ClassDojo Incredible Classroom Transformation App

ClassDojo is a free educational app designed to transform the way teachers, students, parents and school leaders communicate with each other. ClassDojo creates an open door where parents can participate in the education of their children while away or at work. This program brings to life the big dreams of students and teachers, and it gives them the power to create exceptional classrooms. How does this app help teachers build a fantastic classroom community? It offers an attractive application with simple and safe tools.

There are four primary tools used in the Dojo app: Classroom, Messages, Stories and Big Idea. The Classroom section allows teachers and students to build their class culture together. The culture consists of values and skills, including teamwork, feedback, and creativity. Messages allow a constant flow of communication between teachers, relatives, and school leaders. This application does not require the need of phone numbers, and parents can use the Quiet Hours feature to specify when they are unavailable for messages.

The Stories tool instantly updates videos and pictures from the school day. Whether at home, work or on the go, parents can participate in their child’s story throughout the day. There are two ways to share a story with Dojo: School Story and Class Story. School Story enables leaders to inform families connected to their school, and Class Story helps teachers share information with parents connected to their class. This feature also includes a Student Stories section where students can create stories about what they have learned. Big Ideas is the last tool in the ClassDojo app. It is an easy way for teachers and parents to help students grasp social-emotional skills and critical concepts.

The ClassDojo app creates a culture that values creativity and improvement. Many educational leaders have chosen this app to transform education and create an incredible classroom.


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Honey Birdette Delights US Customers with New E-Commerce Site

Australia based Honey Birdette is treating its mass of shoppers in the United States with a wonderful gift. The lingerie boutique announced that it had launched a massive new e-commerce website that will cater specifically to US customers. US customers previously shopped through the Australian website, which worked well, but did not offer the “above and beyond” experience that Honey Birdette is known to give its shoppers.

The new website is a result of a huge jump in sales in the US. In 2016 alone Honey Birdette saw a 374% growth volume of sales in the United States – a number that can’t be ignored by any means. The company quickly pivoted to accommodate that growth and developed the sleek new US site. The new site will offer shoppers things that many other Honey Birdette customers have come to expect: lighting fast shipping, free shipping over a certain price threshold and a fast and efficient return process. The new site will also offer an expanded line of clothing and accessories available for shipping across the pond.

It has also been rumored that Honey Birdette is considering opening physical locations in the United States due to the increasing popularity.

The announcement also contained great news for the United Kingdom. Honey Birdette will increase its volume of physical stores from three to forty by the end of 2018. The three current stores have become so popular that a massive rollout is now slated, with 10 stores already being moved into pre-construction phase.

Honey Birdette was founded in 2006 and is Australia’s first high end lingerie boutique. It was founded by Eloise Monaghan, who now serves as the creative director and is extremely hands on in everything related to Honey Birdette.

The boutiques carry expansive lines of lingerie, accessories and toys that suit every taste and style.

David Macdonald Stewarding OSI Food Group to Success

Dr. David G Macdonald received his studies at Iowa State University where he started school in 1987. He studied Bachelor of Science and specialized in Animal Science. He has worked in various organizations including, the North America Meat Institute where he serves as chairman. He also worked as project manager for the OSI Group Industries and has been a director at Marfrig Global Foods. David G Macdonald is the current chief executive officer of OSI Food distribution group.

The OSI Group has its headquarters in Illinois and has branches in China, America, and Europe. It is now among the largest food processors and distributors in the world. The group has a wide variety of foods for selection. The company’s president, DAVID Macdonald, is helping the sustainability of the business by forging bridges and obtaining foreign partners all over the globe so that they can improve their market position all over the world. The company is also targeting to becoming the leading distributor of poultry in China. The company supplies its products to companies like Mcdonalds.

With the new focus of the O.S.I Group, it began to expand its European Market and decided to purchase Baho Foods. This is a Dutch food processing company that deals with deli meats and snacks. The acquisition is aimed at improving the company’s position in the European market. David Mcdonald OSI Group said that one of the main reasons was because Baho’s company menu complemented their own thus it was a strategic move. He also mentioned that Baho Foods would keep all its workers as well as Mr. John Blavers, its managing director, who will work together with the OSI Group to come up new techniques to reinforce their position in the market.

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James Dondero Gives People the Help They Need

Whether James Dondero is working with his business or he is helping one of the many charities that he does work for, he is doing what he can to show people that he cares and that he is able to do more with the money that he has. He has made it his mission to be able to help people who are in different situations and who need the help that he is able to give. Since James Dondero has been working in the industry, he has been helping people and trying new things. Because of the way that James Dondero is able to provide people with the help that they need, he has been an excellent philanthropist and has been able to help other people with the things that they need and with the opportunities that he has available to them. Since James Dondero has been working in the industry, he knows the right way to be able to help people out.

James Dondero tries to always make things better for his clients. He has been able to make Highland Capital Management a premier management company and has always been able to make things better for people who are in different situations. James Dondero wants his clients to know the right way to be able to do things and that they always have someone who is able to help them out with the management opportunities that they need. It is a business that has given him the ability to do more with his life and with the things that he tries to make happen.

When James Dondero is not working, he is doing what he can to help out with the charities that he volunteers with. Unlike some of the other people who try to do philanthropic things, James Dondero does not just donate money to the charities that he is involved with. Instead, he donates his time so that he can help other people out. This is what has helped to separate him from what other people do and has made him a much more progressive philanthropist in his own rights.

Yanni Hufnagel’s Experience Pays Off

Yanni Hufnagel has always been interested in basketball. He knows a lot about the sport and has come a long way since he first started playing basketball. He tried to make sure that he was doing things the right way and that he was going to be able to make a difference for all of the people who played the sport. Since Yanni Hufnagel has always been a big part of the basketball community, he knows the right way to be able to help people and show them the different things that they need to do while they are playing basketball. He also knows that doing all of this will make it easier for him to try and get a more positive experience out of the things that are available to them.

When Yanni Hufnagel was working with other basketball teams, they were able to win and get to the championship games because of them. He had a strong influence over the things that they did and that helped to make him a better coach. It also helped to make things better for the other people who were playings so that they would be able to get the best experience possible.

Now that Yanni Hufnagel is coaching the Nevada Wolfpack, he knows a lot about basketball and what he can do with different people. He also did a lot for the team while he was working there as the coach. There were many different ways that he brought improvements to the Wolfpack and he even helped them to get to the championship games so that he could do more and offer more to the people who were also a part of the conference that the men’s team was a part of so that other people could continue to improve their game.

Avaaz Wants To Make You A Hero

It seems almost every day some new evil is on the Earth’s doorstep. Climate Change is harming our planet beyond repair, potentially making it uninhabitable for future generations. Cruel, inhumane experiments are performed on animals in dark corners of unsanctioned labs across the globe. People are starving in some capacity in every country on the planet. And all of that is without mention of rampant political corruption. The world needs heroes; that much is apparent to just about everyone. Avaaz, a civic organization that is forty-four million members strong, wants to help in making you a hero.
In many European and East Asian languages, Avaaz means voice. Appropriate, as that’s exactly what the organization aims to give you. By utilizing social media and their own online platform, Avaaz seeks to link hundreds of thousands of like minded individuals under a common roof. With community campaigns in seventeen different languages, served by a team on six continents, Avaaz has already built the foundation. There is no work to be done in getting the train moving- all a potential activist need do is hop on.
The options available to a member of the non-profit are vast and plentiful. As a matter of fact, their homepage immediately provides a link for anyone to make a petition of their own. Right next to that, is a link to the millions of success stories that Avaaz’s volunteers have created in their time with the organization. Lastly, a live feed, constantly refreshing, shows all the different accomplishments of members around the globe, their country of origin displayed to the left of their name. Avaaz is a welcoming community for anyone looking to make a difference. Everyone wanted to be a hero at some point; Avaaz is the platform that makes the dream a reality.

Avaaz Is A Powerful Global Activist Network

Avaaz is a civic organization based in the United States that went public in 2007. Avaaz is a Persian word meaning voice. The network utilizes technology to inform and organize groups of people that demand change. They are one of the largest and most powerful online activist networks in the world.
The Director of Avaaz, Ricken Patel, states that their mission is to diminish the gap between the current world and the world that everyone wants.
The group supports progressive causes such as promoting global action for climate change, support for refugees, and exposing producers of dangerous harmful chemicals. Avaaz campaign tactics include online public petitions, videos, e-mails, and advertisements. They stage sit-ins, phone-ins, rallies, and media stunts. Reporters credit the extremely large turnout of demonstrators during recent public events supporting global change as a result of Avaaz.
While demanding an investigation between the swine flu and giant pig farms, the group took a herd of cardboard pigs to the doors of the World Health Organization. To encourage dialogue between the Dalai Lama and the Chinese Embassy, Avaaz organized a chain of people holding hands for three miles extending from the Dalai Lama to the Chinese Embassy.
Avaaz supported the civil uprising preceding the Syrian Civil War by smuggling 1.5 million worth of internet communication equipment, 2 million worth of medical equipment, and 34 international journalists to the rebels in Syria. The group also coordinated the evacuation of the wounded British photographer Paul Conroy.
The network joined the campaign against Donald Trump during the 2016 United States presidential election by producing software that simplified the overseas voter registration process.
Avaaz is a leading activist group providing advanced technology to help and motivate people in need. The network provides knowledge and technology, which helps groups gain support and achieve victory.

Omar Yunes, the Successful Entrepreneur

Omar Yunes is a successful businessman well-known as an entrepreneur and an investor. His success in entrepreneurship is defined by various aspects such as a chain of Japanese as well as an extensive presence in Latin America as well as Mexico. Mr. Omar’s business career began when he was 21 years old, and at the moment the successful businessman owns thirteen franchise units of Sushi Itto located in Veracruz, Mexico, and Puebla. This fact gives a clear impression that he started small and had a dream to make his business expand which he has accomplished. The franchise units that he owns comprise 10 of the overall brand franchises, and they retain a workforce of more than 400 workers. Yunes started when he was 21 years and currently manages 400 employees, showing that he has made great progress.
Mr. Yunes has a belief that to be a successful entrepreneur; an individual should have great managerial skills. This is one of the aspects that have made him achieve the progress he has since he was 21 years. According to him, a successful business person ought to have a solid brand when dealing with challenges and choose a supportive and successful partner that possesses a thorough comprehension of the relevant market as well as the technical side of franchise management. This is the other aspect that has made him successful. In his years as a businessman, he has always used solid brands to deal with challenges and has worked with partners who understand the market.
In his success as an entrepreneur, he has also managed to win various titles, for instance, the title of Best Franchise of the World (BFW). He received the award in Florence, Italy and it was for recognizing him as an entrepreneur that demonstrates professionalism as well as attention to the values and missions of his brand. This award shows that Omar Yunes is committed to his business and knows what to do to accomplish his set goals. One Diego Elizzarraras states that the award represents strength in business and a significant position in the international business arena. Mr. Omar Yunes is not only known in Mexico Puebla and Veracruz but also the entire world.

UKV PLC: The Expert On French Wines

Fine wine is not just a beverage. For many people around the world, owing a good bottle of wine is a status in itself. A luxury to wine lovers, finding that right bottle of wine is something a lot of people try to do, but few end up finding the bottle that’s right for them. Fortunately, some sources can help one find a bottle that is perfect for the occasion.UKV PLC is one site that is there for those who want to find a bottle but don’t know how to go about doing so. UKV company founded by a group of people who don’t just know a good deal about wines, but who also love the beverage and all that comes with it. If it’s coming from someone who loves wine, you can be sure to get something that will catch your eye.

Before suggesting bottle of wine that is perfect for their customers, UKV PLC sits down with them and notes down all that they are looking for. The wine connoisseur will note down the details, such as the event that they want the wine for, the kind of wine they are looking for, their preferences and so on. After that, the client is then given a list of wines that seem to be best suited to customers. UKV PLC then lets their customers know where they can purchase these wines from. Since the company is not affiliated with any brand, they offer their clients a wide range of wines to choose from.

UKV PLC is mainly known for the range of French wines that they offer. The company extremely proficient with the wines coming from this region, and offer their customers a thorough description of the wine that they are opting to go in for. The company also tries its best to help their clients identify the wine that they are looking for, giving them tips on the key aspects that they should be able to gauge when they buy a fine bottle of wine from the beautiful vineyards of France.

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Why Is Securus Technologies the Leading Inmate Communication Service Provider?

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of parolee tracking, government information management and inmate communication serving over 3,450 public safety, correction agencies and law enforcement. The firm serves over 1,200,000 inmates across the United States and Canada. Over the years, the company has built his name as a leader in the provision of innovative, comprehensive technical solutions as well as outstanding customer experience.


The Dallas, Texas, headquartered for- profit company provides inmate self-service, biometric analysis, incident management, monitoring products and services and emergency response. The firm has grown to have four regional offices located in Allen, Texas, Carrollton, Texas and Atlanta Georgia. By July 2016, the company had invested over $600 million in patents, technologies, and acquisitions.


Products and Services


Securus has a system that controls contraband cell devices. In 2016, Securus Managed Access solution had been approved by over five departments of corrections. Securus also partnered with Harris Corporation to develop the Cell Defender technology. In 2017, Securus technologies developed Wireless Containment Solution, a service that bars contraband mobile phones from accessing mobile networks.


Customer Feedbacks


Securus Technologies has been praised by most of their consumers for their unique technologies in solving and preventing crimes. The leading inmate communication service provider published some sample of the comments, which shows how their clients talk highly of them. According to Rick Smith, Securus Technologies’ CEO and chairman, the firm develops new products every week in their quest to help law enforcement officials to prevent crimes.


The company received thousands of letters recognizing them for their role in keeping inmates and their families connected as well as ensuring safety for families, parolees, and inmates. In some of the letters, consumers were happy with Securus Technologies phone tracking technology that has helped them arrest contrabands. The LBS software was also honored for its ability to help law enforcement in recovering millions of illegal assets. In general, the clients commended the firm for its excellent service provision and its continued commitment towards bettering their service delivery.