Sean Penn and Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

The first novel by actor, screenwriter, and, larger-than-life auteur Sean Penn rests on the shoulders of his protagonist, a character who reflects the zeitgeist of the age, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. What is the stuff that Bob Honey does? He cobbles together a livelihood through a diverse stream of revenue, such as installing pyrotechnics for dictators, procuring septic tanks for Jehovah’s Witnesses, liberating imprisoned Hasidic Jews, by accident, from foreign prisons, and assassinating the elderly with his preferred weapon of choice: a mallet.

Some critics are comparing Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff to such cultural mavens as Terry Southern and Thomas Pynchon. When asked about his influences by Rolling Stone Magazine, Penn stresses that “I don’t have the retention to be influenced by writers.” Penn goes on to state that the last thing that he as an artist/author wants to be is influenced by reading. For Penn, the influence that moves him in writing fiction is life itself. The character and the times inform the work.

However, it seems that Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, with its flawed protagonist in the guise of the middle-aged man at the center of this lively book, is influencing people. Not only are commentators and critics taking notice of this first novel by Penn, but the Commander-in-Chief has weighed in. This proves that the 45th President of the United States does familiarize himself with literature.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff first arrived in the world as an audiobook because Penn, although an accomplished screenwriter, was learning the process of book publishing and was unsure of the publishing timeline. He wanted the material out and available to the public before the 2016 Presidential elections, and so offered an audiobook of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, which was a work in progress, while the print format is the complete opus.

Penn notes that his novel is a commentary on where we are in this country; a complex period in history that is trying to downplay its complexity. It is this complexity that Penn captures in this wry, witty work of fiction.

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The Enhanced Athlete And Their Lawsuit Victory Against Nutrition Distribution

The Enhanced Athlete is a Cheyenne, WY-based company that is dedicated to assisting bodybuilders of every stripe to achieve their fitness goals. Unfortunately, they were recently involved in a lawsuit against serial plaintiff Nutrition Distribution. Luckily for them, they have won a series of legal victories against Nutrition Distribution, including a recent victory last November where a judge refused to grant an injunction in the false advertising case that this company filed against them.


Needless to say, there are a lot of highly encouraging ramifications for the Enhanced Athlete in the wake of this victory. First of all, it exposes cracks in the facade of the Nutrition Distribution Company. Simply put, they have filed dozens upon dozens of lawsuits against many defendants besides just The Enhanced Athlete. Indeed, their process is quite cynical and quite interesting at the same time.


First of all, what Nutrition Distribution would do is send a cease-and-desist letter to each company they were targeting and accuse them of false advertisements that were harming their own business. They then proceed to demand a small “settlement amount”, otherwise they will take the case to court. However, when they tried to do that with The Enhanced Athlete, they called Nutrition Distribution’s bluff. It was a risk, but it definitely paid off for The Enhanced Athlete.


By taking on Nutrition Distribution in court, they actually exposed them for what they really are: a company that operates on “shakedown lawsuits” against their competitors. The lawyers for The Enhanced Athlete were also able to prove that Nutrition Distributions claim that their business was being hurt was entirely bogus. In a nutshell, the plaintiff could never prove a “causal” relationship existed for their alleged decline in sales.


Enhanced Athlete CEO Scott Cavell is definitely proud that the court ruled in their favor. With the news of the victory, he he proudly declared that his company was not going to be “ the next victim” of this cynical ploy by the plaintiff.


About The Enhanced Athlete


The Enhanced Athlete is a nutrition and body building supply company that seeks to do everything in their power to enhance the workout regimen of weightlifters and fitness aficionados everywhere. They offer cutting edge techniques and shortcuts that are proven to build muscle, burn fat, and make people feel better as a whole.

Sean Penn Gives Bob Honey Just Do It Some Flesh through a Novel

A dedicated actor, entrepreneur and now an author, Sean Penn first made it to the acting industry while playing Fast Times, followed by Mystic River and later on Milk. He has so far directed two major films that have earned him Academy Awards. And now Penn has written a book, Bob Honey who do stuff, is now on shelves and causing a stir in the literary community.

Sean Penn is an American native who grew up in California. He began his acting career in 1981. After a year, his career further picked up when he landed a role as Jeff Spicoli then the Dead Man Walking. In 1997, he acted She’s So Lovely. From there, he played pivotal roles in writing, directing and producing. His first directing job included The Crossing Guard in 1995 followed by other roles.

Sean Penn’s additional roles in acting include Up in the Villa, All the King’s Men and I Am Sam. Following his impressive performance in acting, he bagged several awards conferred on the basis of his achievements. Some of these awards include Academy Awards titled best actor. Besides his acting career, Penn has been instrumental in giving valid political views regarding different subjects of discussions. However, at one point in his career, his opinions landed him in trouble when he interviewed one drug lord; El Chapo Guzman. While the Rolling Stone interview was a bit controversial, it did not deter Sean Penn from pursuing his dreams. That is why recently in an interview, he was asked about the choices he just made in light of quitting his acting career to be an author.

Penn has been building his acting career for quite some time. Always on and off the stage, he explores different career options with the latest being penning down an audio book. Bob Honey Just Do Stuff was the original work of Pappy Pariah. Bob Honey is a man who works for his government as a hit man but mostly worried about his well being and how he shall get through the next day. So far, the book as received positive reviews under Penn’s current version. In 2018, Penn decided to flesh out the writing in the form of a novel. Well, he succeeded. Coupled with its puzzled and creative vocabulary, Penn is not only poetic in his craft but also talented and passionate.

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About the Chainsmorkers

A much awaited new track was recently released by the band ‘The Chainsmorkers.’ Featuring Halsey and Andrew, the hit has come as an exemption to the other previous songs as it includes a new artist, Andrew.

Most dance music runs in genres that lack emotions and constitute drug-like euphoria. Pall and Taggart have the ambition to awaken these genres by releasing personalized songs that bear thoughts and feelings. The band is currently known internationally. A recent interview put on the table what the group is working on.

How Pall and Drew started working together

Alex Pall started off as a DJ. He worked in New York and after a time realized that his life revolved around dance music. His manager introduced him to Drew.

Andrew Taggart, a lover of electronic music, was a college student before he met Pall. DJ booking opportunities were presenting themselves around New York at his time, and he pursued the work for some time. He later left for New York from Maine when he learned that Alex was in search of a partner.

Whenever the two talked, it was almost all about their musical ambitions. They held meetups daily and soon became so bonded.

Drew is a talented producer while Pall has lots of DJ gigs which provided market socially. Bearing similar core values and having an internal drive towards their ambition has enabled the two always to move ahead.

About the band’s oncoming release

Bringing personalization to the unemotional genre means producing songs that are more about their personal life. The band’s next song is about hooking up with an ex-girlfriend. The idea came when Andrew and his friend Shawn frank coined up a story involving a party where someone rehooks with an ex-lover. It’s a unique step in the music industry and it is so because the band writes the lyrics to their own songs or aid the songwriters.

How working with Halsey has been.

Pall admits that the band always looks forward to working with artists who do not try to hide their character while producing a song. Her strong voice and unique approach to new things made her the band’s choice.

With an expanding audience, the band is faced with the expectation of delivering a lively and exciting show. Performing a live show has been their pride.


Malcom CasSelle Continues Advancement of OPSkins

For the past few years, one of the biggest stories in the business world has continued to be the prevalence of digital currencies and blockchain technology. While there are many different industries that have benefited from this technology, one industry had been able to utilize it more than all others. The gaming industry has been one of the leading users of blockchain technology for the purchase of in-game assetsnjk.

While the gaming industry has been a big user of blockchain technology, there is a good chance that this prevalence will continue to grow in the future. In the coming years new enhancements to the technology will be set forth by Opskins, which is one of the leading providers and sellers of virtual assets.

In the coming years, Opskins will be creating a new virtual asset exchange called the Worldwide Asset Exchange, or WAX for short. This exchange will allow online gamers to buy and sell virtual assets from each other using the WAX blockchain technology. This will provide a wide variety of benefits to the users including the ability to complete quick transactions and nominal costs, to make transactions directly with other gamers, and to exchange in an anonymous and safe environment.

While this will be a big asset and movement for Opskins, it is far from the first major tech advancement that the company has made. Over the past few years the company has positioned itself to be one of the largest sellers and holders of virtual assets in the world. The company has used a wide range of investments and tech improvements to get to this spot.

The Opskins company has continued to be led by Malcom CasSelle, who is currently the CIO of the company. In this role he has been instrumental in guiding the overall strategy of the company to make it run more efficiently and make wise business decisions. CasSelle has overseen a wide range of different investments and will be heavily involved in the improvements of the WAX system. He has a long and successful background in both his professional career and formal education.


Talk Fusion’s Innovative Video Communication

Talk Fusion has made the lives of millions of people all over the world better through their innovative video communication technology. Talk Fusion is based out of Brandon, FL and has expanded to over 140 countries around the world. The company is owned by successful entrepreneur and ex-police officer Bob Reina. He started Talk Fusion after he had problems sending a video through email. He got with his tech friend and together they created a way to send video through email. Bob Reina launched Talk Fusion in 2007. The first feature that the company made available was video email. The company has experienced a great amount of success due to the fact that they released a product that was very much needed at the time that it was released. Talk Fusion made the impossible possible.

Talk Fusion has released many products that have been life changing for a lot of people. Video calls, newsletters, meeting forums, and the infamous video email are a few of the great products that they offer their customers. One of the most popular ways to use their video communication products is through WebRTC. WebRTC allows users to use the programs without having to download additional apps to use it. When they choose to use WebRTC, they can communicate through video on the browser that they are using. You are able to review the video that you receive in your own time. If you want to view them immediately, you can just open the video to watch it in your browser. Talk Fusion will allow you to review the video using the browser that you are using. Learn more:

Email-to-email is another featured product of Talk Fusion. Email-to-email allows you to communicate with whomever you desire through video calls within your email. Talk Fusion was started based off of a problem that Bob Reina had with video email. He was trying to send a video to his family, but AOL would not allow him to send the video. Video email was not yet believed to be possible. Now he is pitching ideas to his IT team that are completely changing the way that people view email as a whole. Most people link reading emails to being boring. Through Talk Fusion they can view emails through video if the person sending it chooses that option.

Talk Fusion has blossomed from a small idea into a worldwide video communication service.

Ronald Fowlkes and his Challenging Law Enforcement Career

Law enforcement, especially in the area of the defense sector, is considered as one of the toughest jobs on the earth due to the challenges the role faces in day-to-day life. It is not a job which majority of the people can even think about it as there are requirements to serve in combat zones, difficult terrain, dealing with different types of people, and more. However, there are a few people who love these challenges and outclass others in the role. Ronald Fowlkes is a representative of such people who love to take up challenges and produce results.


Ronald is serving as the Business Development Manager at Eagle Industries Unlimited with responsibilities including commercial products and law enforcement. Eagle Industries is one of the leading producers of military equipment, homeland security products, solutions for law enforcement agencies, and more. In his role, Fowlkes takes the responsibilities of product education, development of products including sales, connecting with the customers across the country, and more. Before the current role, he worked as a defense contractor for JIEDDO in Iraq as part of the US Army. His responsibilities related to the role on those days included mounting and dismounting of infantry operations in the war zones.


Apart from that, Fowlkes also had to instruct tactical operations, evidence collections, post-blast analysis, CQB as well as hostage rescue, and tactical interrogations of people to the military personals of the United States. He bears nearly 13 years of expertise in the law enforcement as well by collaborating with the police department of St. Louis Metropolitan area for ten years and three years with the St. Louis County. During the years, he was also been part of HRT team of Metropolitan area force. After being promoted as a Team Leader in 2003, Fowlkes became a certified instructor in defense tactics, SWAT warfare tactics, shoot house, tactical rifle, urban tactics, and more.


He and the team were also responsible for managing the high-risk entries, including hostage incidents, barricaded subjects, and more, and it averaged 250+ each year. While not into active operations, the team was also led many investigations into gang activities, trafficking of narcotics to some of the violent neighborhoods, illegal possession of arms, and more. Additionally, it also acted as Civil Disobedient Team and WMD Response Team as part of its responsibilities.


The career of Ronald Fowlkes started when he started serving the country as a member of US Marine Corps during the period 1989-1993. His hard work and professionalism helped him to be promoted two times during the period and even participated in the First Iraq War. Fowlkes completed his Marine Combat Training as well as basic engineering course while being part of the Marine Corps unit of the country.



White Shark Media commanding the future

With the outcome pending on the way the internet works currently at risk, more than ever, web based marketing platforms for web businesses should be run by companies with a serious inside affiliation with the all of the search engines including the largest. Because changes maybe sweeping, marketing activities may have to be adjusted for each individual website involved in internet business. This will be an even more important procedure for companies whose business is websites.

A marketing plan can be hashed by some virtual inexperienced marketers to somewhat success although rarely, but extending any modicum of success across a large platform of websites would be virtually impossible for either the inexperienced or understaffed entities. Smart business people delegate well, and these responsibilities should be delegated to a company like White Shark. No one knows the outcome of the internet through the net neutrality upheaval, but it is best to be prepared with the leading authorities in the industry versus going it alone.

I know this because in business, I leave nothing to chance. Besides delegating the marketing to a successful firm, I can utilize my time better by being an ambassador for my brand and my products. I have hundred of websites, and each of them produce under the guidance of White Shark. The amount of infrastructure needed to produce those types of results myself would have been a gap that I could not overcome. However, I have grown now, and my capacities allow me to bring my ideas to the market place. White Shark media has elevated their game multiple times in our relationship, and I have no doubt that no matter the outcome of the prevailing internet debate, my business will continue to perform. White Shark is a media company poised for the future.

Find out more about White Shark media:

How Securus Is Making The Penitentiary System Safe

When it comes to the provision of specialized government information systems, inmate and detainee communication alongside the tracking of citizens undergoing parole, Securus Technologies Inc. is the go-to company. Securus has its main regional offices and headquarters in Dallas Texas. Among the four local agencies it has, one is in Dallas Metro while the other one is in Atlanta Georgia. It is from these locations that Securus handles most of its workload that often revolve around the overseeing of its security apparatus used by various law enforcement organizations the government included.


The company serves more than 2,600 correctional facilities spanning 45 American states. It should be noted that their services cover regions outside America to include Canada and Mexico. Most of the services the company provides are in line with crime prevention and solving crimes making them the number one law enforcement partner. Recently, Securus received various emails from different communities and stakeholders mostly the American public to commend them on the role the company plays in making the society a better and safer place.


Among the letters was one sent to thank Securus for proving information and assistance to a penitentiary system that had a corrupt officer smuggling contraband to inmates. In the letter, Securus was praised for the provision of information that was used to single out the corrupt member of staff who was later apprehended and charged.


In another email addressed to Securus, the individual who wrote was grateful to the firm for monitoring particular inmate phone conversations that revealed the selling of narcotics and alcohol within the prison establishment. Other than that, disturbing information was made public of how money was exchanging hands within the system which in turn facilitated the sneaking of contraband and even the firing of shots within the system. If it were not for Securus, these illegal, shady activities would not have been stopped in time.


Comparing Meal Services For Active People


Everyone should eat a balanced and nutritious meal. However, different meal plans appeal to various individuals. A nutritious meal plan is usually tailor-made to a person’s lifestyle, age, and gender. An athlete should have a specific meal plan that aims to build their muscles which are bound to wear out by the vigorous exercises. The following are some athlete meal services that are reliable:


Pete’s Paleo:


Pete’s Paleo offers gluten free, soy free, dairy free, non-GMO diets. However, the meals usually have a high protein content. This aids in the athlete meal diets that normal athletes should take. The meal plan is also good for anyone who does a lot of rigorous exercises. The meals are fresh due to the fact that the ingredients are harvested each week by farmers. Moreover, in a bid to deliver fresh and flavorful meals, the ingredients are due to change depending on what is in season. One of their favorite meals is the paleo bacon and bone broth. Get to sample the unique parsnip meet radicchio.


Trifecta Nutrition:

Trifecta Nutrition offers meal plans in three categories; The classic meal which has the perfect balance of veggies, carbohydrates, and lean protein.The other athlete meal plans they have has paleo clean eating which features lean protein, whole grains, vegetables and foods which have been processed meagerly. Trifecta Nutrition also serves vegan and vegetarian meals. Moreover, the meals are GMO-free and they don’t contain any soy, gluten or dairy.


The organic foods are prepared in bulk and they arrive weekly. The servings are pre-cooked and they are sealed in vacuum and they take just a few minutes to prepare. The meals are tailor-made specifically for the person who is going to eat. Apart from the bulk option, there is the a la carte alternative. These meals are packed in portions. An example of the perfect athlete meal is flat iron steak, sweet potatoes, asparagus, and salmon.


Nutrisystem: wrote at length about how Nutrisystem for men meals contain the perfect athlete meal plans. Athletes get to select prepared meals from a menu of nutritious meals. The meals are delivered right on the doorsteps of the athletes. Nutrisystem controls the portion for the athletes while ensuring that the meals are correctly balanced. The meals are also packed to be eaten with the frequency that the athlete requires. Get to choose from a list of delicious menus for men that they serve.


Ice Age Meals:

These meals are ideal for athletes with a hectic schedule who want frozen meal options at their disposal. They are free of GMO’s, dairy and gluten. In addition to this, they also include the best types of organic meats from grass-fed livestock. Each of these meals is delivered while frozen giving them a higher shelf life. These meals are prepared in advance, therefore, you will always have something in advance. However, if you plan to cook, there are cooking videos that will assist you in cooking healthy and balanced meals. All the meals are in bulk packages of 14, 24 and 64. Moreover, all the meals are paleo with rice or paleo. They come packed in a microwave dish per meal portion which contains 500 calories. An example of an athlete meal is the features hard boiled eggs, onions, raisins, tomatoes, and beef shepherd’s pie. This is called the pastel de papa.