mission-particular roles in Investor Relations, Global Technology Operations, Audit as well as Finance. She furthermore helps Hiring Managers to comprehend the right strategy for sourcing, arranging methods and business adaptability. What draws most organizations and associations to Julie is her capacity to interface with and feel for the long haul objectives and aspirations of the worker and fit that into the needs of the organization, notwithstanding her stellar enrollment credentials.

Julie Zuckerberg trains enlistment heads and spotters to manage Business Clients accountable for watching over individuals of high-value and vast sums of wealth held privately, making her the perfect person for anything enlistment related to Deutsche Bank. Zuckerberg’s inside-industry aptitudes combine human asset administration, planning of systems, progression-driven opportunity plans, business strategy and candidate placement. Having come from a great learning environment, Zuckerberg gained from the best back in the New York Law School and New York Brooklyn College City University, which is where she completed a course in Philosophy after which she completed her law degree. Being the adjusted individual she is, Zuckerberg regularly engages in running, photography, the arts and-and shows an interest in technology in the spare time she gets to herself. Her deep passions include human rights, technology and science related issues, the welfare of animals and basic human rights.

The Synergy of Fashion and Technology

Fashion has for centuries dictated to the masses how to present themselves aesthetically to attract power and influence. It was practically inevitable for technology to mold this sense of fashion into its functional framework, and this synergy is happening right now. Various fashion designers take much pleasure in creating their ware, and they see newer possibilities with the incorporation of technology into this process. This brings with it a high standard of functionality and innovation. A Dutch fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht, who is known for her avant-garde designs sees technology as a playground, or simulation which rewards you with infinite possibilities the further you immerse yourself in it. Wipprecht has created the DareDroid and Pseudomorphs, a drink-making dress and the self-painting dress.


Other cross endeavors between fashion and technology aim to protect us. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin made an airbag system for cyclists worn around one’s neck. This pops out when needed, protecting the neck from impact and at the same time provides greater visibility when in place as part of one’s fashion ensemble. Frontline Gloves, an effort by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan could help firefighters signal each other using simple gestures of the hand and work better as a team.


There are times when fashion needs to intervene for technology to catch on well with the public. Wearing glasses has, up until very recently not been very accepted. While the public may avoid products such as Google Glass for the big price tag, it’s also safe to say that they don’t want to associate themselves with a geeky persona, in many instances. Designer Diane Von Furstenberg helped put an end to this stigma by having her models wear the Google Glass on the catwalk. Fashion shows have the ability to make people aware and accepting of new technological trends along with their fashion statements. Fashion ventures are proving to be of service to mother nature as well, with designers SegraSegra recycling inner tubes from cycles to make t-shirts and jackets.


Chris Burch, who came up with this synergistic concept is an entrepreneur with a wide range of businesses and industries he’s worked in including technology, fashion, and real estate. His career started in Itchica College as an undergrad when he started ‘Eagles Eye’ apparel along with Bob, his brother. The business had grown to the tune of $165 million before they sold it. He is currently the principal of Burch Creative Capital, an agency with a solid portfolio of work including Cocoon9, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin, and Nihiwatu.




Wengie edible classroom tool snacks

Wengie has a number of ideas to turn tools used in school into edible snacks. A glue stick can be turned into a quick snack by using a few pieces of Starburst candy. First, one will remove the glue from the stick by twisting off the glue from the plastic applicator versus pulling out the glue itself. Next, use warm water and detergent to remove any leftover glue. Now unwrap a Starburst and position the glue stick on top of it and press down. There will be some Starburst scraps remaining which Wengie suggests to eat right away as to avoid wasting any of the candy. Four or five Starburst will fill the glue stick, and then it is ready to trick your friends when one has an urge for a quick candy fix.


Food dye pens can be turned into what appears to be a Sharpie pen. The first step is to paint the food dye pen silver to mirror a Sharpe pen followed by carefully printing “Sharpie” on it. Next simply use a syringe filled with Kool-Aid and fill the food dye pen with your favorite flavor. One is now ready to color their tongue with their newly created Sharpie whenever a quick sugar fix is required. Elmer’s glue can be an edible snack as well. Wengie advises to empty the glue and then thoroughly clean out the bottle and lid with hot water and detergent to keep one from digesting any glue left behind. Next simply pour in glucose syrup using a cupcake wrapper as a funnel. Add a bit of vanilla yogurt and your edible glue is ready to play tricks on an unsuspected friend.


Create an eraser that one can snack on by using water, milk gelatin, and jelly powder. Bring it to a boil and add to a small square container. Place it into the refrigerator for a couple of hours and use a knife to remove your eraser while smoothing out a bit of the rough edges. An eraser pen can be constructed by shaving down a musk stick to fit into the pen. Remove the actual eraser, replace it with the gum, and one is ready to sneak a snack into their next class.



Picking White Shark Media For AdWords Campaigns

Are you looking for a reliable business in order to help you with your Adwords or PPC campaigns? Wondering why a lot of people pick White Shark Media for their search engine advertising and marketing projects?


Pay-per-click marketing have a relatively reduced barrier to access, yet campaigns can be hard to maintain in time. There are a great deal of factors that impact the general expense of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing and lead generation, including the real PPC ad, a site’s layout and also company, the Pay Per Click advertisement landing page, and also its search engine positioning and performance.


Running a search engine advertising and marketing or pay per click project is a crucial aspect of your organization, and it’s not something to be appointed to an amateur or inefficient specialist. You wish to make sure you are taking care of a reputable firm with a team of extremely seasoned specialists. That’s where White Shark Media comes in.


White Shark Media helps firms enhance marketing results, and prosper. They do this with ROI driven techniques that supply a customized activity strategy. If you wish to significantly enhance your ROI, and also achieve measurable outcomes, predictable profits as well as, sustainable growth, you have to connect with White Shark Media.


You can regulate the ad spend or cost of PPC advertising campaign, but it does not need to be as straightforward as simply adjusting spending plans and also bids. A team of advertising specialists are available to help you step by step through the entire process of setting up your campaign, monitoring it and ensuring that you obtain a successful result.


Visit their website, browse around and get in touch with them for further assistance with your PPC advertising project. You’ll be glad you did.




Why John Goullet is a Force behind the Rapid Expansion of DIVERSANT

John Goullet is an incredibly talented executive. He is an established IT Staffing expert who has served as a managing partner of DIVERSANT for more than six years. He was awarded a computer science degree after completing his four-year course at Ursinus College.


Professional background


Goullet boasts an outstanding history in the IT sector, which has equipped him with an exceptional experience. He started out as an IT consultant but chose to focus on IT staffing in 1994 and gained a substantial understanding of both the consultancy and staffing side of the IT sector. Goullet utilized his deep mastery of emerging market trends to start Info Technologies. This firm delivered well researched and field-tested IT staffing solutions to Fortune 500 companies as well as small-sized businesses in the U.S. Goullet’s hands-on leadership proved reliable, and within only five years, the firm was worth $30 million. It secured a top position in the list of Inc. Magazine that outlined privately held businesses in the U.S. that were growing rapidly.


The birth of DIVERSANT


Leveraging his foresight and veteran eye for spotting IT market trends, Goullet chose to merge Info Technologies with Gene Waddy-owned Diversant, Inc. This merger gave rise to DIVERSANT, LLC. The governing council appointed Goullet as the Principal and Waddy as the chief executive.


Duties of Goullet


John Goullet is in charge of creating strategies that DIVERSANT can use to face and overcome the problems of the ever-growing IT sector. He ensures his select Fortune 500 and mid-market clients are getting high-quality services. He has collaborated with other senior executives of the firm to bring on board top talents in IT arena.


Goullet has led DIVERSANT with a lot of professionalism, which has facilitated the rapid expansion of the business even in the period of economic recession. He interacts freely with his workers and advises them to embrace critical thinking and uphold ethical behavior, discipline, and respect. Currently, DIVERSANT is one of the leading African-American owned IT companies in the U.S. In addition to being a market leader in the IT staffing world, the firm is also an authorized Minority-Owned Business Enterprise.


The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard allows for a simple and fun direct sales approach that provides extensive support and training to wine novices and wine connoisseurs around the country. The process for becoming a new member of The Traveling Vineyard Team is simple. Just submit your information so that you can meet your new team leader. Your team leader will help you learn the ropes, get tips, and even shadow him or her at local wine tasting events to be the best trained and knowledgeable Wine Guide.

As a Wine Guide, you guide your hosts at the wine tasting and pairing event where you feature fabulous wines and pair them with appropriate side dishes, guiding the guests as to which selections go with which wines as well as describing the differences between the wines. The events are fun, engaging, educational and allow the guests and your host to purchase products after the party.

The benefits of becoming a Wine Guide are numerous. This is a home-based job and, therefore, has very flexible hours. You set your event schedule. You are providing a service and offering product in a fun atmosphere and meeting new people. You will also meet many other Wine Guides at the Annual Harvest Conference and increase your knowledge about wines, vineyards, tastings, and wine pairings.

Follow Traveling Vineyard on Crunchbase

The start-up cost is minimal at $189 and includes the wine kit, the summolgy kit, and training materials. And, after 90 days a monthly fee for your website of $15.99. Unless you need to replenish your wine supply, these are the only costs. Therefore, your inventory is relatively small. Yet, your wine tasting enthusiasts have an abundant selection of exquisite wines to choose from. There are no other hidden costs or fees associated with becoming a Wine Guide with The Traveling Vineyard.

VISIT: https://www.travelingvineyard.com/
CALL: (877) 340-9869

Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Do not let anyone tell you that you are not special. Do not let anyone say that you are not somebody important, and that you can never rise to greatness. You must.


The pen of the writer is yours. What will you write as your success story? See Eric Pulier as but one example of the many in successful, entrepreneurial men who have, quite literally, “re-written the rules” in regards to what it takes to be successful and how to stick with it when the going gets rough in any industry, as they say.


Did you know that Eric Pulier has also been listed as a Top Inspiring Male Entrepreneur by Self-Made Magazine? If that does not rustle your feathers towards what can be done, then note that he also leads the fight for freedom, naming her each and every true follower a “fearless unicorn.” A unicorn of his in one who works hard and does not accept no for an answer, and one who is willing to re-write the rules of awesome. A unicorn, according to Mr. Pulier, is one who is typically above average and goes beyond expectations, making a mark on society in any way.


Let us now turn our attention to this male celebrity name, one which is highly admired, feared, adored and reverenced all in the same sentence. His works and products sell. “Understanding Enterprise SOA” is the name of a recent article published by Mr. Pulier online just earlier last year.


Think fashion and think big with me for a moment. In other words, think the fabulous Eric Pulier of SOA. A recent article was released on March 29 of last year in anticipation of the release of a new product by Mr. Pulier on April 1. The new product was called the ‘Wow Effect’, combining both ingenuity with leisure for the reader of the idea.


Rich DeVos- a major businessman and philanthropist in many worthy causes

Richard Marvin DeVos, better known as Dick DeVos, is an influential businessman and entrepreneur, and husband of Betsy DeVos, who was recently appointed by President Donald Trump as U.S. Secretary of Education. Mr. DeVos and his family are also very instrumental in philanthropic work in his west Michigan home area, as well as for programs that benefit citizens across six continents.


Dick DeVos began his working career as an employee with Amway in 1974. He went on to hold several positions from the onset of his career start there, which included manufacturing, marketing, research and development, finance, and sales. In 1984, he would become one of Amway Corporation’s Vice Presidents, whose leadership for the company’s operations in multiple international nations, opening new markets in the process, tripled foreign sales, and led to foreign sales exceeding American sales numbers for the first time in the company’s history. In 1988, he became Vice President of Amway’s foreign operation. In 1991, the DeVos family purchased the NBA’s Orlando Magic, with Mr. DeVos becoming CEO and president of this National Basketball Association franchise. In 1993, he left his positions with Orlando to re-join Amway.


In the year 2000, Mr. DeVos oversaw a significant restructuring of Amway that led to the founding of the company Alticor, which became the new company overseeing all Amway business operations. He would retire from all duties with Alticor in 2002, moving on the role of president of The Windquest Group, a management firm with holdings in manufacturing, technology, and other sectors.


Foundations are a very important part of Mr. DeVos’ life. He is the president of the foundation he may be most proud of, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. This Grand Rapids, Michigan-area foundation has given and pledged millions of dollars to a great number of organizations in the artistic, civic, educational, religious, community, and economic areas in the free market since 1990. In 2009, the foundation has been instrumental in their support of ArtPrize. He has spearheaded a great number of scholarships at different institutions that benefit students throughout the U.S. and across the world. In addition, among many other significant contributions, the DeVos family continues to make contributions to those causes they feel deeply about. Their contributions are greatly appreciated by those who are fortunate enough to receive their gracious assistance, and will continue to do so as the DeVos family continues to help those individuals and groups around them and around the country and the world.


How to have a higher chance of winning with College Basketball Betting

One of the most things about betting on college basketball is that you simply have to select one team to place your mean. The team does not have to win the game to win the money necessarily. To understand how to play a winning strategy, you should get information from Covers.com. This is a website that determines if the money you placed is going to have higher chances of success or not. One of the advice provided by the company is betting on an underdog in the game. The team will not have to win the game to win the cash.

One sure way to see if you have a losing or gaining favor is through the website. You will be able to check the lines frequently to know the basketball’s progress. Covers.com provides a way to view how the sports betting the way the public sees it. It presents an opportunity to see the odds in the game. Using general information to bet on college basketball odds is usually dangerous. There are sometimes sports commentators that usually have different information than it is.

Professional bettors that have succeeded in the industry are people that first make use of information. There is always information around teams that gamblers have to use before betting. Things can change fast in case of information provided by a team changes according to players of the team. An example changes in the team management or addition of players to a team. It could adversely affect the current performance of a team. That is why it is critical to making continuous use of latest information about teams. Covers.com is the best place to find reviews and information about leading teams. The site will provide up-to-date information about the performance of each team.

Many people that use Covers.com praise it as the best website to find facts about matches and teams. The site analyzes information about performance and odds posted by other experts in the betting field. There is always a statistical detail which allows you to gain more information. The information provided should assist you to be in a better position to place your bet. You can be assured that the information submitted is verified and will lead to a winning strategy. College basketball has proven to be a lucrative and highly profitable venture. Many people have gone to the betting industry to earn extra income. Those that always have the right information have shown excellent skills and placed winning odds.

OSI Group’s Expansion and Accomplishments as a Top Food Processing Company

OSI Group is a well-recognized company that processes foods and beverages. It has been performing excellently in the sector since it was established in 1909. The company has currently grown into a multinational enterprise that has employed more than 20,000 people, and its central processing plant is situated in Aurora, Illinois. The products that the OSI Group is specialized in processing are poultry, vegetable derivatives, pizza, bacon, hot dogs, bacon, and meat patties.

The British Safety Council recently held a recognition ceremony and the OSI Group was offered the Globe of Honor Award of 2016. The primary purpose of giving the reward was to appreciate enterprises that have developed exceptional methods of dealing with potential environmental issues. Only 18 companies were awarded by the organization. The firms that managed to be honored qualified for a five start rating during the analysis that was carried out on the environment by the British Safety Council. The audit covered the August 2015 – July 2016 period.

Sheldon Lavin is the present chief executive officer of the OSI Group, and he has sufficient expertise in the management of enterprises. He has facilitated significant transformations at the company, and this assisted it to grow into a leading multinational firm that mints profits that are worth billions of dollars. The company was featured on the Forbes Top 100 ranking as the 58th Business. Mr. Levin was offered the Global Visionary Award, which is a recognition from the Visions World Academy. The company currently manages 60 factories that have been constructed in 16 countries.

The OSI Group has always been dedicated ensuring its development, and it recently broadened its variety of products by acquiring Baho Food. The company’s production has focused on portable meals, deli meat, and snacks. The monetary details of the acquisitions were concealed since OSI is a privately held business. The firm will use the acquisition to gain more clients in the European market. David G. McDonalds, who serves as COO and president of OSI, said that the company will now offer more commodities and brands to its clients.

The Baho Foods controls five subsidiaries, and they offer their products in over 18 counties. The firms are Gelderland Frischwaren, Bakx Foods, Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt, and Q Smart Life. Baho’s Food’s factories have been built in Germany and Netherlands. The managing director of the acquired business, John Balvers, was made part of the OSI Group’s executive administration, and this will be essential in ensuring smooth merging.

Keep Reading: http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-tyson-foods-osi-plant-0625-biz-20160624-story.html