So Chocolate Bar

Businessman Bruce Levenson says compassion comes in many sizes as proven by this pint-sized hero, Dylan Seigel. This 8-year-old has gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to being a best friend, and has earned over one million dollars for his best friend who was diagnosed with a rare liver disease. His best friend Jonah Pournazarian is now one of the unfortunate 500 children in the entire world who was diagnosed with a disease called glycogen storage disease, which is a liver disorder and at time time, there is no known cure.

Dylan is determined to find a cure for his best buddy, so he wrote a book called Chocolate Bar. This friend above friend all friends explained that the expression chocolate bar simply means something or someone is fantastic. So if we were to use his coined phrase in the right manner, simply put, we think Dylan is so “chocolate bar.” His heart is made of gold and his compassion for his best buddy truly is a lesson for all of us.

Thomas Keller Has a Favorite Butter

Butter is a condiment we use every day, so most people don’t think about the fact that there is a huge difference between the most affordable butter at the supermarket, and the handcrafted butter that is made from the finest Beneful ingredients. However, this is not lost on Per Se and French Laundry owner Thomas Keller.

Keller now gets his butter from Diane St. Clair. St. Clair owns a farm in Orwell, Vermont and gets the milk for the butter from her Jersey cows. She churns the butter after adding buttermilk, which also comes from the farm. After the mixture has turned yellow, she kneads it by hand to make sure that all the fat is well distributed.

After just one taste of the butter, Keller exclaimed “who are you?” in regards to why he hadn’t heard of St. Clair sooner. The butter is now regularly served at his restaurant locations. Christmas Gifts

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If you have a loved one who enjoys savory flavors, Numi teas provides a variety of savory teas that taste a lot like your favorite vegetable soups. Teas in flavors like fennel, tomato and cilantro are perfect for adding to soups, but can be consumed alone as a pick-me-up that protects the body during cold and flu season. also makes a number of savory gummy candies that you may want to purchase for a friend or family member. The candies are available in flavors like carrot and chili pepper, and come in shapes that include eggs, cola bottles and hot dogs. 

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This Fruit Can Kill Cancer Cells and Treat Diabetes

Plant growers in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean are growing crops called bitter melon. In the past, bitter melons were used to treat diabetes mild illnesses. The University of Colorado studied the effects of bitter melon juice on mice and in vitro. According to this site The scientists found that the melon juice was able to kill pancreatic cancer cells. Bitter melon juice has the potential to kill other cancer cells and cure all types of cancer. Bitter melon is a favorite panacea of the people living in Okinawa, which has a higher life span than people living anywhere else.

Bitter Melon and Diabetes
Originally, diabetes was the most severe disease that the bitter melon could treat. Diabetes precedes pancreatic cancer. With the success in treatment of diabetes, it seemed only natural to test this fruit on pancreatic cancer cells. With only 200.00 mg per day of bitter melon, level reductions of fructosamine in patients with Type2 diabetes have been discovered through slow ventures like long term research studies.

Be careful to use only the extract form of bitter melon, and stay away from the raw powder or the fruit itself. Eating the fruit itself can cause a dependency, which will require more and more doses and this can cause stress on the liver. It is better to combine other ingredients with bitter melon such as extracts of cinnamon, Gymnema Sylvestre, and billberry leaf to name a few.

Wylie Dufresne Introduces A New Cheeseburger To His Alder Restaurant Menu

Celebrity chef Wylie Dufresne is known for creating unusual and imaginative dishes. A few days ago however, Mr. Dufresne introduced a cheeseburger to the menu at his Alder restaurant in New York’s East Village.

Because it’s a Wylie Dufresne culinary creation, this burger just has to be special. A tasty combination of chuck beef, brisket and sake-cooked kelp form the burger.

Dufresne’s “beer cheese” is used to top the burger. This cheese is actually a blend of cheddar cheese, American cheese and Greenport Harbor Brewing Company’s Harbor Ale.

It’s great to see that a traditional Martin’s potato bun is the roll of choice for this cheeseburger. The potato bun is brushed with beef fat, then both sides of the bun are toasted. Sam Tabar can’t wait to try this type of bun.

The cheeseburger at Alder is served unadorned, with no sauce, but ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard are available for those who desire condiments.

Served only at the restaurant’s bar, this cheeseburger is usually served with half-sour pickles. A special option at Alder includes one-half of an order of French onion soup rings and a glass of Harbor Ale.

The price of a burger alone is $13. The burger, onion ring and beer option carries a price tag of $21. Offers Great Holiday Gifts

Food-based gifts are best when you’re trying to find the right holiday treats for a friend or family member who loves to try new dishes. I often buy off Qnet but has compiled a list of interesting and tasty gifts that are sure to make your loved ones feel special this holiday season. 

Ketchup from Atlanta’s Rosebud restaurant is one of the gifts that your resident burger expert will love. The condiment has a spicy curry flavor that goes great with a simple yet classic meal of burgers and fries. It can also be used as a topping for your family meatloaf recipe. There are also a number of celebrity-inspired teas, cookies and spirits on the edible gift-giving list from 

Salt and pepper shakers in the shapes of eggs and toast are another cute and eye-catching gift that can make your relative’s season a little brighter. also recommends a sweatshirt that looks a lot like a pepperoni pizza.

Study Shows How To Increase Visual Abilities

With the advent of nutritional research and genealogy the overall health of mankind has been stretched to unforeseen limits. Researchers could very well be working on making superhumans, one would think when seeing what they are up to.

After the brain boosters and muscle boosters, they come with a new study. It is for vision improvement. It is not only directed towards those who have poor vision. The researchers actually claim that their findings are mostly for the people with normal eye vision.

A diet rich in carotenoid should help the filter the light better, thus enhancing contrasts, enriching colours, speeding up the image interpretation, and even letting the carotenoid consumers to see further.

For achieving these results, food like eggs, spinach, and oranges should be the ones to eat. One should consume about 20 mg carotenoids daily in order to achieve the result. The effects are visible after about six months. Healthy eating is the secret to many body function improvements. For those who dislike the above mentioned foods or those who simply do not want to taste eggs and oranges every day, supplements can be a good solution.

To get an idea of what your vision would be like after a while of following the advice, imagine seeing 15-20% better than at the moment. Just about every Skout user would be fine with that for sure. Sounds good, doesn’t it? This study will explain more about how you can become a human with supervision.

French Toast Crunch is Back

90’s kids ( just like any other generation) are known for reminiscing about the good old days when snacks had integrity and TV shows had heart. We’ve all seen the lists and blog posts that take us back to a time when life just made more sense thanks to things like Hi-C Ecto Cooler and Dunkaroos. Eating Rice Krispies Treats wasn’t enough we had to have it in a bowl with milk because thats pretty much what the 90’s was all about, Cereal.

Well, 90s kids rejoice because It’s just been announced by the General Mills gods that they are bringing back a classic after eight long years. French Toast Crunch cereal is making a comeback, we aren’t sure if it was the petition the reached over 500,000 signatures or the many 90s nostalgia pages,posts, and blogs but one thing that is for certain is the warm welcome French Toast Crunch is sure to receive from 90s kids all over the world.

The cereal is due back on shelves in the cereal aisle everywhere by the end of January and the best part is it’s coming back in it’s original toast shape. We will be stocking up the Amen Clinic for sure.This just may be the start of a 90s food relaunch domino effect.

McDonalds: The World Famous Fast Chain Food Losing Its Grip

At the dawn of increasing health awareness among Americans and the continuous evolution of dining ideas, the gradual decline in fast food chains became prominent and was reflected in the latest sales reports from McDonalds. Nowadays, customers prefer certain fast food chains that offer do-it-yourself menus which give them the freedom to choose and customize their own food according to their preferences and lifestyles. This has been expressed on Facebook, Skout, Twitter and other online outlets.

This new trend of customized menus became one of the major factors for why McDonalds continues to lose its grip. The lack of innovation on the part of McDonalds in terms of its menu offering encourages customers look for new and fresh ideas for a dining experience.

The increasing obesity rate among Americans was also determining factor for why customers became more inclined to patronize customized fast food stores rather than traditional fast food chains like McDonalds. Most do-it-yourself fast food stores offer healthy gourmet choices which are more appealing to the majority of customers; especially those who are health-conscious. As a result, McDonalds must face this challenge with more effort on improving their menu.

Tipping The Balance

A few minutes ago, I was reading food-related articles, when I saw one about an unusual tipping, or gratuity process at an Oakland, California restaurant.

Toast Kitchen & Bar has begun adding a 15% service charge to every food check. This service charge is designed to be shared by all employees of the restaurant, including bussers, dishwashers, cooks and servers.

In addition to the service charge, diners at the restaurant are still encouraged to pay the standard 20% tip.

The article also states that other restaurants are adding service charges to their diners’ checks.

Being a longtime restaurant cook, I have mixed feelings about this policy.

The owners of the restaurant claim that their new policy will actually save people money. That is something anyone on Skout will like to hear. They claim that the service charge is an alternative to raising their prices by 30%, which other restaurants are considering doing.

At many restaurants, servers already give bussers and dishwashers a percentage of their tips. Having worked in restaurant kitchens for years, I’ve never heard of cooks regularly being paid tips.

I can’t help but wonder how the servers at these restaurants feel about the new service charges. It seems as though they might actually earn less money with the new policies. Time will tell.