Kimberly Bakker Brings Your Event To Life

Kimberly Bakker is the event planner that you want to see when you have some events that you would like to coordinate. This has become one of the more prominent planners for events where a grand celebration is underway.

Chole’s 16th birthday party is one of the events that Kimberly Bakker is responsible for. She has also created a portfolio that contained photos and information from Ellen’s 50th Birthday party. These are the type of events that Kimberly Bakker is able to coordinate for various clients.

There are a lot of work involved for party planners, but there are some event planners that take the time to personalize. This is what Kimberly is best known for. She takes time to get the ideals and make everything personal when it comes to any type of celebration. This is a large reason why she is booked for a number of events that she is working on. She puts a lot of time into getting to know exactly what people want when it comes to the color scheme and the type of decorations that they would like. She also puts time into getting familiar with a catering menu that is going to fit their taste.

Event planning can be something that becomes complicated if people are not effective with managing your time. What Kimberly has shown is that she is a person that is able to provide a gateway to large events that will work for any type of crowd. There are a lot of people that have retirement parties or birthday parties. They want to have a big event that will allow them to make the most of their evening. Kimberly Bakker is the person that helps people make it to these type of events. She is the one that establishes the venue.

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Dick Devos and the FAA

What do you think of Dick Devos in Washington? Last September, Devos, the entrepreneur and wealthy businessman, joined the FAA’s Management Advisory Council. While the council is just in place to help the FAA and can’t make any decisions, the board does comprise 13 members from transportation and business backgrounds, mostly former airline executives. However, Devos is not a former airline executives, but he did work with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport and its CEO throughout the 2000s.


From 1999, in fact, Devos has been working with the airport to bring in new business and set up new flights for travelers who were on business trips. The airport has been through several re-launches since its first foundation in the early 1900s, but this is the first time that Gerald R. Ford International Airport has actually been able to expand and grow within a profit. The airport will be making $45 million in renovations in 2018, which will include a new business traveler center and food court upgrades.


The airport has been helped by Dick Devos who used his connections early on to help the airport be successful after it’s re-launch in 1999. Back then, the airlines were just heading into an unstable period where it was difficult to get the right prices and employment salaries for pilots. Now that the airlines have worked together to help the airports stay in business, it’s been able to expand even more, putting Grand Rapids on the map for business travel.


Most people know Dick Devos solely for his career at Amway, but he has done much more with philanthropy and helping the city where he grew up. He has also run for governor in Michigan and supported his wife through her campaigns as well. His latest political stint shows that he is working in a vein that he truly loves, as aviation is a passion for the business leader.


Ever since he was a kid, he has always wanted to be a pilot and now he has pilot’s licenses for jets and helicopters. Devos is also the co-founder of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which has its grounds on the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.


Devos will continue to meet with the FAA each quarter to discuss policies, regulations, budgets, and future growth for the aviation industry. He joins a committee of 13 others from airline transportation authorities to executives in aviation.


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Dr Saad Saad: How to Deal With Foreign Objects in Kids

Dr Saad Saad is an experienced pediatric surgeon with more than forty years of working experience in removing foreign objects from food pipe and the windpipe. During his entire career, he has managed to help over 1500 children aged from six months old to those that are 14 years old. He has helped them remove foods and other objects that stuck in the trachea and the oesophagus.



According to Dr Saad Saad, young children are always curious to put many things in the mouth and even swallowing them. This mostly happens to young kids. In many cases, the object will pass through the oesophagus and later into the stomach without many complications. But in some instances, a hard object can get stuck in the oesophagus or in some cases it can go down the trachea. The common signs of stuck objects may include but not limited to difficulty in breathing, wheezing and troubles in swallowing food. Examples of objects that can get stuck when a kid swallows them may include coins, peanuts and hot dogs. The big objects like hot dog and coins normally get stuck in the oesophagus while small objects peanuts get stuck in the trachea.



If kids which are less than six years suffer from this condition, you can unstuck them by turning them upside down and hold them by their legs. While still holding them, consider tapping their back. Mostly the stuck object will come out right away. If the kid is a little bit older, try to perform the Heimlich Maneuver. This is done by standing behind the kid, wrap your hands around their waist and thrust your hands into their abdomen below the rib cage. They will cough and the stuck object will come out. But if this practice does not bear any help, take your kid to the nearest healthcare for more serious attention.



If you find your kid swallowing an object, do not scoop it using your fingers. If you do so, it can cause serious blockage and you can push the object further down into the body of your kid.



At the healthcare unit, an x-ray can assist in determining whether an object is stuck in the oesophagus or in the trachea. An x-ray is not effective because it can only detect fifty per cent of stuck objects. For instance, a coin can clearly be detected by an x-ray but not a peanut. If by bad luck an x-ray is not detecting anything but the child is still showing the signs of a stuck item, then consider performing an esophagoscopy.



In conclusion, removing stuck items from the patient’s body is not an easy task. It requires the right skills and expertise especially when removing objects from the trachea and oesophagus. Learn more :


Brightline clearly show how Wes Edens efforts are transforming the Fortress Investment Group

Born in October 1961 Wes Edens is well known for his business acumen. He has over the years grown to become one of the most influential figures within Fortress Investment Group as well as the private equity sector. His career has been defined by his ability to see and make strategic investments that today enable him to live a life he may only have dreamed of. He and his other partners began Fortress in 1997. At the time they had approximately 400 million dollars in assets under management an amount that they would grow over the next five years to an impressive three billion dollars. Wes Edens has become a key figure at Fortress and has led a number of strategic investments that the group has undertaken. In 2010 under his leadership Fortress acquired American General Finance for approximately 125 million dollars. This was an investment that Edens personally oversaw. He would lead its transformation to Springleaf Financial Services. Today Springleaf controls assets worth more than 14 billion dollars a valuation 27 times greater than when it was first acquired. This has only been part of his success stories as he had earlier on in 2005 led Fortress in the acquisition of Centex which would later be renamed Nationstar Mortgage. Leading Fortress Investment Groups private equity group has seen Wes Edens continue to grow his influence in a sector that remains one of the most competitive in the industry.

In May Wes Edens oversaw the launch of Miami – Fort Lauderdale private passenger train. This had been made possible by Brightline a private railroad company owned by Fortress Investment Group which operates in Florida. Brightline has served the West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale routes for a number of years and had accorded the commuters of this route reduced travel time. This was in addition to other complimentary services such as free WIFI and charging ports as they traveled. Brightline has managed to cut back on travel time for the Miami – Fort Lauderdale route during rush hour from one and a half hours to 35 minutes. This will be a service that will surely serve the people of this route well.

Sean Penn: ‘Bob Honey who just do stuff

‘Bob Honey who just do stuff’, is recommended to be a book that is a head buzz from beginning to end. It was originally an audio book but was later converted into a hard copy. Although it is set as a fiction book, Sean Penn reveals in an interview known as ‘Why I had to write Bob Honey who just do stuff‘ it is a “snapshot” of what he saw the country to be. It has events such as the character Bob having multiple jobs that include anywhere from Jehovahs witnesses to a part time assassin. Other events that occur in ‘Bob Honey who just do stuff’ conclude that media has encouraged shootings of police officers or Bob writing a letter to the landlord/president, unmistakably to be Donald Trump, the current president of the United States. In this letter Bob calls the president a narcissist and that he is reflexive and that they country needs an assassin.

The epilogue is what really touches the audience with the Las Vegas shooting,crisis in Puerto Rica, as well as the #Metoo movement. In the epilogue the #metoo movement is slammed by calling it “the infantilizing term of the day“. Sean Penn then goes on the tell interviews that they will either like the book or will loathe the book because of the material being used. Also in the interview Penn is questioned how far he wanted to push his voice, he answers with “when 57 rolls around you come to, I’m going to sit down and write a novel”. He states that he is free in doing so and it with either get responded too or it will not, depending on the audience. Along with this he is asked different questions regarding the authors who inspire him such as Terry Southern and Thomas Pynchon, along with their comparisons on the back of ‘Bob Honey who just do stuff’. Sean Penn closes with saying that he is not in love with film making, that he feels free from collaboration when he is writing. He tends to write more novels in the future, simply because he love it.

Groeme Holms introduces personal banker through Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm has been in the financial sector for the past 17 years. He is an accredited expert in real estate, financial planning, and finance. He has experience working with large banking institutions for one decade. After working in the banking sector for some time, he got bored of dealing with the same things. He needed a change that would allow him to engage in innovative products and services. His interest was to move out of the banking sector and concentrate on assisting Australian families to make money. While he was in the banking industry, he realized that most families were getting a very poor deal from making institutions in the country. This is what gave him the drive and inspiration to start his company which is called Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd. With this company, he hopes to change the lives of each Australian family a step one after the other.


Infinity Group Australia is an organization that wants to help the people manage their finances in a better way. Graeme Holm says that the company is bringing new ideas which distinguish it from the traditional institutions. The company is helping its clients to fine-tune their weekly budget on basic household expenses such as gas, groceries, entertainment among others. With the traditional banking institutions, when a bank processes a loan, the broker withdraws leaving the borrower to manage the loan alone. For Infinity Group Australia, this not the case. When one gets a loan that is when they fully start working with the client.


According to Graeme Holm. Infinity Group allocates the client a personal banker who will ensure that the client repays the loan in the shortest time possible. The company has assisted one of their clients to save up to $96,271 in one year. The firm works with the clients enabling them to adjust their budgets by making a detailed a report of the spending. The report enables people to track if they are meeting their goals. By working with this company, clients have recorded a great change in their spending enabling them to repay their loans in the shortest time possible.


Graeme Holm says that they deal with all clients. There are no limits to who they can help. The company has helped people who would not have been able to purchase property do so because they are dealing with controlled budgets.


Infinity teaches clients that there is a difference between a want and a need. By controlling what you buy, there can be a significant change in the manner in which money is spent. The company recognizes that most of the things which we buy end in the waste bin in just a few months after purchase. This means that such things were most probably not necessary. Learn more:


Bob Reina, Shift,s The Trends And Takes Talk Fusion To The Top

He did it, just like he set out to. With consistency and a drive to succeed, Bob Reina achieved what was considered impossible video email. Talk Fusion is the result of one man’s desire to change the way people connected, the solution was to create a new video technology. Not only was the novel idea useful for sharing life experiences, it was also a tool for direct sales. The cross communication platform has risen become the top network marketing companies. The flagship product, Video email, developed with the help of Dr. Jonathan Chen, was received almost at once and thanks to the CEO’s drive, new products soon expanded the company’s portfolio.

Unlike its predecessors such as bulk texts that were regarded as nuisances, video marketing via email is discreet and tailored to customers’ tastes. The culture of advertising has also changed, instead of the focus being in reaching the most people; current adverts are centered on building consumer trust in the brand and enhancing the communication between the company and its clientele. Recent studies such as one by Wyzowl, show that the dynamics in advertising are shifting, a video is no longer an optional inclusion in advertising, it is now the trending medium of adverts and every business needs to embrace it.

With the advancement of smart devices, a video is now the future of communication and as businesses rush to create online platforms, the trend is projected to continue. Videos build trust and more likely to be watched as people relate more easily to them, this means that a video marketing is more likely to elicit a response compared to other means. Another advantage is the fact that people are more likely to share a video and this translates to a wider reach.

Constant interaction with businesses and entrepreneurs has led the company to keep up with changing trends and preferences and this has cultivated a culture of constant innovation and commitment to excellence that keeps Talk Fusion ahead of the pack. Marketed y Independent Associates, the products offered are available in over 140 countries and are designed to help companies stand out. This is achieved by creating content that is engaging and the developers at Talk Fusion are not afraid to think outside the box. Today, not only do companies engage their client base in real time, receipt of feedback is now easier and with conferencing capabilities now available on almost every device, the connection between brand and consumer has grown tighter. Learn more:


Heal And Soothe: Mother Nature’s Cure For Pain Relief

Everyone experiences physical pain at some point in time and there is no way to escape this natural wrath. The medical industry generates billions of dollars every year thanks to selling medications that deal with fighting pain. If the pain is very severe, you may need a prescription for something that’s more stronger than the standard non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If this is the case, then you better watch-out for the nasty side effects. Prescription medications are very powerful, which makes them a good choice for pain relief. On the other hand, these powerful drugs are very addictive in their nature. Read more The History of Supplements and the Rise of Heal-n-Soothe


A much better solution would be to go the all-natural route. This means that you’ll be using medications that come from an herbal background. Prescription medications are strictly chemical additives and there is nothing that’s natural about them. The underhanded truth is that these types of medications aren’t healing the problem. Prescription drugs only masks the pain. On the other hand, products that are natural can be very powerful, but they’re much more safer to use than the previous drugs that are mentioned above.


Heal And Soothe is the very definition of a powerful medication that’s all-natural. Heal And Soothe’s fine ingredients grow straight from the earth. By taking this supplement on a daily basis, you’ll be feeding your body with vital nutrients. If you’re currently experiencing pain, Heal’s ingredients will create a synergistic effect within your body.


These fine ingredients are basically enzymes and when they hit your bloodstream, your body will begin its regeneration phase. Heal And Soothe supplement’s can ease the pain of arthritis, can ease the pain of musculoskeletal pains and can ease the pain of surgery. Other issues that this formula can provide relief for are strains, sprains, bruises or contusions. The options are literally endless.


Heal And Soothe utilizes Systemic Enzyme Therapy by combining systemic enzymes with 12 of the most powerful natural pain fighters found in mother nature, including Turmeric, Bromelain, Papain, Boswellia, Rutin, Ginger, and more


Some other advantages of Health And Soothe is that the enzymes will lower your chances of getting a stroke and will lower your chances for developing cardiovascular disease. If you’re looking for a safer way to remove the stiffness and pain from your everyday life, then Heal And Soothe is designed for you. Visit This Page for more information.





Based on the principle of providing honest and ethical services to its customers, the accounts receivable company has continued to be recognized and thus attract and retain more clients. In order to remain relevant in the ever-changing world of technology, the company is at the forefront in embracing new technology as well as follow the latest regulatory standards to ensure that they are always ahead of their competitors.

To ensure that their services are up to date, IC System is always involved in training and auditing of its processes to confirm that all the staff is properly trained on the existing policies and that all policies are audited to ensure that their practices are in accordance with all industry standards.

IC System endeavors to offer services to all its clients regardless of where they reside at any given time. To achieve this, IC System requires that it is licensed in every state to enable them to collect debts for clients who may have moved away from where the debt was accrued.

IC System is not just about collecting debts and making money, the company also gives back to the community through corporate responsibility initiatives. This the company does in two different ways. One, by getting involved in philanthropic endeavors and giving to several causes and charitable organizations. The other way is by initiating and getting involved in sustainability goals like an efficient use of energy and renewable resources.

The company also endeavors to instill values that make it what it is to the employees. This it does by rewarding workers who have been identified by fellow employees as exhibiting any of the five core values (treating people with respect, prioritizing integrity, delivering performance and results, taking pride in the company’s work and fostering innovation).

Finally, IC System ensures that it has true data security compliance performed by qualified assessors with an industry focus and audit carried out by a specialist third-party auditor.

In order to continue being abreast of its competitors, IC System has continued to learn from its successes and failures.

Christopher Linkas: Investing Young Might Be Your Only Hope

It is not uncommon for people to be unprepared for retirement. In part, this is because people do not invest their money properly, but perhaps a bigger reason is because they start investing their money too late. Chris Linkas has over two decades worth of experience in the financial investment field; because of his wide range of expertise he is able to give valuable advice when it comes to investments.


According to Chris Linkas, the best time for people to start investing, even if they don’t have a lot of extra money, is when they are in their 20s. Since people who are in their 20s have a lot of time until they retire, there is no need for them to be in the best financial circumstance to begin investing some of their money.


Many young people are intimidated by the thought of reinvesting and compound interest. Essentially, if, at the age of 20, a person can invest $10,000 dollars and earn an interest and/or dividend rate of just five percent, in 40 years they will end up with $70,000. It should be noted however, that it is possible to earn a higher rate than 5 percent which would further increase the earnings. Linkas believes that young adults should do two things when it comes to investments; first, they should ascertain moderate mutual funds that offer an attractive quarterly dividend; and second, they should reinvest the dividends that were made into new investment shares that compound over the years, further making the investor money.


Chris Linkas also believes that an investors age determines the among to risk they need to take when it comes to their investments. Young people may be interested in making higher risk investments, because they have time; however, if a person is a little bit older, it would probably be best for them to make safer investments that have a low chance of losing money.


In order to be successful with investing, there needs to be an investment plan. Part of that plan should include, according to Linkas, investments that earn the investor some sort of dividends. This can be important, especially for people who start investing when they are a little bit older, because receiving dividends helps investors counteract the stock market when it is down.