New York, Why?

Guacamole is one of America’s favorite dips and condiments. However, it is under assault from people that are far removed from the areas in which this avocado specialty first became a part of the regular diet. The New York Times suggested that guacamole should always be made with peas in concert with the reticent avocado, and the president resisted. The internet fell to pieces at the very thought of peas in guacamole. Americans cite everything from authenticity to a severe disdain for all things pea related to diss the popular paper’s assertion that this guacamole is better than the original. Beyond the love of guacamole, this relates to a mindset of many New Yorkers in that the way they choose to do things is a reflection on the whole country.

This food conservatism is rampant in New York food writing, and their outsized influence on the media. Far from being liberal, this adoration of all things New York is a strangely conservative view of food and food writing. Foodies from the Boraie Development team said the backlash from this recipe by Obama and the rest of the country highlights the divide that these writers have with the rest of the growing country. Had the headline not directed Americans to follow their ridiculous recipes, the backlash would not have materialized. When the assertion is made that everything New Yorkers do is right and popular, but everything else in other parts of the country are of lower quality, food writers like these will always be set upon by the President and the rest of the country.

Uniquely American Food For Our National Holiday

With the fourth of July approaching, many of us are in the mood to celebrate all things American. We are known around the world for our movies and music. Many argue that it was American culture that actually brought down the Berlin wall a couple decades ago as much as our staunch military stand against communist encroachment around the world. People in the East Block countries wanted to go to rock concerts and wear blue jeans and drive a real car. Jim Dondero agrees that food is yet another staple of American culture.

There is an article on that points out some dishes that are uniquely American. If a Big Mac is not quite fattening and artery clogging enough for you then you can always try a deep-fried Big Mac. Not to be outdone by a glorified cheeseburger, Starbucks came up with their deep-fried coffee. If you have just woken up and you’d like to unwind from the hard day at work you know you’re about to have, you can try a Lucky Charms cocktail. It combines the dual feature of enabling you to eat and giving you just enough of a buzz to be able to stand work. It’s hard to decide what is unhealthier between a pastry from Krispy Kreme or a hot dog, so some genius combined the two! This article is full of other treats for any American that feels their blood is rushing through their veins far too easily.


Chick-Fil-A is a restaurant that is quickly becoming a fast food icon. When people used to think of the big joints they would think of McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King. Chick-Fil-A is now joining those ranks, but they are a little different from those burger restaurants.

If you couldn’t tell by the name, Chick-Fil-A focuses on chicken products! They sell chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, strips, and a variety of other forms. Their avertising gimmick is a cow holding a sign that says “Eat More Chicken!” That’s exactly what people do when they come to this restaurant. They can also enjoy milkshakes, waffle fries, and lemonades.

Chick-Fil-A has seen success in the stores that it has opened in states around Wisconsin. Now, spokespeople at Boraie Development say they are expanding into a new market. They are going to try their hand at opening new stores in New York! According to BuzzFeed they have big expansion plans, and they will probably see some success. They have opened a store in the area, but now they are bringing even more.

It’s great for people who want to eat fast food fast, yet they are not in the mood for a burger. This way they can switch things up. Chick-Fil-A does come with some controversy, so it will be interesting how people in New York will perceive them especially with that recent LGBT supreme court ruling. Chick-Fil-A is a heavily religious company, and have very strong views about it. It will be interesting to see.

Regular Consumption of Added Sugars May Lead to Depression

One of the most common diseases that inflicts modern society is depression according to information released by the World Health Organization. A large reason why depression may be on the rise across the country and the world is due to the high levels of sugar that people are consuming on a daily basis. A new study conducted by Columbia University professor James E Gangwisch PhD found that foods that have a high glycemic index are related to a higher risk of depression.

According to CPA Profits Academy, Gangwisch designed the study to take a look at how foods with a high GI contributed to the risk of depression stating that as a child he noticed that if he ate a bunch of sugary food one day he would feel depressed and down the next day. While he stopped eating sugar as he grew older the observation stayed in his mind up until he decided to research it.

The researchers found that diets that contained foods that were high on the GI (glycemic index) such as those that contained added sugar and refined grains, were more likely to lead to the development of depression. However, other foods such as whole fruits, fiber, whole grains, and vegetables are able to actually protect against the development of depression. It should be noted all of these foods have a low glycemic index. Added sugars in particular were shown to have a link to the development of depression.

Another Hefty Tip to a Server- What About the Cooks People

It seems that everyday you can find a story in the news about a server or waitress getting some large hefty tip on a small bill. While I think it is great that these individuals are getting these breaks of luck in their lives like the recent story at Winghouse where Kari Vanardoy was tipped $1,000 on a $29 bill in Largo Fl, I think it is a bit crazy as well and undeserved. I have been a server and I know how rough it can be working with the general public but servers are now who makes the restaurant run. When was the last time you heard about a cook getting a tip like that? Many people do not realize that they are actually the one of the lowest paid positions on most restaurants. While servers do only make $2-3 and hour + tips, the tips often average out to be more than $8-10 an hour. I think it is awesome that there are kindhearted people out there helping individuals like this, I’m just saying I wish they would look at the people they can’t see that see and help them as well from time to time. I know if I ever get well enough off to, I will.

Thanks to Marcio Alaor BMG for showing me this.

Drinking Too Much?

Water, is what I’m referencing when I say, “drinking too much?” Yes, there is such a thing as water intoxication. As an athlete I often heard about dehydration and was implored to keep guzzling the H2O while I was competing. However, drinking too much water can actually be dangerous. Hyponatermia is the official term for being over served with water. In my most recent visit with my doctor he asked about how much water I was drinking and I reported that I drink water all day for the most part. He suggested that if I over saturate myself with water then some of my electrolyte levels could become diluted and thus result in complications. His remedy was for me to mix in a sport or electrolyte drink throughout the day. This came as a surprise to me, I had always guessed that water is just about the best thing for you and that you couldn’t really have too much. If you are an all-day water drink like me, be mindful and make sure you are keeping your intake balanced.

Thanks to Susan McGalla for sharing this news in this post.

Drink Up!

Writers and associates at Authority Nutrition decided to study popular health drinks to see just how healthy they really were. A drink Brand known as Vitaminwater has been popular among many individuals in the last few years. The Vitaminwater brand has been the Coca-Cola Company’s way of trying to promote healthy living for those who enjoy their products. Instead of people guzzling down an entire two liter of Coca Cola a day, the company encourages them to drink vitamin enriched Vitaminwater. Vitaminwater is full of about 120 calories per bottle says Steve Murray, the investment banker. While the drink is lower in calories, it contains about 32 grams of refined sugar. Excess sugar is what causes unhealthy weight gain that can lead to other physical diseases and ailments. The sugars in Vitaminwater are liquid sugars that the body is not used to breaking down. If the body can’t break it down adequately enough the liquid sugars stay in your body and cause those problems mentioned before. Overly sweet beverages like Vitaminwater provide 50 to 100 percent of the recommended daily dose of sugar. If people are drinking one of these a day as well as ingesting other foods and beverages, their sugar levels are guaranteed to be too high. If too much sugar wasn’t enough of a problem, Vitaminwater also forces buyers to consume a large amount of micronutrients that people are not lacking on. The author of the article concludes by saying it is safest for people to consume as much water as possible. Instead of these drinks that are just gold mines of excess sugar and potential health risks that no one really needs.

Soda Is Bad For Your Health

San Francisco is taking a bond new step. The city will be placing health warning in advertisements declaring that soda and sugary drinks are bad for your health. These warnings are similar to the original warnings against cigarette smoking being bad for your health. San Francisco is the first city to take such strong action against sugary soft drinks says Zeca Oliveira in his article about cutting out the soda.

A city that is a neighbor of San Francisco, Berkeley, has enacted a soda tax. Berkeley is the first city in the country to do this. San Francisco lost a ballot initiative to tax sodas and other sugary drinks. Industry groups fought a fierce battle opposing the tax. Spending millions of dollars, the industry won the ballot initiative. I would not be surprised if the battle continues, and the residents achieve victory in defeating the soda industry. There will be a tax on soda in the future.

Sugar has been research, and the findings of the research are that sugar is not good for your health. Children are consumers of soda. We do not want to give our children sodas that are filled with sugar and bad for their health. Years ago, Margaret Mead, the famous anthropologist, lectured on the bad effects of sugar on teeth. She stated that anthropologist included dentists on their teams when they visited primitive peoples. Poor teeth is an indicator on how much contact the primitive people had with modern society. The sugar from the foods of modern society rotted the teeth of primitive people.

What Is a Superfood?

For the past decade, there has been lots of talk about foods coined as “superfoods” by the media, but what does that really mean? Originally, superfoods were described as foods with many positive properties, both nutrient rich and promoting a healthy lifestyle, but somewhere along the line, it changed. Many companies dare to call their products superfoods when in reality, they are no healthier than other foods. In a recent article, superfoods are described as a word interchangeable with “foods that need a new twist to be marketed.” suggested to The Aspire New Brunswick that products such as quinoa, chia, chocolate and acai are some of the most recent foods deemed superfoods, but they truly do not give you superpowers as the title implies. To be honest, whole foods are the key. Whole foods means foods that come from the ground or non-processed. These are the foods that generations before us ate before there were giant processing plants to stuff whole foods full of preservatives and bleach. In my opinion, there are many superfoods that existed before the phrase was invented. Some of these include broccoli, oatmeal, whole grains and blueberries. All of these completely natural products will help you to live a better life, whether the media says they do or not!

Whole Foods Names its New Chain

Several weeks back Whole Foods announced a new endeavor aimed at bringing quality products to a lower-income demographic. Now, the new chain finally has a name. Whole Foods announced that they will be opening 365 by Whole Foods in several locations. The stores are looking to cater to millennial shoppers, with a heavy focus on the company’s in-house brand.

Whole Foods launched 365 Everyday, an in-house brand of products sometime ago, and it was found that they are most popular with millennial shoppers. Qnet says that Millennial shoppers are looking to mix quality products with low prices in an attempt to get the most for their money. The new stores, which are expected to crop up in the next year across major metropolitan areas, will be smaller in nature, but focus heavily on the company’s in-house brand.

Whole Foods has been criticized in the past for being an “elitist” company that catered to the upper-crust of society. While this has been true, in terms of pricing, the company has took a stand on providing wholesome and chemical-free foods to growing populations for many years. While it would appear that Whole Foods targets the more financially sound, they do have outreach programs, and the company’s goal has been focused on food education for years. The new stores, geared towards younger, poorer, shoppers will only strengthen that mission, according to experts and industry insiders.

The company has not released exactly where the new stores will be open, just yet. Consumers can expect that information sometime in the fall.