CEO Stephen Stokols Leads FreedomPop Toward Independence

Mobile wireless carriers are beginning to get hotter and hotter in the marketplace and it has allowed for a foundation of independent companies to grow out of the ground. L.A. based start up FreedomPop is currently enjoying an unrivaled period of growth in the niche marketplace and they are beginning to make quite a name for themselves. At a time when huge telemarketing companies are eagerly looking to snatch up similar companies, it appears that FreedomPop will stand aside on their own as they retain their independence. Rumors of an M&A have been dogged for the past few months but CEO Stephen Stokols has finally, officially, laid them to rest.

CEO Stephen Stokols went public with their decision to pass on up to six reported offers to purchase the company. Rumors have been flowing that FreedomPop was on the verge of a sale but it appears that they have backed away, opting to grow the company organically and reap the rewards themselves. CEO Stephen Stokols told reporters that it would be incredibly “premature to consider selling” and that they had seen multiple offers from large companies. Stokols heavily implied that the company would stay independent going forward and that they would be focused on growing their business both locally and abroad.

The L.A. based start up was founded in 2012 and it wasn’t long until the founder of Skype laid down almost $20 million in seed money for the fledgling company. From there growth was rampant and we soon saw FreedomPop rounding the corner on over one million subscribers. With quarterly growth increases nearing 25% it seems that the decision to not sell will soon reward the company for their confidence. Right now they are focused on an expansive move into the United Kingdom’s competitive marketplace.

FreedomPop operates on a ‘freemium’ system where their initial services are offered and rendered for absolutely no price. Users can buy a FreedomPop phone or merely use a refurbished Samsung model. From there they’ll get at least 200 minutes, 200 texts, and 200 MB of mobile data completely free. The only expenses afterward would be overages and additional plan upgrades. Upgrades include a pending national wifi plan, phone insurance, and even special traveling packages for those customers that find themselves roaming often enough. These plans appear to be the bread and butter by which FreedomPop will remain successful.

The company has already launched a soft introduction to the U.K. market with a limited version of their freemium offerings which amount to the minimum plan you could get under a paid company in Europe. From there they aim to expand their Jetsetter program which allots extra data and doesn’t charge for roaming when in certain countries. These programs should prove to be popular among those traveling types and it should give FreedomPop a toe hold in a country where they have to compete for every customer going forward. Whether they are successful or not ultimately comes down to how well received their initial offering is. So far things are looking bright.

S’well bottles pass testing from local news channel


After seeing the report on the S’well water bottle on the local news channel KWCH12 I was impressed by the way the bottle stood up to the rigorous testing the bottle was put through in a real world test. S’well is using the latest technology to keep liquids hot or cold for both athletes and everyday people who simply want to take their own drink with them wherever they go. The S’well brand claims its bottles will maintain hot and cold temperatures for 24 hours or more to reduce the issues with the liquid being used by an individual getting either hot or cold.

The S’well bottle was tested by a KWCH12 viewer in the real world to see if the claims stood up to the problems seen in the summer by runners who struggle to keep their drinks cool. A regular plastic water bottle was tested against the S’well bottle, which came out on top in a test of keeping the water ice cold for a prolonged period of time.

The viewer followed the instructions of the manufacturer and found the ice cold water measured 40F in the S’well bottle and 48F in the plastic bottle at the time the bottles were filled up. Hours later at the track the same bottles were tested for temperature, revealing the water in the plastic bottle measured a not very refreshing 79F. In contrast, the S’well bottle was recorded at 41F and provided a much more refreshing liquid refreshment for the viewer testing the bottles.

Finding the right dog food for your puppy

Finding the right dog food for your new puppy can be challenging and nerve wracking. There are so many brands out there and selecting the right one is stressful, particularly as you likely want to do the right thing for your dog from the start. Many puppies aren’t all that picky and will enjoy almost anything you put in front of them. However, you have an obligation to make sure that your puppy gets the nutrition that they need to develop properly and lead a healthy life.

Dogs have different energy requirements at different points of their lives and their caloric requirements are more involved than simply feeing them slightly more or less food based upon their size. Puppies need dog food that is calorie dense and that has a higher fat content than the typical dog food.

The safest choice is to go with a dog food designed specifically for puppies. A good option is Beneful which is the largest maker of dog food in the world and a trusted brand. Beneful is part of Nestlé’s Purina brand. Nestle is a trusted manufacturer of all types of consumer goods. Further, Beneful is readily available, affordable, and has a flavor that puppies love. It is important that your puppy gets the right start in life. Start them with a quality dog food designed for the stage that they are in in life and introduce them to the world in the smart healthy way. You will benefit from this decision throughout your dog’s life.

OrganoGold Background

Millions of people across the world consume OrganoGold products several times per day. In fact, many of them begin the day by sipping a cup of one of their high quality beverages. Bernardo Chua is the founder of this brilliant network marketing company. The company began when Chua experienced a very unique vision. His vision involved bringing the best and most unique Chinese Herbal products to the world. One of the first products introduced was Ganoderma.

Bernardo Chua‘s vision gave rise to the highly successful company. Now, there are millions that enjoy a refreshing cup of the company’s herbal coffee and teas. Certainly they market coffee and green tea. However, they also produce a long line of other high quality products that include personal care products for the family. All the products produced by the company are manufactured with care. The products include ancient Chinese herbal remedies that have been used successfully for hundreds of years by those that were aware of the wonderful qualities that the herbs contained. OrganoGold was well known and recognized in herbal remedy circles. However, the product was almost a mystery to those outside of those circles. The founders’ vision was to make the name globally recognized and used by people around the world.

Ancient Remedy
Modern society has started to recognize the healing power of herbs. Ancient Chinese herbs are on the forefront. The founder believes that the products that the company produce, has the power to improve the lives of millions of people across the world. Certainly, this is primarily due to the inclusion of the ancient Chinese herb Ganoderma.

Today, the company has attained major success marketing their products on a global scale. They’ve accomplished their mission in only a few years by helping improve people’s lives and opportunities to grow financially.

Bonn Óir to be Available in the Houston, Texas Region

Street Insider has learned that highly respected Bonn Óir Vodka has paired with local retailer Goody Goody to distribute this vodka to the stores in the Houston and Fort Worth Texas region. The vodka company produces a highly respected vodka that is esteemed all across the world for a drink that is both smooth and gluten free a the same time. The vodka is expected to do well in this area where good quality alcoholic beverages are happily consumed by locals in search of a quality product they can serve at a party or another special occasion.

The vodka is produced by an Irish American company that adheres to age old quality standards that have been shown to produce a reliable product that makes an ideal product to have on hand at all times. Bonn Óir has been helped in their plans for expansion into the Texas market by funding from the highly respected Timber Creek Capital. Timber Creek Capital is a Texas based private equity firm led by Marc Sparks (his Wikipedia profile says it all) that helps provide business owner with access to many important tools including capital funding as well as access to other services such as the use the office space where they can grow their business and the ability to tap into a group of skilled capitalists who know all areas of business.

The partnership between Goody Goody and Bonn Óir is expected to be highly beneficial to both parties as each will be able to meet the needs of those living in the area who appreciate having high quality spirits on hand easily via the Goody Goody stores. The vodka will be available at all sixteen of Goody Goody’s Texas locations.

New York, Why?

Guacamole is one of America’s favorite dips and condiments. However, it is under assault from people that are far removed from the areas in which this avocado specialty first became a part of the regular diet. The New York Times suggested that guacamole should always be made with peas in concert with the reticent avocado, and the president resisted. The internet fell to pieces at the very thought of peas in guacamole. Americans cite everything from authenticity to a severe disdain for all things pea related to diss the popular paper’s assertion that this guacamole is better than the original. Beyond the love of guacamole, this relates to a mindset of many New Yorkers in that the way they choose to do things is a reflection on the whole country.

This food conservatism is rampant in New York food writing, and their outsized influence on the media. Far from being liberal, this adoration of all things New York is a strangely conservative view of food and food writing. Foodies from the Boraie Development team said the backlash from this recipe by Obama and the rest of the country highlights the divide that these writers have with the rest of the growing country. Had the headline not directed Americans to follow their ridiculous recipes, the backlash would not have materialized. When the assertion is made that everything New Yorkers do is right and popular, but everything else in other parts of the country are of lower quality, food writers like these will always be set upon by the President and the rest of the country.

Uniquely American Food For Our National Holiday

With the fourth of July approaching, many of us are in the mood to celebrate all things American. We are known around the world for our movies and music. Many argue that it was American culture that actually brought down the Berlin wall a couple decades ago as much as our staunch military stand against communist encroachment around the world. People in the East Block countries wanted to go to rock concerts and wear blue jeans and drive a real car. Jim Dondero agrees that food is yet another staple of American culture.

There is an article on that points out some dishes that are uniquely American. If a Big Mac is not quite fattening and artery clogging enough for you then you can always try a deep-fried Big Mac. Not to be outdone by a glorified cheeseburger, Starbucks came up with their deep-fried coffee. If you have just woken up and you’d like to unwind from the hard day at work you know you’re about to have, you can try a Lucky Charms cocktail. It combines the dual feature of enabling you to eat and giving you just enough of a buzz to be able to stand work. It’s hard to decide what is unhealthier between a pastry from Krispy Kreme or a hot dog, so some genius combined the two! This article is full of other treats for any American that feels their blood is rushing through their veins far too easily.


Chick-Fil-A is a restaurant that is quickly becoming a fast food icon. When people used to think of the big joints they would think of McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King. Chick-Fil-A is now joining those ranks, but they are a little different from those burger restaurants.

If you couldn’t tell by the name, Chick-Fil-A focuses on chicken products! They sell chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, strips, and a variety of other forms. Their avertising gimmick is a cow holding a sign that says “Eat More Chicken!” That’s exactly what people do when they come to this restaurant. They can also enjoy milkshakes, waffle fries, and lemonades.

Chick-Fil-A has seen success in the stores that it has opened in states around Wisconsin. Now, spokespeople at Boraie Development say they are expanding into a new market. They are going to try their hand at opening new stores in New York! According to BuzzFeed they have big expansion plans, and they will probably see some success. They have opened a store in the area, but now they are bringing even more.

It’s great for people who want to eat fast food fast, yet they are not in the mood for a burger. This way they can switch things up. Chick-Fil-A does come with some controversy, so it will be interesting how people in New York will perceive them especially with that recent LGBT supreme court ruling. Chick-Fil-A is a heavily religious company, and have very strong views about it. It will be interesting to see.

Regular Consumption of Added Sugars May Lead to Depression

One of the most common diseases that inflicts modern society is depression according to information released by the World Health Organization. A large reason why depression may be on the rise across the country and the world is due to the high levels of sugar that people are consuming on a daily basis. A new study conducted by Columbia University professor James E Gangwisch PhD found that foods that have a high glycemic index are related to a higher risk of depression.

According to CPA Profits Academy, Gangwisch designed the study to take a look at how foods with a high GI contributed to the risk of depression stating that as a child he noticed that if he ate a bunch of sugary food one day he would feel depressed and down the next day. While he stopped eating sugar as he grew older the observation stayed in his mind up until he decided to research it.

The researchers found that diets that contained foods that were high on the GI (glycemic index) such as those that contained added sugar and refined grains, were more likely to lead to the development of depression. However, other foods such as whole fruits, fiber, whole grains, and vegetables are able to actually protect against the development of depression. It should be noted all of these foods have a low glycemic index. Added sugars in particular were shown to have a link to the development of depression.

Another Hefty Tip to a Server- What About the Cooks People

It seems that everyday you can find a story in the news about a server or waitress getting some large hefty tip on a small bill. While I think it is great that these individuals are getting these breaks of luck in their lives like the recent story at Winghouse where Kari Vanardoy was tipped $1,000 on a $29 bill in Largo Fl, I think it is a bit crazy as well and undeserved. I have been a server and I know how rough it can be working with the general public but servers are now who makes the restaurant run. When was the last time you heard about a cook getting a tip like that? Many people do not realize that they are actually the one of the lowest paid positions on most restaurants. While servers do only make $2-3 and hour + tips, the tips often average out to be more than $8-10 an hour. I think it is awesome that there are kindhearted people out there helping individuals like this, I’m just saying I wish they would look at the people they can’t see that see and help them as well from time to time. I know if I ever get well enough off to, I will.

Thanks to Marcio Alaor BMG for showing me this.