Two Food Giants Join Forces

On Wednesday, March 25, two giants in the food industry, Kraft Foods Group and H.J. Heinz Company, announced that they have merged their companies with 51 percent of Heinz shareholders having a stake and 49 percent of Kraft shareholders. The new company will be called the Kraft Heinz Company and have headquarters in two cities: Chicago and Pittsburgh.

As a result of this merger, Kraft Heinz will be the third largest company in the North American food and beverage industry. Brands within the two companies will no longer be in competition and include Kraft, Heinz, Breakstones, Capri Sun, Classico, Claussen, Cool Whip, Crystal Light, Grey Poupon, Jack Daniel’s Sauces, Jell-O, Jet-Puffed, Lea & Perrins, Knox, Knudsen, Kool-Aid, Lunchables, Miracle Whip, Ore-Ida, Oscar Mayer, Philadelphia, Planters, Smart Ones, T.G.I. Friday’s, Velveeta, Weight Watchers and Wyler’s.

Of course, critics have noted that the merger gives this new company many advantages over competitors and creates what is very much a monopoly within the food and beverage industry that could result in severe damage to smaller competitor brands and even stores that sell their products. The merger also means that a majority of the foodstuffs available on grocery store shelves — from meats and vegetables to cereals, snacks and beverages — will be under more manipulation and control of Kraft Heinz. JusBrazil suggested that the company will have a significant and not necessary positive impact on American diets.

Food Companies Are Fighting The Proposed New Sugar Label

The Food and Drug Administration Wants To Add A New Line On Labels That Tells Consumers How Many Teaspoons Of Sugar Are In The Product

Sugar is a silent killer. We are addicted to the stuff and don’t know it. Almost every product on a grocery store shelf contains sugar. Current labels tell us how many grams of sugar are in each product, but that information is somewhat deceptive. If consumers knew how much sugar they consumed a day in teaspoons rather than grams, the food industry would be in trouble. Sugar is a cheap ingredient that makes food taste better and it increases profit.

The Obama Administration knew the issue was a sensitive one, but they didn’t realize how sensitive until lobbyists started working overtime to quash the law. But it wasn’t just lobbyists that threw a red flag and cried foul. The governors of Wisconsin and Massachusetts objected, and the Australian government said the change might violate trade agreements.

The FDA has received almost 300,000 public comments about the label addition, and a lot of them came from trade associations and major food companies stated Dr Jennifer Walden. Nutrition experts say the food companies know the label change will impact food choices and prices. The proponents say the food and soft drink industries won’t take a serious financial hit. They will probably raise prices.

Sugar High

Consuming too much sugar has been linked to everything from morbid obesity to cancer, and oddly enough, it is also considered addictive. Though sugary soft drinks are on the decrease in schools and on certain fast-food restaurant menus, the sugary sport drinks are just as bad as soft drinks.

In recent studies, sugar was found to be as addictive as cocaine. Jason Halpern says that is a startling fact since teenagers and children consume sugar regularly. It has also been found to be difficult to stop consuming sugar for many people.

What is most alarming are the actual figures. The amount of sugar that we are consuming per person per day compared with years ago is off the charts. Ten spoonfuls of sugar in one 12-ounce can of soda is unacceptable.

With the above said, maybe it is time we try to implement healthier beverages into your lives.

Fast Food Can be Hazardous to Your Health

Fast food isn’t called fast for nothing. It’s made fast, it’s packaged fast, it’s sold really fast and sometimes things happen so fast that they miss what’s really happening. During the time when no one’s watching, some horrifyingly, inedible things occasionally happen Fersen Lambranho found.

Here are the top six horrifying things found in customers’ food.

1. Judy had a piece of popcorn chicken when she was 15, and bit into a large carpet staple. She’s a vegetarian now.
2. Madison found a fake nail in her Fettuccine Alfredo.
3. In Michigan, Christy went to a fast food place and got sausage biscuits. Her grandma got one too, and when she opened it, there was a huge wad of hair inside.
4. Peter went to McDonalds and ordered Chicken McNuggets. He picked up the first one, bit into a human tooth! He’s never had Chicken McNuggets again.
5. Deanna and her family went to get fast food burgers. Deanna got her burger and opened it up. When she did, there was a big wad of pink gum. Yech!
6. Julie and her husband were in Melbourne on holiday. They stopped at a milk bar and her husband ordered a fruit pie. When he bit into it, it was full of maggots. Blaaaahhh.

Moral of the story: waiting a bit longer for food might prove to be a good idea.

Sidenote Daydream: My Wikipedia Writing Obsession

Editing Wikipedia articles are as simple as becoming a registered user. Wikipedia is one of the most highly respected online encyclopedia’s on the web and receives huge amounts of traffic daily. When using Wikipedia, you may have noticed incomplete or even wrong information and wanted to edit it but wasn’t sure how to do it.

I learned a lot of this from some friends with GetYourWiki. Who are they? Well, GetYourWiki makes Wikipedia pages for people and companies with enough media history to warrant one.


Or you may have wanted to add a page referring to a specific topic that is possibly not available on the Wikipedia. The simplest way to edit or add your own information to Wikipedia is to become a registered user on the site. Registration is vital because not registering may result in the website recording your IP address and it them becomes visible to other site visitors. Only a registered users can create pages.

To edit information, click on the “edit this page” that located at the top. This will show the contents in an editable area where you are allowed to edit. At some point you will be redirected to the original content which you are allowed to edit. You simply need to add the content where you desire for change to take place. If you need any help, it is located on the left side of that particular page.

Every section of the page additionally offers a edit link, so if your only desire is to edit a portion or a small part of the content. You can make use of the formatting tools located on top of the textbox. In the “Edit Summary” portion, you need a brief explanation as to why and what changes were made. When you have completed your edits you can preview all changes and save them if you are satisfied.

All new edits require a reliable source. When adding new information you must add all reliable references. If you do not achieve this, any or all changes you’ve made will be removed. Wikipedia offers thorough information on how to cite all resources and references. All you have to do is make certain you insert “WP:CITE” in the search box.

Death Caused By GMO’s


There has been great debate regarding GMO products in the past few years but now doctors at the Carlos III Hospital in Madrid have confirmed the first death related to GMO products. Juan Pedro Ramos passed away from anaphylactic shock in January after he ingested tomatoes that he thought were perfectly safe. Those tomatoes actually had been modified with fish genes. Fish was something Ramos was very much allergic to. The violent and lethal reaction he had cost him his life and many have caused an uproar on twitter.

There are medications that are designed to assist a person who has a life threatening allergy to something. While Ramos was administered these medications, they did not have enough of an effect to help save him. This is common with many people who have severe allergies to a number of foods or products including peanut products, fish related products and dairy products.

A team of experts was able to determine that the GMO tomatoes that Ramos consumed were the reason for his death . Many people, including Ramos, know what they should consume and what they should stay away from in order to properly control their allergies. Tomatoes seemed like a safe choice for Ramos as they are simply a basic produce item that nobody would think were related to fish. Shortly after lunch Ramos began to feel ill and it was just a short amount of time before his itchy rash and breathing issues began to take over.

Paula Deen Makes A Mobile Game

Famous home chef Paula Deen is opening a new chapter in her life after all of the negative spotlight she had a couple of years ago. Not only is she starting her own radio show and podcast series, but now she has also created a free mobile game for Apple users on the iOS system.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, the game she made is called “Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest” and features a lot of her favorite food items and recipes. There will be multiple puzzle levels in which users can play a variety of games and learn about Southern cooking. Apparently there will be opportunities for prizes with some real value, like discounts to her subscription websites and things of that nature. Dr Jennifer Walden said the developers have created a fun and animated version of Paula Deen and the game is geared towards people who like to cook at home and have a little fun too. Deen has always been a big fan of puzzle games and she will aim to put new ones up each week.

It might be worth a look in the Apple iTunes store, especially since the game is free and looks like it might be cute. This could be an interesting new venture for Deen, as she is working her way back to a good reputation after a few mishaps with the media a few years ago.

Cutting the Meat

There are some people who might not like eating meat, but they can still keep the taste of meat in their dishes by using mushrooms. When you think of mushrooms, you might think of the small pieces that come in a jar or a can. While these can add a lot of flavor to a dish, you want to use something fresh. Portabello mushrooms have a beefy flavor, and they are ideal for a replacement for hamburger in almost any dish. Look at the meal that you’re preparing before using mushrooms because some dishes won’t taste great with a large amount of them, such as spaghetti or lasagna. According to alhokair, mushrooms are a healthy option compared to some of the other vegetables that you mgiht consider, but don’t tell your kids what you used because they might not know what to think if there isn’t meat in the dish.

McDonald’s No Longer Buying Chicken Meat with Antibiotics

McDonald’s is trying to improve their market share of fast food sales by dumping antibiotics in chickens. They have made a major decision to phase out the purchase of chickens that have been treated with antibiotics. With luck, this will increase consumer sales from those folks that are looking for natural foods or untreated foods. Discover why McDonald’s has made this decision, and why it may be important to you.

Chickens have been treated by producers for years with antibiotics to increase their growth rates. This of course, increases their profit margins. However, treating poultry with antibiotics has raised concerns across the country. Haidar Barbouti suggests the problem seems to stem from the fact that birds are given the same exact type of antibiotics that humans receive. The fear is that by administrating antibiotics to poultry it might not be as effective on humans.

Today, four-fifths of antibiotics consumed within the United States are used in livestock. Obviously, this speaks volumes as far as potentially lessening the effects on humans. To illustrate these numbers, you should know that McDonald’s serves nearly 68 million customers per day. Of course, these meals are not all chicken based, but you can imagine just how many are!

Chicken sales in 2014 were more than $80 billion. Of those sales, McDonald’s typically uses about 4% or almost 40 billion pounds. Consequently, the move to quit buying poultry treated with antibiotics is a major move to improve customer relations on McDonald’s part. McDonald’s will begin phasing out the treated poultry now. It should be completed within two years.

Restaurant In Japan Serves Fugu Sending Poisoned Customers To Hospital

Five men, aged 40 to 50 years old, pleaded with a Japanese Restaurant in Wakayama, Japan to serve them fugu liver in a hot pot. All five then had to be hospitalized as ‘fugu’, better known as ‘Pufferfish’ or ‘Blowfish’ is poisonous. This fish contains deadly toxins, deadlier than cyanide and can affect the central nervous system.

The five men started suffering nausea, dizziness and were having difficulty breathing about five hours after eating the liver. Officials state the five men were taken to the hospital, and Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG says they are all recovering. Officials have also closed the restaurant for five days as Japan food safety law prohibits serving the liver from this fish.

The liver needs to be cut out by a chef trained to handle these fish. It is home to neurotoxin that paralyzes, but leaves the victim mentally aware. It is, however potent enough to kill in some cases.

Fugu liver is both delicious and the most lethal part of the pufferfish . Those combinations are what allures and tempts connoisseurs to try it, even though they know what the dangers are. The ovaries and skin are also parts of the pufferfish that contain toxins. Fanatics say they like the tingle the organs leave on your lips. This tingle is one of the symptoms from the neurotoxin, and one of the appeals.

In-depth training, which is followed by a demanding exam, is required before a chef can prepare and serve pufferfish. There are paper and practical tests to take proving one can tell the difference between the poisonous parts from others.