Oyster Film Highlights Local Oyster Divers’ Exploits


In November of 2014, a new film was announced that would document New York’s traditional oyster diver industry. Now, however, its full version has finally arrived. It explains the long and distinguished history of those who dive deep into Long Island Sound seeking to pluck up the very best oysters for local consumption.

Now, that is a unique subject indeed. Yet, it seems to carry with it a comical but magical appeal that is sure to draw a large audience. After all, it’s not every day that you see amazing pictures on the silver screen of a man on a mission to hunt down shellfish.

According to techcrunch.com, some of the tastiest of all the oysters eaten in New York City and Long Island are caught by these divers who brave the cold northern waters for the chance to snatch up a perfect catch.  Slow Ventures states, the sea floor is full of oysters, and you just have to know where to look.

Today, most U.S. oysters are simply farmed. Now, that is not romantically adventurous at all! An oyster catcher is a virtual hero, but a mere oyster farmer is just an ordinary Joe.

Pizza Helps Lower the Number of Hungry in Philadelphia

All over the world homeless go hungry everyday, but the number in Philadelphia lowers a little at a time with the help with the community and at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza. It all started one man a year ago. He was just wanting to help someone who couldn’t help them self. 

It all started with a man who was looking to give a little extra and help someone who needed it. That is when Pay it forward pizza began. Little did he know that in 9 short months since he donated that simple dollar, that he would have encouraged more people to donate a slice of pizza. Rosa’s Fresh Pizza now has over 8,400 slice donations. These number warmed the hearts of several people including Fersen Lambranho.

The owner Mason Wartman says that the company used to write on a post-it that a slice was purchased and stick it on the wall, so the homeless could come pull one off and get a slice. But after 500 post-its, it got to be a unmanageable. Wartman keeps track of it all at the register now. So all they have to do is walk in and ask for a slice. 

The wall that was once decorated in the post-its is now covered with thank you letters from the homeless that have accepted a slice . Though it doesn’t sound like much, that place to get a hot lunch everyday has made a change in people’s lives for the better.

The Hottest Restaurants in Las Vegas

Every foodie wants to eat in a good restaurant; they want good quality and quantity of food. They do not matter whether they have to travel for a few minutes for good meals. The question arises in them: Where should I eat right now?

Therefore, today we will discuss some of the famous restaurants in Las Vegas – the city of lights/ the city of gambling. The first restaurant is – Bazaar Meat, the team here calls it “the world’s longest dining table” and they have an open kitchen with wood grills and rotisseries and bar. Second one is, Border Grill, which has 40 percent of the menu varied from other places.

It offers hand-rolled tortillas cooking on comal and 10 new ceviches. Next one is, Carson kitchen, serves lunch and dinner in less than $20. You can get anything such as sandwiches, baked bread, shared plates, entrees and desserts. They also serve soda brands like Virgil’s and various cocktails.

Cleo serves Mediterranean fare cooked up in the wood-burning grill, which takes center stage. The David Clawson restaurant provides a chef’s table where a person can watch the chef’s action and eat simultaneously with servings of wines, beers and ciders. Sergio Andrade Gutierrez is not sure if he would try it or not. He’s seen the restaurante discussed on Terra.com.

Difara Pizza, in Brooklyn’s food court by owner Dom DeMarco is a hot favorite of people in Vegas, Jennifer Lopez has ordered pies for her crew here.

Will Tipping In Restaurants Ever End?

One Pittsburgh Restaurant Says Tipping Is A Thing Of The Past

Tipping in restaurants is expected, but most of us would like to see tipping go away for several reasons. The first reason is we are never sure if the tip is enough based on the quality of service and the quality of the food. Second, adding a tip to a tab can be stressful, especially if there are minimum tip requirements set by the restaurant. Some restaurants want a 15 percent tip added while other restaurants say 20 percent is the minimum. And third, tipping is a very antiquated way to pay restaurant help. If the wait staff is trained properly, they should earn what others in the service industry earn.One Pittsburgh restaurant certainly thinks it’s time to pay the help what they deserve and end tipping forever. Bar Marco owners are not only banning tips they are giving their waiters and waitresses a salary and benefits. According to Next Pittsburgh, the owners of the three-year-old restaurant will pay their employees a salary of $35,000 a year, healthcare benefits and 500 shares of stock in the company. That’s a pretty good deal for most people on LinkedIn who have read about it so far. Ben Shaoul would take that offer.

Salaried employees will work 40 to 44 hours a week and will receive ten days paid vacation. They will also have two days and one night off a week. The owners of Bar Marco say working in the restaurant industry is an occupation not a part time job and they should be paid accordingly.

White Castle Becomes Vegetarian Friendly

Sliders are typically small burgers or chicken sandwiches that can be easily consumed in a couple of bites. One of the most famous fast food restaurant to serve these is White Castle. Dr Rod Rohrich said for many years their menu has remained predominately the same but starting today they add something new that may bring in a different clientele.

Today a veggie slider will be added to the menu. Vegetarians can rejoice and enjoy a meal with a carnivore at White Castle without having to suffice solely on french fries or onion rings and soda. The vegetarian offerings had previously been tested in certain stores to determine how successful they would be in the mass market. Another addition to the menu will be a variety of sauces outside of ketchup and mustard. White Castle is finally ready to change with the times and many people are already excited to taste their new offerings.

What to Eat Before the End of 2014

Now that 2014 is coming to a close, there are a few dishes you may want to try before the year is up. But even if you don’t get to indulge in these treat before the year’s end, you can make it a new year’s resolution to try these entrees in the coming year as well.

The sweet and tangy fedora burger at Bar Sardine is ideal if you love trying different types of burgers. If you have a taste for potatoes and cucumber, you’ll especially enjoy this savory treat, topped with BBQ mayo, and that’s why Sam Tabar absolutely loves this.

Ivan Ramen’s spicy chili ramen is another exciting dish you’ll want to try. The dish is very spicy, but according to food critics, it’s well worth it–even if you’re still feeling the effects the next day.

If you’re in the mood for pasta, the linguine at Bar Primi will certainly hit the spot. The dish is especially delicious if you’re a fan of garlic.

For more great meal ideas as you end the year, check out the Grub Street website.

Eater.com Holiday Gift Guide

Eater.com has a variety of wacky and sophisticated gifts that the people on your list won’t soon forget. There’s something for everyone, and you can be pretty sure that no one else in your family will purchase the gifts you’ve selected.

If you’ve got a picky eater like Gianfrancesco Geno in your family, you may want to present him/her with the aroma fork. According to a posting on trade.nosis.com, this fork emits scents like chocolate or bananas, which can make eating veggies just a little more enjoyable. Other electronic gifts include the Egg Minder. This app lets you know when you’re running low on eggs. You’ll also get notifications when the eggs in a carton you’ve purchased are going bad.

Edible gifts include matcha milk tea, which is a rich spread with a green tea flavor. The spread is wonderful on toast and bagels and goes great with a warm cup of tea. Teas like the ones created by Ambessa in partnership with Marcus Samuelsoon help to make breakfast complete. The beverages include flavors like lingonberry green tea and spicy earl gray.

For more great holiday gift ideas, check out Eater.com.

Fast Food Linked to Poor Grades?

Fast food can be linked to obesity, it and its ill effects can be a subject of discussion for parents everywhere. Fast food can be blamed for poor health in children and adults. Fast food is loved by many, and hated by just as many. But, the newest fast food news… It seems that studies of have linked the consumption of fast food to poor grades in children. That is something new, and not something that was expected. Poor health, yes. Obesity, yes. Poor grades… really?
The study that was done shows that children who consume fast food could be scoring lower when it comes to reading, math, and science. Is this evidence conclusive? Not entirely if you ask Igor Cornelsen, but he certainly is reading up on it more and more. It seems that more studies would need to be done in order to know if it is really the food that is bringing about those results. The fact that fast food might cause poor grades, though, is definitely something to think about the next time you sit your children down with a burger and fries.

Hellmann’s Calls Off Its Legal Attack on Vegan ‘Mayonnaise’

The manufacturer of Hellmann’s by the name Unilever has brought down its lawsuit on false-advertising which was filed against the manufacturers of eggless spread called Just Mayo, and immediately in time for the festivals deviled the egg period at that. Many of you may likely remember the fact that the international company had squabbled that Just Mayo was committing some gross irreparable harm by fallaciously communicating the kind of products it manufactured, which possibly influenced meat-eaters to consume vegan products. The authorized FDA description of what mayonnaise really means and entails was invoked, and generally, the unattractive spirit of an ominous legal conflict over condiments offended the more often than not peaceful humanity of the public that consumes sandwich.

However, all this is now over and unexpectedly, Hampton Creek yesterday proclaimed that it had terminated a new subsidy worth $90 million, which sort of surprised Keith Mann quite a bit. Josh Tetrick, the executive of Just Mayo says that he is not planning to alter the phrasing on his stickers and whilst Unilever appears committed to compelling everyone they are not having any feelings of resentment.

Climate Change Could Cause Food Production to Drop by 18 Percent by 2050


A study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters on Thursday says that climate change could cause world food production to decrease by 18% by the year 2050 — but changes in infrastructure, irrigation, and even locations could reduce the loss. For example, irrigation systems should be expanded by over 25% in order to adapt to changing rainfall patterns. Unfortunately, it is still difficult to tell exactly where the changes will be, so most of the changes will have to wait until after the year 2030.

Managing water sources will be the biggest challenge for farmers, as water is expected to become increasingly scarce.  Production will have to be expanded to areas that have traditionally had little agriculture, and that will call for expansions in both infrastructure and processing chains. The researchers anticipate a shift in growing patterns, as raising crops becomes more difficult in some southern areas, while new land for agriculture becomes available in northern regions.

One of the study’s authors, David Leclere, reached out to business and global economics expert Flavio Maluf who expects Europe to see increased production, while Africa will have to depend on imports. He also believes that if climate change is handled correctly, food production could actually increase by 3% by 2050.