Talk Fusion’s Innovative Video Communication

Talk Fusion has made the lives of millions of people all over the world better through their innovative video communication technology. Talk Fusion is based out of Brandon, FL and has expanded to over 140 countries around the world. The company is owned by successful entrepreneur and ex-police officer Bob Reina. He started Talk Fusion after he had problems sending a video through email. He got with his tech friend and together they created a way to send video through email. Bob Reina launched Talk Fusion in 2007. The first feature that the company made available was video email. The company has experienced a great amount of success due to the fact that they released a product that was very much needed at the time that it was released. Talk Fusion made the impossible possible.

Talk Fusion has released many products that have been life changing for a lot of people. Video calls, newsletters, meeting forums, and the infamous video email are a few of the great products that they offer their customers. One of the most popular ways to use their video communication products is through WebRTC. WebRTC allows users to use the programs without having to download additional apps to use it. When they choose to use WebRTC, they can communicate through video on the browser that they are using. You are able to review the video that you receive in your own time. If you want to view them immediately, you can just open the video to watch it in your browser. Talk Fusion will allow you to review the video using the browser that you are using. Learn more:

Email-to-email is another featured product of Talk Fusion. Email-to-email allows you to communicate with whomever you desire through video calls within your email. Talk Fusion was started based off of a problem that Bob Reina had with video email. He was trying to send a video to his family, but AOL would not allow him to send the video. Video email was not yet believed to be possible. Now he is pitching ideas to his IT team that are completely changing the way that people view email as a whole. Most people link reading emails to being boring. Through Talk Fusion they can view emails through video if the person sending it chooses that option.

Talk Fusion has blossomed from a small idea into a worldwide video communication service.

Ronald Fowlkes and his Challenging Law Enforcement Career

Law enforcement, especially in the area of the defense sector, is considered as one of the toughest jobs on the earth due to the challenges the role faces in day-to-day life. It is not a job which majority of the people can even think about it as there are requirements to serve in combat zones, difficult terrain, dealing with different types of people, and more. However, there are a few people who love these challenges and outclass others in the role. Ronald Fowlkes is a representative of such people who love to take up challenges and produce results.


Ronald is serving as the Business Development Manager at Eagle Industries Unlimited with responsibilities including commercial products and law enforcement. Eagle Industries is one of the leading producers of military equipment, homeland security products, solutions for law enforcement agencies, and more. In his role, Fowlkes takes the responsibilities of product education, development of products including sales, connecting with the customers across the country, and more. Before the current role, he worked as a defense contractor for JIEDDO in Iraq as part of the US Army. His responsibilities related to the role on those days included mounting and dismounting of infantry operations in the war zones.


Apart from that, Fowlkes also had to instruct tactical operations, evidence collections, post-blast analysis, CQB as well as hostage rescue, and tactical interrogations of people to the military personals of the United States. He bears nearly 13 years of expertise in the law enforcement as well by collaborating with the police department of St. Louis Metropolitan area for ten years and three years with the St. Louis County. During the years, he was also been part of HRT team of Metropolitan area force. After being promoted as a Team Leader in 2003, Fowlkes became a certified instructor in defense tactics, SWAT warfare tactics, shoot house, tactical rifle, urban tactics, and more.


He and the team were also responsible for managing the high-risk entries, including hostage incidents, barricaded subjects, and more, and it averaged 250+ each year. While not into active operations, the team was also led many investigations into gang activities, trafficking of narcotics to some of the violent neighborhoods, illegal possession of arms, and more. Additionally, it also acted as Civil Disobedient Team and WMD Response Team as part of its responsibilities.


The career of Ronald Fowlkes started when he started serving the country as a member of US Marine Corps during the period 1989-1993. His hard work and professionalism helped him to be promoted two times during the period and even participated in the First Iraq War. Fowlkes completed his Marine Combat Training as well as basic engineering course while being part of the Marine Corps unit of the country.



White Shark Media commanding the future

With the outcome pending on the way the internet works currently at risk, more than ever, web based marketing platforms for web businesses should be run by companies with a serious inside affiliation with the all of the search engines including the largest. Because changes maybe sweeping, marketing activities may have to be adjusted for each individual website involved in internet business. This will be an even more important procedure for companies whose business is websites.

A marketing plan can be hashed by some virtual inexperienced marketers to somewhat success although rarely, but extending any modicum of success across a large platform of websites would be virtually impossible for either the inexperienced or understaffed entities. Smart business people delegate well, and these responsibilities should be delegated to a company like White Shark. No one knows the outcome of the internet through the net neutrality upheaval, but it is best to be prepared with the leading authorities in the industry versus going it alone.

I know this because in business, I leave nothing to chance. Besides delegating the marketing to a successful firm, I can utilize my time better by being an ambassador for my brand and my products. I have hundred of websites, and each of them produce under the guidance of White Shark. The amount of infrastructure needed to produce those types of results myself would have been a gap that I could not overcome. However, I have grown now, and my capacities allow me to bring my ideas to the market place. White Shark media has elevated their game multiple times in our relationship, and I have no doubt that no matter the outcome of the prevailing internet debate, my business will continue to perform. White Shark is a media company poised for the future.

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How Securus Is Making The Penitentiary System Safe

When it comes to the provision of specialized government information systems, inmate and detainee communication alongside the tracking of citizens undergoing parole, Securus Technologies Inc. is the go-to company. Securus has its main regional offices and headquarters in Dallas Texas. Among the four local agencies it has, one is in Dallas Metro while the other one is in Atlanta Georgia. It is from these locations that Securus handles most of its workload that often revolve around the overseeing of its security apparatus used by various law enforcement organizations the government included.


The company serves more than 2,600 correctional facilities spanning 45 American states. It should be noted that their services cover regions outside America to include Canada and Mexico. Most of the services the company provides are in line with crime prevention and solving crimes making them the number one law enforcement partner. Recently, Securus received various emails from different communities and stakeholders mostly the American public to commend them on the role the company plays in making the society a better and safer place.


Among the letters was one sent to thank Securus for proving information and assistance to a penitentiary system that had a corrupt officer smuggling contraband to inmates. In the letter, Securus was praised for the provision of information that was used to single out the corrupt member of staff who was later apprehended and charged.


In another email addressed to Securus, the individual who wrote was grateful to the firm for monitoring particular inmate phone conversations that revealed the selling of narcotics and alcohol within the prison establishment. Other than that, disturbing information was made public of how money was exchanging hands within the system which in turn facilitated the sneaking of contraband and even the firing of shots within the system. If it were not for Securus, these illegal, shady activities would not have been stopped in time.


Comparing Meal Services For Active People


Everyone should eat a balanced and nutritious meal. However, different meal plans appeal to various individuals. A nutritious meal plan is usually tailor-made to a person’s lifestyle, age, and gender. An athlete should have a specific meal plan that aims to build their muscles which are bound to wear out by the vigorous exercises. The following are some athlete meal services that are reliable:


Pete’s Paleo:


Pete’s Paleo offers gluten free, soy free, dairy free, non-GMO diets. However, the meals usually have a high protein content. This aids in the athlete meal diets that normal athletes should take. The meal plan is also good for anyone who does a lot of rigorous exercises. The meals are fresh due to the fact that the ingredients are harvested each week by farmers. Moreover, in a bid to deliver fresh and flavorful meals, the ingredients are due to change depending on what is in season. One of their favorite meals is the paleo bacon and bone broth. Get to sample the unique parsnip meet radicchio.


Trifecta Nutrition:

Trifecta Nutrition offers meal plans in three categories; The classic meal which has the perfect balance of veggies, carbohydrates, and lean protein.The other athlete meal plans they have has paleo clean eating which features lean protein, whole grains, vegetables and foods which have been processed meagerly. Trifecta Nutrition also serves vegan and vegetarian meals. Moreover, the meals are GMO-free and they don’t contain any soy, gluten or dairy.


The organic foods are prepared in bulk and they arrive weekly. The servings are pre-cooked and they are sealed in vacuum and they take just a few minutes to prepare. The meals are tailor-made specifically for the person who is going to eat. Apart from the bulk option, there is the a la carte alternative. These meals are packed in portions. An example of the perfect athlete meal is flat iron steak, sweet potatoes, asparagus, and salmon.


Nutrisystem: wrote at length about how Nutrisystem for men meals contain the perfect athlete meal plans. Athletes get to select prepared meals from a menu of nutritious meals. The meals are delivered right on the doorsteps of the athletes. Nutrisystem controls the portion for the athletes while ensuring that the meals are correctly balanced. The meals are also packed to be eaten with the frequency that the athlete requires. Get to choose from a list of delicious menus for men that they serve.


Ice Age Meals:

These meals are ideal for athletes with a hectic schedule who want frozen meal options at their disposal. They are free of GMO’s, dairy and gluten. In addition to this, they also include the best types of organic meats from grass-fed livestock. Each of these meals is delivered while frozen giving them a higher shelf life. These meals are prepared in advance, therefore, you will always have something in advance. However, if you plan to cook, there are cooking videos that will assist you in cooking healthy and balanced meals. All the meals are in bulk packages of 14, 24 and 64. Moreover, all the meals are paleo with rice or paleo. They come packed in a microwave dish per meal portion which contains 500 calories. An example of an athlete meal is the features hard boiled eggs, onions, raisins, tomatoes, and beef shepherd’s pie. This is called the pastel de papa.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a Businessman and a Doctor

When Dr. Mark McKenna was interviewed about what it is that he does to do better in the work that he takes on, he shared that McKenna tries to surround himself with people who are smarter than he is. He believes that spending time with those who are smart will help him to make good decisions and become better at what he does. When he was asked about a habit that he has that has helped him to be successful, he shared that he is someone who spends a lot of time reading. This man is someone who knows what it takes to be both a good businessman and a good doctor.

Mark McKenna was asked in an interview about the last $100 that he spent. He shared that he spent that kind of money to pay someone to fix his garbage disposal, proving that he is just a regular guy. He mentioned that he was happy with the way that he spent that money and that having the garbage disposal fixed was worth the money that he had to spend. This is a man who is a businessman and a doctor, yet he cares about his garbage disposal. He is someone who also cares about his family. He shared in the interview that was done with him that he gets up with his daughter every day and spends time enjoying breakfast with her.

In addition to working as a doctor and businessman and living out a normal life, Mark McKenna is involved in various organizations. He is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization. In the past, he served on the board of the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

In 2017, Mark McKenna founded OVME and became the CEO of that company. The company was put together to change the way that elective healthcare works. He is someone who knows how to run a business, and he is using all of the experience and knowledge that he has in this new venture.

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Greg Secker Success in Foreign Exchange

Greg Secker is a prominent figure in the United States. He is a master trader, international speaker, philanthropist and entrepreneur who has managed to accomplish a lot. His most significant role, however, is being a father. Greg Secker is the founder of an institution known as Knowledge to Action Group, and he has been serving as the president. The organization consists of several ventures. Some of these include smartChart Software, Learn to Trade, The Greg Secker Foundation, and Capital Index. These companies have changed the quality of life for millions of people in different parts of the world. These successful institutions represent the businessman’s commitment and passion when it comes to improving the lives of other people in the society.

Greg Secker began his successful career by working in an institution known as Thomas Cook Financial services. After acquiring a lot of expertise in the competitive market, Secker moved to foreign exchange. Secker founded an investment called Virtual Trading Desk. The online trading platform was very successful under his leadership, and it allowed clients to get real-time quotes from the competitive foreign exchange market. Due to the expertise he had acquired, the businessman was offered an opportunity to work as the vice president of a company known as Mellon Financial Corporation. Later on, Secker joined Fortune 500 where he served for a short time.

Working at Fortune 500 brought several benefits to the businessman. The company offered him opportunities to work with some of the best traders from all over the world. The businessman would travel to several parts of the world, learning the tricks used in the trading platform. In a very short time, Greg grew his trading account, allowing him to start his trading floor at home. In less than three months, Learn To Trade was founded. The company has grown significantly over the years, and it has branches in Australia, Philippines, South Africa and other parts of the world. The successful venture has assisted more than two hundred thousand in the world through special workshops and seminars. The success of the company motivated him to open several others in the competitive market.

Cardiologist Dr. Edward Honig – Still Giving Heart Strong Cardiology Care

A cardiologist assesses patients with possible heart-related symptoms. Usually a family doctor recommends a patient to see a cardiologist. The family doctor often does this when they have diagnosed some heart-related illness, or if a patient continues to have troubling symptoms like heart palpitations with or without chest pain. A patient may also complain of fatigue and have swelling especially in the lower extremities, and hands. Some may even have increased abdominal growth due to fluid retention that may be caused by the heart’s inability to adequately handle the blood flow and its pressure within the circulatory system. A patient’s blood pressure may remain constantly high and women may note a feeling of gas or heart burn in the abdominal cavity. Women do not always have the typical chest pain with left sided radiation.

To become a cardiologist a person has to get a BS degree and then complete medical school, studying internal medicine. Afterwards, a person is required to complete a usually two to three year residency, studying and practicing basic patient cardiac care under the supervision of other cardiologists. Following a residency, a person then completes a fellowship, also typically three years. A cardiologist must hold a medical degree plus be certified in order to practice as a cardiologist.

There are two broad categories of cardiologists. The first is a non-invasive cardiologist. These doctors do not perform any invasive tests or procedures. The second is an invasive cardiologist who can do invasive procedures, such as cardiac catherization where a long tube is pushed through arteries to rest against, or as close to the heart as possible. This procedure enables a camera to take pictures of the heart and assesses overall cardiac function, and lastly the catheter may relieve certain blockages. Now, there are cardiologists who are capable of doing certain invasive procedures. Many non-invasive cardiac doctors refer these invasive tests or procedure to another cardiologist, or a cardiac surgeon. Some cardiologists are a cross between the first two types mentioned.

When people experience cardiac-like or cardiovascular symptoms, it would greatly benefit them to make an appointment with Dr. Edward Honig, an exceptional cardiologist based in Glen Cove New York, New York. He has had a thriving cardiology practice for many decade, with plenty of heart disease patients that he cared for. This compassionate physician doesn’t believe in slowing down, and it looks like he will be at this for a while to come. His patients are ecstatic.

Dr. Edward Honiq treats all phases of the cardiac and circulatory disease processes, the recommended treatments, including drug knowledge and specific cardiologic specialty fields. He has a can-do attitude and a calming bedside manner that calms as it inspires them to take charge of their lives and fight for a better, day to day, overall health. It will be up to the cardiologist as per treatments ordered. Some patients undergo echocardiograms, EKG’s at rest and while active and more. Dr. Honig has great resources and helpful cardiac/cardiovascular tips to decrease risks.

How Neurocore Brain Performance Centers Are Effectively Combating Brain Ailments

The Neurocore Brain Performance Centers were started with a firm belief that an active brain is capable of making anything possible. These centers are usually meant to treat all kinds of brain ailments through conditioning and medication and at the same time focusing on helping the patients to think positive. Positive thinking is always directly proportional to a positive outcome and vice versa.

So, what are the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers all about and what are the kind of services that they offer? Well, the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are tasked with carrying out brain-based assessments on patients and providing data-driven diagnoses with the aim of treating different kinds of brain-related ailments including stress and phobias.

Other problems that can be taken care of thanks to the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers programs include depression, autism, anxiety, ADHD, migraines, sleep deprivation and so on. There are plenty of neurofeedback protocols that are followed and will most certainly give you accurate readings which will help the experts to come up with the perfect prognosis for you.

The Neurocore procedures employ qEEG technology that carries out accurate brain mapping and give real-time feedback that the experts will use to interpret your condition. Once they have studied your brainwaves, they will put you through a program that will help you train them. In the end, help you overcome these bottlenecks with minimum use of medication.

The experts focus on the fact that different people have different behaviors and hence their programs being customized to fit best every one of their patients. They do have Neurocore Brain Performance Centers in Florida and Michigan, meaning that you will be expected to visit a center that is most convenient for you.

You can always feel free to visit the official Neurocore Brain Performance Centers’ official website for more information. From there, you can quickly check out the upcoming events and book the one that you feel is most convenient for you.

It is a good idea just to drop by and have them take your brainwaves because you might be having some form of brain ailment without knowing.

What Is It That Makes Eric Pulier Succeed At What He Does?

Eric Pulier is always thinking ahead of his time and latching onto new concepts even before most corporate leaders are planning to bring them into their companies. Pulier is the founder of several companies including Digital Evolution, ServiceMesh and the Cloud Enterprise Leadership Council now known as TM Forum. He’s been working hard on a new company known as vAtomic Systems which studies gaming technologies closely and looks at how to turn them into profitable solutions for startups. He’s also a seed investor who gives tech entrepreneurs opportunities to get their business structured. Pulier hasn’t been without setbacks as he once told Ideamensch that one time he sold a company to another big company that he had hoped would become their biggest sales product, yet in a short time it was phased out. But despite that disappointment, it led Pulier to becoming a seed investor and succeeding where he is today.

Eric Pulier’s technology development aspirations began all the way back in his hometown of Teaneck, NJ where he learned how to program computers in elementary school. He was already building database systems in high school while also becoming a good writer and achieving academic excellence. He pursued both literary studies and computer programming while attending both Harvard and MIT in the 1980s, and then he went into computer science completely upon moving out to Los Angeles with some of his friends. He made many connections while there and formed People Doing Things which morphed into Digital Evolution, the first big digital media company he owned. From there he formed mergers with US Interactive and later the Computer Sciences Corporation.

While building his companies and having cloud technologies developed, Pulier also worked with many non-profit groups as well as the government. He’s been part of the Clinton Global Initiative and at one time was even selected by the former president to host a display of future technologies during Washington D.C.’s 1997 Presidential Inauguration festivities. Pulier also joined a committee of entrepreneurs and major media conglomerates to startup Starbright World, a network of virtual reality and video chat communications that was brought to children’s hospitals in 1998 that became a big hit with the young patients. Pulier later came to the Board of Innovation at XPrize, a acompetition that awards thousands of dollars to young entrepreneurs who can find solutions to today’s scientific challenges. He’s also an advisor to the Painted Turtle Camp.

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