Bob Reina, Shift,s The Trends And Takes Talk Fusion To The Top

He did it, just like he set out to. With consistency and a drive to succeed, Bob Reina achieved what was considered impossible video email. Talk Fusion is the result of one man’s desire to change the way people connected, the solution was to create a new video technology. Not only was the novel idea useful for sharing life experiences, it was also a tool for direct sales. The cross communication platform has risen become the top network marketing companies. The flagship product, Video email, developed with the help of Dr. Jonathan Chen, was received almost at once and thanks to the CEO’s drive, new products soon expanded the company’s portfolio.

Unlike its predecessors such as bulk texts that were regarded as nuisances, video marketing via email is discreet and tailored to customers’ tastes. The culture of advertising has also changed, instead of the focus being in reaching the most people; current adverts are centered on building consumer trust in the brand and enhancing the communication between the company and its clientele. Recent studies such as one by Wyzowl, show that the dynamics in advertising are shifting, a video is no longer an optional inclusion in advertising, it is now the trending medium of adverts and every business needs to embrace it.

With the advancement of smart devices, a video is now the future of communication and as businesses rush to create online platforms, the trend is projected to continue. Videos build trust and more likely to be watched as people relate more easily to them, this means that a video marketing is more likely to elicit a response compared to other means. Another advantage is the fact that people are more likely to share a video and this translates to a wider reach.

Constant interaction with businesses and entrepreneurs has led the company to keep up with changing trends and preferences and this has cultivated a culture of constant innovation and commitment to excellence that keeps Talk Fusion ahead of the pack. Marketed y Independent Associates, the products offered are available in over 140 countries and are designed to help companies stand out. This is achieved by creating content that is engaging and the developers at Talk Fusion are not afraid to think outside the box. Today, not only do companies engage their client base in real time, receipt of feedback is now easier and with conferencing capabilities now available on almost every device, the connection between brand and consumer has grown tighter. Learn more:


Heal And Soothe: Mother Nature’s Cure For Pain Relief

Everyone experiences physical pain at some point in time and there is no way to escape this natural wrath. The medical industry generates billions of dollars every year thanks to selling medications that deal with fighting pain. If the pain is very severe, you may need a prescription for something that’s more stronger than the standard non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If this is the case, then you better watch-out for the nasty side effects. Prescription medications are very powerful, which makes them a good choice for pain relief. On the other hand, these powerful drugs are very addictive in their nature. Read more The History of Supplements and the Rise of Heal-n-Soothe


A much better solution would be to go the all-natural route. This means that you’ll be using medications that come from an herbal background. Prescription medications are strictly chemical additives and there is nothing that’s natural about them. The underhanded truth is that these types of medications aren’t healing the problem. Prescription drugs only masks the pain. On the other hand, products that are natural can be very powerful, but they’re much more safer to use than the previous drugs that are mentioned above.


Heal And Soothe is the very definition of a powerful medication that’s all-natural. Heal And Soothe’s fine ingredients grow straight from the earth. By taking this supplement on a daily basis, you’ll be feeding your body with vital nutrients. If you’re currently experiencing pain, Heal’s ingredients will create a synergistic effect within your body.


These fine ingredients are basically enzymes and when they hit your bloodstream, your body will begin its regeneration phase. Heal And Soothe supplement’s can ease the pain of arthritis, can ease the pain of musculoskeletal pains and can ease the pain of surgery. Other issues that this formula can provide relief for are strains, sprains, bruises or contusions. The options are literally endless.


Heal And Soothe utilizes Systemic Enzyme Therapy by combining systemic enzymes with 12 of the most powerful natural pain fighters found in mother nature, including Turmeric, Bromelain, Papain, Boswellia, Rutin, Ginger, and more


Some other advantages of Health And Soothe is that the enzymes will lower your chances of getting a stroke and will lower your chances for developing cardiovascular disease. If you’re looking for a safer way to remove the stiffness and pain from your everyday life, then Heal And Soothe is designed for you. Visit This Page for more information.





Based on the principle of providing honest and ethical services to its customers, the accounts receivable company has continued to be recognized and thus attract and retain more clients. In order to remain relevant in the ever-changing world of technology, the company is at the forefront in embracing new technology as well as follow the latest regulatory standards to ensure that they are always ahead of their competitors.

To ensure that their services are up to date, IC System is always involved in training and auditing of its processes to confirm that all the staff is properly trained on the existing policies and that all policies are audited to ensure that their practices are in accordance with all industry standards.

IC System endeavors to offer services to all its clients regardless of where they reside at any given time. To achieve this, IC System requires that it is licensed in every state to enable them to collect debts for clients who may have moved away from where the debt was accrued.

IC System is not just about collecting debts and making money, the company also gives back to the community through corporate responsibility initiatives. This the company does in two different ways. One, by getting involved in philanthropic endeavors and giving to several causes and charitable organizations. The other way is by initiating and getting involved in sustainability goals like an efficient use of energy and renewable resources.

The company also endeavors to instill values that make it what it is to the employees. This it does by rewarding workers who have been identified by fellow employees as exhibiting any of the five core values (treating people with respect, prioritizing integrity, delivering performance and results, taking pride in the company’s work and fostering innovation).

Finally, IC System ensures that it has true data security compliance performed by qualified assessors with an industry focus and audit carried out by a specialist third-party auditor.

In order to continue being abreast of its competitors, IC System has continued to learn from its successes and failures.

Christopher Linkas: Investing Young Might Be Your Only Hope

It is not uncommon for people to be unprepared for retirement. In part, this is because people do not invest their money properly, but perhaps a bigger reason is because they start investing their money too late. Chris Linkas has over two decades worth of experience in the financial investment field; because of his wide range of expertise he is able to give valuable advice when it comes to investments.


According to Chris Linkas, the best time for people to start investing, even if they don’t have a lot of extra money, is when they are in their 20s. Since people who are in their 20s have a lot of time until they retire, there is no need for them to be in the best financial circumstance to begin investing some of their money.


Many young people are intimidated by the thought of reinvesting and compound interest. Essentially, if, at the age of 20, a person can invest $10,000 dollars and earn an interest and/or dividend rate of just five percent, in 40 years they will end up with $70,000. It should be noted however, that it is possible to earn a higher rate than 5 percent which would further increase the earnings. Linkas believes that young adults should do two things when it comes to investments; first, they should ascertain moderate mutual funds that offer an attractive quarterly dividend; and second, they should reinvest the dividends that were made into new investment shares that compound over the years, further making the investor money.


Chris Linkas also believes that an investors age determines the among to risk they need to take when it comes to their investments. Young people may be interested in making higher risk investments, because they have time; however, if a person is a little bit older, it would probably be best for them to make safer investments that have a low chance of losing money.


In order to be successful with investing, there needs to be an investment plan. Part of that plan should include, according to Linkas, investments that earn the investor some sort of dividends. This can be important, especially for people who start investing when they are a little bit older, because receiving dividends helps investors counteract the stock market when it is down.

Graham Edwards Appointed Chairman of Telereal Trillium

Telereal Trillium is one of the most successful property companies that are based in Nottingham. The company has been performing so well in the recent times, and it has been fortunate to get so many customers in the country. The organization has opened branches in many parts of the country, proving that it has excellent services that have impressed people. The leaders of the property company have their part to play in the great success the company has been getting. Telereal Trillium has always invested heavily in the people it offers its leadership positions and this is why these people work hard to give customers the kind of services needed. These leaders are honest and very hard working, personal traits that are very difficult to find in most leaders.


Graham Edwards has been working as the chief executive officer of the successful property company since it was brought into the market in the year 2009. The businessman has done so much since then, and he has made the firm one of the best over the years. The company has announced that Graham Edwards will now be assuming the position of chairman. As the executive chairman of the organization, the businessman will have so many responsibilities, but all the people who appointed him say that he is the best candidate for the job. Investors in the successful firm say that they trust Graham because he has shown to the world that he has all the leadership qualities they need in the property company.


Graham was working in Telereal when it first came into the market in the year 2001, and he had numerous roles. The company announced that Russel Gurnhill will be taking the position of chief executive officer henceforth. Russel was also part of the company for a long time, but he was holding the position of managing director. The new changes in the company structure took place after a lot of consultations in the top management. The new team is capable of handling all the complicated roles that are found in the company. Graham says that he is also happy about his new role as chairman, and he will continue to make the changes customers want.

Jeff Aronin – An Innovator In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Jeff Aronin is a doctor who takes an active role in treating patients. He met with a doctor who had a severe choice to make in treating a child that was experiencing seizures. The doctor decided to use medication instead of performing surgery on the child. Using medication would help to correct the child’s illness without the risk of surgery.


Jeff Aronin experience with the doctor developed in him a drive to help patients. Dr. Aronin continues to do research to help as many people he can to have a better quality of life. Dr. Aronin and his team set up commercial medicines that are successful for patients with medical needs, especially those that have medical needs that are not being met. This includes patients suffering from rare diseases, and those that have not received treatment.


Dr. Jeff Aronin graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University. He graduated from DePaul University with an MBA degree. Jeff Aronin is no stranger to the healthcare industry and in 2000 he founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals, LLC where he is the Chief Executive Officer. The company focuses on the approach of a particular medical need. Jeff Aronin directs all of his resources which is focused on one collective goal. Dr. Aronin’s company is different from other companies in the pharma and biotech business, due to its interest in discovering the next breakthrough, than in focusing on lesser disorders.


A Danish healthcare company named Lundbeck offered to buy Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC in 2009. Dr. Aronin’s company was worth $900 million dollars, which he received when Lundbeck purchased it. Dr. Aronin was hired by Lundbeck as the Chief Executive Officer. This allowed the company to make a smooth transaction when it changed ownership. With the contributions Dr. Aronin makes to the company, it remains an extremely successful business.


The focus of Paragon is to identify the patient’s medical needs that are not being met and to construct business with global talent to market medications. Dr. Aronin has become a principal investor in the biotech business. Harmony Biosciences and Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals are among the business that Paragon assisted in constructing

In scope, knowledgeable finance guru, Glen Wakeman

In scope, knowledgeable finance guru, Glen Wakeman

Be introduced to accomplished businessman, mentor, and entrepreneur Glen Wakeman. He is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. Also, he is the founder and president of a corporate accelerator called Nova Four that provides advice and financial support to developing firms. For 20 years he has worked for General Electric (GE) at several positions which include country, regional and general management as well as business development, technology, and operations.

GE Capital exposed Glen to the world of business and the experience he got there helped him a great deal in becoming the man he is today. He came up with a philosophy that helped achieve a lot through solving problems and in turn satisfying the client’s needs. While at GE Capital he got the opportunity to live in Europe, Asia, and South America.

Glen Wakeman is driven to achieve success both for the company and for himself through a certain approach that pays attention to five key areas. These five key areas include; Leadership, Human Capital, Risk Management, Execution, and Governance. Besides teaching on these elements, he realized that some entrepreneurs’ businesses didn’t work out good due to lack of a good business structure. That’s when he thought of developing a software that would enable entrepreneurs to create a business plan that could help them succeed in their businesses.

Education is vital, and Glen attended some schools, becoming the well-versed businessman he is today. He went to the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance. After that, he entered the University of Chicago and obtained A Master of Business Administration degree. From there he began his business career.

Glen Wakeman also provides consultancy services. He analyses one’s business, and from there he can advise on the changes to make or on how best to improve the business’ performance. Glen is also a passionate blogger, sharing his ideologies on matters such as emerging markets. You may also like to know that he is Six Sigma Black Belt certified.

Perry Mandera and His Charitable Organization

Who is Perry Mandera?

Perry Mandera is a favorite veteran in Chicago. He has spent a majority of his life in Chicago from education, business, and his charity group. Mr. Mandera graduated from Chicago High School in 1975. Immediately after graduation, he decided to join the U.S Marine Corp Services. There, he was able to gain experiences and to learn specialized skills such as driving trucks. In his statement, he said that he learned useful skills from the Marine services which he still finds them Valuable.

He was honorably discharged from the marine services, and he was able to secure a job at a particular transportation company with only 23 Years. Perry Mandera later opened his single transportation company but then sold it.

Custom Care Company

He began his transport company in 1986. At the moment, Custom Care Company is valued at an annual revenue of $200 million. Additionally, the firm was named top 100 American Transportation service of the Millennium. The company has created several jobs and employees who depend on it for their daily income.

Charitable organizations

Perry Mandera is commonly recognized as a community leader due to the foundations he supports. He usually draws finances from his Custom Care Company with an objective of promoting the unfortunate youth and children of Chicago. He offers assistance to organizations that advocate for cancer treatment and other chronic diseases. Additionally, he sits as a board member for several charity foundation groups as well as supporting others.

Custom Care Charity Foundation

Perry Mandera founded this charity group. Apart from supporting other foundation groups in Chicago, Perry decided to come up with his foundation and named it after his transportation company. The key objective of the charity organization is to support and install the welfare of the children and youth of Chicago. He uses a part of the company’s revenue to fund the activities of the charity group.

Custom Care Charity Foundation believes in nurturing the talents of the youth. The foundation group offers sponsorship to more than 100 football teams within Chicago. Moreover, he is dedicated to cleaning the environment and supports such programs.

To read more about Perry  Mandera view the following link below

Jorge Moll, South America Neuroscientist with a passion for Brain Physiology Research

Research done at the National Institute of Health by celebrated neuroscientist Jorge Moll has been the subject of discussion for quite some time now. The study has triggered questions about how the anatomy of the brain influences the human sense of altruism and morality. Jorge Moll together with Jordan Grafman; a fellow neuroscientist conducted the research by examining the brains of random participants. They presented to the participants’ hypothetical scenarios which required them to decide whether to give out money to charitable courses or keep the money for their personal needs.


Study results


Results from the study indicated that when the participants chose to donate the money, a primitive part of their brain was stimulated. These portions of the brain are commonly associated with the more basic functions of the brain such as stimuli to food or emotional feelings like sex. The findings tend to indicate that altruism and morality may not be as a result of a person thinking deeply and coming to a decision. Instead, the two senses are more likely to stem from the parts of our brains that are hard-wired to respond to pleasure and stimuli. In summary, Jorge Moll’s study indicates that people are generous because giving activates the pleasure portions of the brains and make people feel good. The findings of Moll’s study do not deviate far from what a number of philosophers and spiritual guides have been advocating for a long time now.


About Jorge Moll the Neurologist


Jorge Moll serves at D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR) as a member of the governing board and also as President. He is known to relentlessly research on how the brain’s anatomy influences how people make their decisions in life. He is an expert in cognitive neuroscience and consequently spends most of his time studying the neural bases of moral cognition and behavior patterns. He is also the head of the Cognitive Neuroscience Unit and Neuroinformatics Workgroup which is a Research & Education Unit at D’Or Institute.


Jorge Moll is known to use magnetic vibration imaging in his medical research, a method that has been adopted by numerous other researchers in their studies. He attended Federal University of Rio De Janeiro where he graduated in 1994 with a medical degree. He also did Neurology residency in the same institution in 1997. Moll continues to research on a number of brain functions hoping to get a better understanding of the influence brain physiology has on human thinking and behavior.

Factors that have led to William Saito’s success

William Saito is from Japan but moved to the United States at an early age; he is a successful businessman who aims at making a difference in society by supporting investors and advising entrepreneurs.

These were just the start of his challenges in life, but William believes that for one to make it in life, it is important to never give up and be ready to try out new things even if no one believes in you.

At the tender age of 10, William Saito had already established his first business, later on, while he was still in high school, he joined ideas with a friend, and they both established another business. They then sold the company in 2014, and William Saito moved to Japan.

William Saito is a firm believer in women, and he is aiming at creating empowerment for women in Japan, over the years, William has dedicated his time and resources to ensure that women are given an opportunity to be in leadership, he believes that women will bring significant change in business in Japan.

In a recent post William, Saito offered a few tips for people intending to venture into businesses.

Be a risk taker.


William Saito’s journey has not been easy, and he has experienced his share of disappointments in business, he, however, believes that for one to make it is critical to take risks. Be willing to try out new things and in the process you get to learn valuable life lessons as well as in business.

Have a proper marketing strategy.

One of the things that determine the success of a business is marketing; there are many methods to reach your audience, William Saito advice people to invest in branding, let people know about your product or service. Also be attractive in the advertisements this will help to attract more clients to your business.

In this new era, technological advancements have also made it easier for people to reach clients even on a global platform, therefore make use of such resources like social media to ensure that more people know about your product.

Be open-minded.

William Saito encourages diversity, be ready to employ new methods, in his businesses, William has ensured that some of them are lead by women and this has brought positive change in his enterprises.