Gluten Free Diets for Athletes

Among athletes, gluten free diets are becoming increasingly popular. However, with recent tests and studies, gluten free diets may not be as beneficial as one may think. A recent study was conducted that used 1,000 athletes there were from Australia. 41 percent of these athletes (lacrosse player Jon Urbana being one of them) reported to be following a gluten free diet. A majority of this percentage were avoiding gluten free out of an intolerance from wheat, barley, etc. Only 13 percent of this 41 percent had actually been officially diagnosed with celiac disease.
Other reasons why a gluten free diet was popular among athletes is due to the fact that it was believed to reduce the risk of bloating, cramps, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms. Despite these expectations, there was no official study that supported these assumptions.

In order to test this theory, scientists used 13 athletes with non-gluten intolerance as their test subjects. The athletes would start a gluten-free diet and follow that diet for two week-long sessions. To further test the theory, scientists asked the athletes to complete a strenuous time-trial in order to test the athlete’s overall performance after the diet.

The results showed that there was no significant difference between the two diets. Though this study was short-term, the results show that unless an athlete has a official issue with gluten, there is no notable difference between the performance of athletes who eat gluten with those who avoid gluten.

BMG Bank Is Brazil’s Biggest And Best

Every country has a bank that helps to establish the economic system and is one that the people trust for all their lending needs. In Brazil, that bank is BMG. The Guimarães family is the founders of the BMG Bank. They have more than eighty years of honorable reputation in the financial markets of this country. They have an aptitude for finding solid solutions for individuals and companies alike. The Vice President of this bank is Marcio Alaor. He has helped the bank and the people of the area to head into uncharted waters that have yielded big returns. BMG offers things like credit cards, payrolls and financing for homes and autos. Part of the company has payroll loans that have helped them to increase their capital stock by more than 40 percent. This new alliance proved to be a worthy decision on the bank’s part.

The history of this family and the bank goes way back. They are a Brazilian entity that is known and trusted throughout the area. Their sales and strength have not gone unnoticed in the area. Their brand is one of excellence and their time-honored traditions allow them to be a driving force for the country. While they maintain the traditions of yesteryear, they also have the ability to keep up with the many movements in the market of today. Their success is being directed toward one man, Marcio Alaor. This bank also has many people in high levels of the Brazilian government sitting on their board.

Sitting on the board of directors is mostly people independent of the banking institution. They have an enforced code of ethics that allows them to assist with their anti-money laundering programs. BMG has worked with those who have extraordinary credit profiles; this is because of their credit policy that is time honored. Until the mid-1990’s, this bank was a wholesale establishment that found themselves as a market leader for financing in the automobile industry. From their inception until around 1998, they focus the majority of their revenues on payroll loans and various other types of loans.

In 2012, the company once again took another change. They signed an agreement with a company known as with Itaú Unibanco S.A. The purpose of this union was to bring together two separate companies and have them unite forces to bring those who perhaps didn’t have the credit they needed to get payroll loans. BMG currently has about 40 percent of all the stock and the rights to vote, while the other party holds shares of 60 percent. The bank is being led into new and exciting places thanks to the Vice President. The future looks bright and things couldn’t be better.

Did AnastasiaDate Change Dating In Russia Forever?

The dating scene in Russia is a place where men and women come together to help women escape the cold regime that has overwhelmed the country. The Cold War ended, but Russia has never been a prosperous nation. Women across Russia are hoping to get away from their homeland, and dating men from other countries helps these women escape. The escapism was the only route women could take, and men from America were often the ones who helped these women.

#1: What Does AnastasiaDate Do For Women?

AnastasiaDate has created a forum for men seeking mail order brides, and the website has helped men from all around the world meet new women. Russian women who join AnastasiaDate can meet men from every continent, and the website helps men tour all the different women they could date. A woman who wants to be noticed can be found easily on AnastasiaDate, and couples can get to know each other before getting married.

#2: Why Was AnastasiaDate Founded?

AnastasiaDate was founded as an alternative to the bus tours men from America would take to meet women in Russia. Women in Russia became a part of bus tours where they were plucked away by American men, but those bus tours ended when the Anastasia Date website was founded. Women are not objectified as they once were, but each woman still have a chance to escape Russia with her new husband.

#3: Is Dating In Russia Easier Now?

Dating in Russia today is easier than it has ever been. Men and women alike will find people they want to meet, and there is more access to the world using the Internet. The Internet helps people make connections that were once made through travel, and a man who does not want to travel can still meet a gorgeous Russian woman. Gorgeous women can meet men who love them, and the connections are more real than they were at any other time.

#4: Will Dating In Russia Improve?

Improvements to sites like AnastasiaDate will make dating in Russia much easier for everyone involved, and the people who have invested time in searching for a mate will benefit from sites on the web that help connect people. Dating in Russia will remain robust because women want to escape the government or poverty, and dating for men around the world will remain simple. A man who wants to get the know a gorgeous Russian girl will have his pick of the litter.

Women who want to get out of Russia can get away from their homeland using the AnastasiaDate website and other outlets. Dating in Russia has always been necessary for the women who wanted to escape. Russia is pushing people away, and dating sites are helping each woman escape.

Brian Mulligan And The Mulligan Concept

Brian Mulligan is an incredibly successful Physiotherapist, who has been integral in designing new manual therapy techniques and teaching these throughout the world. Brian received his training at the New Zealand school of Physiotherapy in 1954 and within two ears had already opened his own private practice in Wellington. It was here that he would continue to practice physiotherapy until his retirement from clinical practice in 2000.

The main interest of Brian had always been focused around manual therapy; Stanley Paris first introduced him to it in the early 1960’s. For the most part manual therapy involves kneading and manipulating the muscles, joint manipulation and joint mobilization. Brian was one of the founding members of the New Zealand Manipulative Therapists Association; on top of this he was heavily involved in teaching a postgraduate program where students worked to achieve the Diploma of Manipulative therapy. Brian is an accomplished lecturer and has lectured at 20 countries throughout the world as well as traveling extensively through the United States.

Brian quickly began developing some of his own techniques and styles in physical therapy; this eventually led to his departure from the teaching program to pursue teaching in his own techniques. He created the Mulligan Concept of Manual Theory, which has had over 100 articles supporting its use and results in scientific journals. These new findings have made Brian the recipient of a great deal of rewards, and honors he has received the Honorary Fellowship of the NZ Society of Physiotherapists and the Award of Excellence of the World Confederation of Physical therapists to name a couple.

In order to spread his teachings throughout the world, Mulligan has setup multiple organizations to help in accrediting teachers. There are currently 48 organizations across 18 nations that teach the Mulligan concept. Since his retirement from active therapy he has continued teaching his theories and still draws large crowds to his seminars.

Like any typical New Zealander, Brian is an avid outdoors man and enjoys playing a round of golf. Brian has been married for 50 years and has been blessed with both children and grandchildren. He is a pioneer in the field of physical therapy and has developed a huge amount of techniques that are still used today.

Life Without Personal Injury Attorneys

The land of freedom has become a legal minefield. People tiptoe through law every day, avoiding acts that might be an offense for someone that might erupt in legal claims. Personal injury incident are happening on each and every corner of this land. Legal fears are constantly diverting many of them from doing what is right.

Personal injury attorneys are essential where in a free society like this people take injuries to others – be it major or minor – for granted. These attorneys are essential to maintain order and to interact honestly with the involved parties. A good lawyer is there for all the good reasons. In a personal injury case where the focus is on the rights, decisions should be made despite the disagreements. Almost any encounter as minor as a fall from a chair can carry legal risk and personal injury lawyers make sure the right judgement is made.

Personal injury attorney Mikal Watts is dedicated to providing law services with the goal of restoring reliability to American law. He aspires to keep lawsuits reasonable so that the limits of freedom are well-balanced. He believes that nothing works without the freedom to exercise correct judgement.

SantiagoMag shows that no organization can function effectively unless people can make right choices and someone else has the responsibility to hold such people accountable. Nor can a problem be solved with better rules on injury cases. The problem here is knowing the scope of law. There is no other person than a personal injury attorney who has better understanding on such dealings. Some cases involving personal property are easier to prove. Others need experience and skill in this field. Overt misconduct can be proved, but law isn’t good at dealing with injury cases that don’t have enough evidence without the help of personal injury attorneys. The problem with modern law is doing things in one’s own way during an injury where there is even the slightest possibility someone might have a different view. When there is a confusion,what is recommended is a consultation with a personal injury attorney like Mikal Watts.

People seeking justice and compensation for personal injury cases should understand the scope of their freedoms. Without reliable authority, distrust will infect such dealings. People start to fear each other as well as law. That’s what happens to people from various backgrounds, be it medicine, law, engineering, home-care, large-scale industry or business.

Alone Time for Puppy

As a trainer, I teach new puppy owners to not leave the puppy alone for several days after they are first brought home. However, the time will come when the puppy will have to be left alone, and the best time to teach the puppy how to be alone is when you are home. Puppies should be kept in a defined area or a crate, but I actually do not like crates and enclosed places for long periods of time for any dogs including puppies. I much prefer an open pen type of enclosure, but they do need the confined space of these areas to prevent them from hurting themselves by simply being curious or frightened much like children would if left unattended and especially for many hours in a day. The enclosed area on will also limit their choices, and the enclosed space also comforts them much like a den would be an area to retreat to if they were wild puppies. Because of this, a crate can be left open in the fenced in area, so that may retreat to the place and feel safe when they are alone and apprehensive.

We live in an area where large storms can crop up quickly. I find that puppies retreat to their open crate when thunder, lightning and rain are taking place as well as any loud unidentifiable noises. When they feel safer, they will explore their open space again. In limiting their choices, they focus on the toys and other things that are meant to amuse them and occupy their minds when they are alone. The alone time should be brief at first. A half hour is normal for this step in the training. Return and physically pet and reassure the puppy. This teaches the puppy that alone does not mean abandoned, it means that alone is temporary, and you will return. The types of toys are important too. There are toys that have treats that dog’s must manipulate to retrieve. This gives the dog many hours of entertainment and is much like a dog would behave in the wild. It is effective because it utilizes their natural instincts to the dog’s and your benefit.

I also utilize this time to teethe dogs or otherwise care for their dental health. Beneful dog food brand has treats specifically designed to clean dog’s teeth among their wide comprehensive selection of premium dog foods. This treat requires them to chew and gnaw on the treat, and this motion along with the treat’s design causes the dog’s teeth to become clean. To my benefit, they spend a lot of time doing this, so it entertains them well. I simply give them these when I am leaving for extended periods as one of the things that I utilize to entertain them. As the time is steadily increased that they are alone, people should also pick up keys and put on shoes as if they are leaving for real. This desensitizes them to any ritual that you may have when you leave, and they will be confident that you will return soon.

S’well’s Swell Growth

S’well’s founder and Harvard graduate Sarah Kauss recently experienced a sudden growth in success when Starbucks decided to partner with her. S’well also recently gained a new director and public relations manager, Katie Garbis when this occurred in 2012. Since her hire, the company has grown to twice its original size with about 35 employees. S’well designs and manufactures trendy and reusable water bottles.

Kauss received a pleasant surprise when Starbucks asked her to present her and her company’s story at their headquarters in Seattle in 2012. She was even more caught off-guard when they decided to contract with S’well to help sell some of her bottles. Since then, S’well has been surging with success.

What makes the S’well bottles stand out is that they keep cold liquids cold for a full day and then heat them for another 12 hours. They come in a broad range of many colors and designs while simultaneously keeping the elements sturdily in place, doubly insulated and non-toxic. The second thing that makes them stand out is the fact that they have sold so well with hardly any advertising at all. Beginning in August 2015, the 17-ounce bottles will be sold in over 3,000 Starbucks locations across the nation.

S’well supports several water charities including UNICEF, Drink Up and American Forests.

OrganoGold’s Creative Internet Marketing Strategy

Bernardo Chua is one of the greatest entrepreneurs that have shown great interest in the online multi-level marketing strategy that has been proving to be very successful in the recent past. On the other hand, internet technology and development in computer science had been the major driving force that have enabled the remarkable success of e-commerce all over the world. Chua invested his time and financial resources to put up a website where subscribers can log in and purchase products at the comfort of their homes. This is what makes Chua such an innovative entrepreneur whose skills have elevated him to greater heights in the business world.

Bernardo Cha is the founder of an online business entity known as OrganoGold. OrganoGold has been very successful and its success has resulted to the success of many other people attached to ti as employees and customers as well. The company has thousands of employees who work as distributors and suppliers of its product on the online platform and this chain of distribution has been very successful. The process is actually very simple and it involves the binary distribution process. Once a distributor successfully sells a product, they get a commission. This is one way through which the company’s wealth is distributed.

On the other hand, commissions can also be gained by recruiting others to work for the company as distributors. If an employee recruits another person, the new recruit is out under his or her binary distribution chain. This means that every time the new distributor makes a sale, you get a commission from the sales that he or she makes. This means every action that the distributors under your distribution takes earns you a parentage. This is possible because the cost of having middlemen has been eliminated since the company acquires their products directly from the manufacturers.

OrganoGold has exploited this creative means of distribution and it has proven to be very fruitful for the company’s benefit and for the benefit of others. The company has given the world and unemployed individuals the quickest means of making in the harsh economic tidings that the world is experiencing. Although the company’s major product is their organic coffee which has attracted many consumers, there are other products that the company deals with. It is such utilization of the internet that will spur growth of the entire world’s economy to become better and create employments for the jobless.

CEO Stephen Stokols Leads FreedomPop Toward Independence

Mobile wireless carriers are beginning to get hotter and hotter in the marketplace and it has allowed for a foundation of independent companies to grow out of the ground. L.A. based start up FreedomPop is currently enjoying an unrivaled period of growth in the niche marketplace and they are beginning to make quite a name for themselves. At a time when huge telemarketing companies are eagerly looking to snatch up similar companies, it appears that FreedomPop will stand aside on their own as they retain their independence. Rumors of an M&A have been dogged for the past few months but CEO Stephen Stokols has finally, officially, laid them to rest.

CEO Stephen Stokols went public with their decision to pass on up to six reported offers to purchase the company. Rumors have been flowing that FreedomPop was on the verge of a sale but it appears that they have backed away, opting to grow the company organically and reap the rewards themselves. CEO Stephen Stokols told reporters that it would be incredibly “premature to consider selling” and that they had seen multiple offers from large companies. Stokols heavily implied that the company would stay independent going forward and that they would be focused on growing their business both locally and abroad.

The L.A. based start up was founded in 2012 and it wasn’t long until the founder of Skype laid down almost $20 million in seed money for the fledgling company. From there growth was rampant and we soon saw FreedomPop rounding the corner on over one million subscribers. With quarterly growth increases nearing 25% it seems that the decision to not sell will soon reward the company for their confidence. Right now they are focused on an expansive move into the United Kingdom’s competitive marketplace.

FreedomPop operates on a ‘freemium’ system where their initial services are offered and rendered for absolutely no price. Users can buy a FreedomPop phone or merely use a refurbished Samsung model. From there they’ll get at least 200 minutes, 200 texts, and 200 MB of mobile data completely free. The only expenses afterward would be overages and additional plan upgrades. Upgrades include a pending national wifi plan, phone insurance, and even special traveling packages for those customers that find themselves roaming often enough. These plans appear to be the bread and butter by which FreedomPop will remain successful.

The company has already launched a soft introduction to the U.K. market with a limited version of their freemium offerings which amount to the minimum plan you could get under a paid company in Europe. From there they aim to expand their Jetsetter program which allots extra data and doesn’t charge for roaming when in certain countries. These programs should prove to be popular among those traveling types and it should give FreedomPop a toe hold in a country where they have to compete for every customer going forward. Whether they are successful or not ultimately comes down to how well received their initial offering is. So far things are looking bright.

S’well bottles pass testing from local news channel


After seeing the report on the S’well water bottle on the local news channel KWCH12 I was impressed by the way the bottle stood up to the rigorous testing the bottle was put through in a real world test. S’well is using the latest technology to keep liquids hot or cold for both athletes and everyday people who simply want to take their own drink with them wherever they go. The S’well brand claims its bottles will maintain hot and cold temperatures for 24 hours or more to reduce the issues with the liquid being used by an individual getting either hot or cold.

The S’well bottle was tested by a KWCH12 viewer in the real world to see if the claims stood up to the problems seen in the summer by runners who struggle to keep their drinks cool. A regular plastic water bottle was tested against the S’well bottle, which came out on top in a test of keeping the water ice cold for a prolonged period of time.

The viewer followed the instructions of the manufacturer and found the ice cold water measured 40F in the S’well bottle and 48F in the plastic bottle at the time the bottles were filled up. Hours later at the track the same bottles were tested for temperature, revealing the water in the plastic bottle measured a not very refreshing 79F. In contrast, the S’well bottle was recorded at 41F and provided a much more refreshing liquid refreshment for the viewer testing the bottles.